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Impact of teenage sexting on children and it's consequences

Sexting is the stepping stone towards sexuality

Says Banty Barman, author of a love story book. It gives tremendous satisfaction for those who can’t meet their partner due to distance, privacy or any other reason. It’s a favourable way to sustain the romance and intimacy in our love life with just portraits and phrases where we cannot get personally entangled. I have got a kick out of the incredible sexting with my school life girlfriend. People are sexting for hours and hours, skipping their doze at night and having the stunning sensation of their partner. A soothing touch of their cheesy words makes the other partner feel heaven. If you are good at flirting you can easily show them the moon and stars with your romantic messages. 

A temporary pleasure for a tent size risk

Nowadays especially the teens, involve in it while craving pleasure for with ease. Due to internet facility at a young age, they sip the elixir of lust for the first time. Oblivious with its outcome they take the risk. 

Despite pleasure, it became a medium of developing trust and strengthening the bond between the partners involved. Teens after moving towards a relationship for the first time, opt sexting first rather than getting physical. They use it as a checking machine if the other partner wants to engage with them. It’s effortless to convince for sexting to those who are not comfortable getting ingested at an early age.

The yearning for opposite sex attracts due to the hormonal change and sexting is better than watching adult videos, while touching ourselves another way round. Especially among boys, it became a medium to judge the loyalty of their partner in their so-called love.

If you sexted you committed forever 

It is quite common nowadays, those who are not in a nuclear family, it’s a big concern for dating our partner. Some children don’t have their room where they can enjoy with their comrade. For them, sexting helps to date every day and every night and every second, whenever they wish. Even people sext at school and college. There is a myth in children which is disrupting their future, they think sexting makes them cool. Just because of this stupid reason they forward double meaning jokes to their friend circle as a daring or challenge.

Talking naughty is the door towards the bed

Apart from these, it also became a medicine of depression. Teens enjoy attractive figures of their fantasies which invigorate them and they forget their depression. Children use this trick to satisfy their urge of having fantasies in their arm. Some boys pressurise to become their partner explicit or else break up would be the outcome.

Apart from all these pleasure and enjoyment, there are consequences of sexting too. You don’t even know our partner likes our physical appearance or not. Attracting with messages is quite easy but with the figure is a little bit difficult. It creates enormous self-doubt if the other person dislikes the physical appearance. It breaks the enthusiasm within young child and it may imprison them within their mind.

 Teens hate themselves once rejected by their fantasy

Sometimes, they start with the commitment and later on step back which leads the other partner to take revenge by making public their undressed pictures. The innocents don’t even know their pictures are getting saved in their partner’s mobile. Even after requesting for a delete, some people don’t delete and share with their friends (if you know what I mean). This happens most in boys.

 Leakage of the bare image of oneself leads to mental illness and anxiety

Girls have jumped from the terrace and hanged from the ceiling to avoid the anxiety-busting their mind. Even reports and facts say lots of girls have committed suicide because of their dishonest partner leaking their chats and nostalgic images. They use those images in porn videos. You might get shocked seeing your image in some adult website just because you left your partner in the middle of a relationship. Not even the child their parents too are facing lots of troubles just because of their ward’s mistake.  Slander and taunts are common for a victim of sexting. Rumours easily spread among boys and it makes a character of a girl next to a prostitute. One must think before going ahead. We should not be in hurry. Proper judgement and belief must be there before sharing yourself with other.

Overall we can say it may leads to :

  • Desire for getting physical
  • Hampering self image
  • Suicide and anxiety
  • Inferiority complex
  • Distraction from goal

 (If you liked my writing, I assure that you will like my love story book too. It is full of romance, twist, suspense, tears and other heart melting moments. I have shown what a boy can do when he is mad in love. To have a look click here.)

What do you think?

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Rizul Gupta

A highly detailed description of sexting and its long term effects on young minds!

Amrita Jain

the article was okay… you can give more details about immediate and long terms effects of’s interesting topic and can be put forth in more catching way.

Prakriti Sanganeria

It was an amazing article. Could you please tell how can we curb the urge of sexting so as to not face the harmful consequences?

Harshita Vaswani

It’s nice that we are talking about it.
It’s good that we are becoming more aware that it’s a case of victim blaming.
Alot of times people like to think that such things could never happen to them, because that thought itself puts them at unease so they like to blame the victim. Justifying with reasons with what separates them from the victim’s position.
We are trying to understand that it isn’t the victim who is at fault.
Thank you Barman for your thoughts

Harshita Vaswani

It’s good that we are talking about it.
It’s good that we are trying to understand that it isn’t the victim who is at fault.
Alot of times people cannot possibly believe that these things are something that could happen to everyone and that it’s more of a situational context than an personal attribute.
Believing that the victim is the one to blame keeps them in shade that this is something that could not happen to them. This is what separates them from the victim
Thank you Banty for your thoughts!


Informative and a good topic, it would be good if you give more insight on this


Very well written Amazing work
Topic on which we need to talk


The article correctly explains the meaning and the related actions that follow. It shows how its impact can have on the mental health of the people involved. The behaviours that follow and the result of the same have been explained really well.

Kritika Bhair

I appreciate your efforts for this
This is what every individual in a relationship goes through at some point in most cases
But I believe trust should one of the basis on which one should lay their relationship stone and should move further
Integrity is also must as much as intimacy is I believe

Good work!

This was a really fascinating read! I enjoyed reading a lot, and you provided a well-balanced view of both why teenagers choose to sext and its possible benefits as well as negative consequences, so thank you!


Hi Banty. First of all the way you present the article is really good and engaging. Sexting is really a common method among teens or even adults who are especially in a long distance relationship and it does really help in bonding emotionally and sexting also helps to easily talk about the different sexual preferences which the partners agree on or not. Although the consequences you talked about can not be directly related to sexting. The things you talked about like cyber abuse and manipulation by the partners to do sexting or feeling insecure about oneself can not be related to sexting only. Anything too much can be a problem same with sexting but with good judgement skills and self knowledge can really help in making sexting a comfortable space. But true to what you said people who are not aware about the consequences can be harmed through sexting.


Sexting is really a critical issue… Its a good article… Really informative… Keep it up! Llooking forward to more articles from you

Gurleen Kaur

This was needed .

Yashaswini Bhat

Banty Barman must say you have chosen the topic which is a interesting, you used it as your USB or soul of your article. Must say you know the pulse of your reader. your article does not let the reader
move their eyes till they finish read till the end . I think you can write about the most boring topic in the most interesting way.

Suja P

This article is beautifully written which is really informative and a need for an hour. everyone must know about this topic especially teenagers who fall in such traps

Femitha Rachel Ebby

These kind of pieces are the need of the hour. Thank you for writing this. I agree with the fact that sexting, even though considered as a tool for improving intimacy could lead to repercussions of serious nature. There could be a lot of security issues surrounding the same. Two or more cases with respect to the point would have made me understand the severity of the situation better. There have been cases where in nudes have been leaked and private conversations have been shared among friends. The effects this could have in the future— say, during young adulthood could be massive. A bit of exploration from that angle is also something we could all focus on while talking about sexting.
Most importantly, why do people do it these days? There was a time when this wasn’t as common. If technology is to blame, what can we do as adults to educate teenagers about the same— keeping in mind their state of thoughts and attitude?
I would really love to read more on this topic, because I believe this would help me gain more insight into the mind of a teenager. Times are surely different from how they used to be 🙂
Wonderful work, regardless. Keep it going.

Vanshika Nagda

This is such an important topic to be talked about. There is so much stigma around sexting and people need to be more aware. Very well written.

Vanshika Nagda

This is such an important topic to be talked about. There is so much stigma around sexting and people need to be more aware. Very well written article


such an informative article. Makes you think about just how much goes on in the shadows of an average teen’s room. Thank you for this article. Its good to know about the consequenses of such things if they ever lure us or people around us.


Very well written .important topic to be talked really informative. Great work

Kirti manaktala

Wow, the topic is amazing and the content is so well presented. Provided me with a whole new perspective about things. This article urges me to read more about the topic and makes me curious which is brilliant.
Thank you.
Looking forward to reading more content from you.
stay safe and take care.


I love how you wrote to show the good and the bad side to sexting.
It was written so well that you wouldn’t want to scroll without reading the post thoroughly!
However, I think the grammar wasn’t right in some places with reduced the quality of the post a little but it was an amazing read nonetheless!
Thank you for sharing this information with us!

Sakthiswaari R M D

This a very good article and it should be known and understood by a lots of teenage students. even I’m learning a lot from this article. It shows what a teen should take care of before coming to a conclusion in the relationship.Sexting is not a crime until it’s misused by the others. Especially a girl needs to aware of all these before going to start in a relationship


It is a topic that very few people touch so many are unaware of it. The article is infromative and extremely detailed so good job on that. Some of the things can be added to make it more vibrant and to hold attention of the readers like adding illustrations, make the paragraphs more shorters and use different fonts for highlighting important parts of the article and use of research that is done on this topic to make it more factual based

Sani Lavakush

Its an interesting topic and I think you can mention some more important points such as it’s long term effects and many other things. Article is good though!

Elon bhengra

it was a very informative article i personally have some some of the kids who think sexting is one the really cool think and those who are not doing it they sometimes force them because which as a teenage they cant able to handle the pressure and took wrong step.

Aanchal Sharma

you have picked important topic to discuss as now a day’s it’s became a greatest concern . every teenage should know about it’s impact.
But i think you should make your article more eye catching. You should make body of the article more interesting. You can add more facts and news related to the topic.
your content is nice.
Keep it up

Disha Dhage

This is a must read for the teenagers!
I will be sharing this article on my social media for sure!
Amazingly written. keep it up 😉


Hey Banty thanks for coming up and sharing about this topic. Such topics are really the need of the hour ones. Some teens may not even no such things and fall in trap of so called witty ones.
once again thanks for spreading this awareness . keep feeding your hunger for writing. Best wishes

Vanshika Kothari

Amazing piece of work.
good luck 🙂

Gauri Kakar

Absolutely thrilled after reading this article. It was so informative, engaging and super interesting.


Dear Banty, very beautiful explained and talking about such topics are very necessary in today’s time.


It was very informative article. Thankyou for spreading awareness. Could you please add how to manage kids and how to educate them about this in a better way?

Prachi Piryani

Hello. Amazing piece. I totally agree that sexting has its own repercussions. It creates so many expectations from the other partner and if they don’t meet those expectations it leads to fights or even can lead to cheating. It may provide satisfaction for a while but in long term if its for fun it won’t work. Also boys have less to Loose than girls if we talk in terms of our culture. It is believed that girls are meant to be a certain way which furthermore creates issues as they tend to hide such kind of problems are their picture being leaked or they getting threats. One tip you could add references to your article. At the end I would say sexting isn’t wrong if the relationship is solid and we trust and know the partner won’t leave us. But if not it may cause problems in the future. This pandemic has definitely experienced an increase in the number of children sexting. But who is to blame? The parents? the child? the upbringing?
I would say a mix. A mix of attention, strictness, love is required from the parent also the child should choose a good friend circle. Friend circle can definitely impact all such topics.

Meenakshi A Nair

Very relevant topic, well written

Sukrutha Mudhol

Articles like these are the need of the hour. Brilliant job buddy!
my attention was undivided right from the beginning until the end. Humans have started seeking pleasure from every possible source. Your article beautifully explains the exact scenario in thousands of homes in this generation. Internet has connected people from every corner, for the benefit of many and misuse of few or vise versa. Thanks to people like you, making efforts to talk about controversial topics like these.
I agree that this new trend of sexting has brought smiles but majority are unaware of the reality that these smiles are temporary. I must say your article was a very good attempt to awaken and educate the young minds.


Wow an amazing topic first of all. Nobody talks about how important exploring about sexuality is, especially during your adolescence. Well written

Reva Garg

Hey Banty! This is a very informative article about a topic that is generally hushed by the society and Kudos to you for talking about it.
However, I felt that in the beginning of the article, the stance was not clear and information was being sugar-coated by fancy words. Also, in these evolving times, the use of gender neutral vocabulary would be appreciated rather than just talking about the attraction towards the ‘opposite’ sex.
Kudos to your hardwork and research <3


Interesting topic beautifully written. So informative. Good job


This was literally the first time i read about the psychological consequences of sexting in a concise, transparent and elaborated manner. I really enjoyed every bit of it. Well done, you’ve chosen such a different topic and yes, i completely endorse with your perspective.Teenagers really need to be conscious of the mindset of their classmates/partners etc. in the present time. Faith and trust on one’s partner can be developed only if his/her attitude and love is genuine.

Gourinanda T S

Good job You have described in a nice way on the topic Impact of teenage sexting on children and it’s consequences. It was a very informative article for me.

Shatakshi Garg

This article perfectly explains the phrase – “every coin has two sides”. Nicely written. Keep up!

Ritu raj

I think this is Very knowledgeable topics and in this Moderna society we all have to aware from all this complexity…..

Vandana Jaiswal

Was good on telling how children sexting really affects their mind..could have been more informative.


Hey! You’ve done a really good job at writing this article! It is of so much relevance in today’s times, especially with our generation and the younger ones. This topic is also less touched upon which makes your articles even more unique! However, it would have been even better if you would’ve elaborated certain aspects even more, provided visual aids and given references to support your matter. Otherwise, your efforts are commendable. Keep writing!

Harshita Das

“Sexting is the stepping stone towards sexuality”, such a kick start.. the article as really worth reading.


It is an amazing step to come forward and talk about this, this article will surely make some people realise that it isn’t always the victim’s fault. but also it would be more appropriate if you could go in detail about the topic. it is a topic that needs to be addressed so I’d say this is a nice initiative.

Faiza Naved

an area that needs to be explored more is put forward in this article, I wish some ways of overcoming this need of teenagers would have been provided. hope to explore more on this topic

Siya V. Kumar

Amazing article , much needed in these times!

Riya Rajkotiya

Well Protayed Article l

Disha Dhage

this is amazing!