Euthanasia- the night of the living dead

Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose” – Benjamin Disraeli

I am in agreement with Benjamin Disraeli; I lend my voice to the controversial discussion on Euthanasia. A fear of losing my own existence unnerves me as I understand the meaning of euthanasia, maybe, because I respect my life enough to protect it or maybe, I consider each one of us, living here, equally important. Euthanasia can not be legalized, in my opinion, as it is executed at the price of our lives.
Firstly, euthanasia is not a choice of hope, instead, it is a choice taken to kill the liberty, hope, and faith of the human person. It has been years since this debate over euthanasia first started. Nobody seems to have reach a consensus on this issue; countries throughout the world have varying stands when it comes to the ‘Right to die’. Euthanasia literally means to relieve someone of pain and suffering by means of death.

But how is death the solution to any of our problems?
If we all wanted to die prematurely then there would be nobody left in this world- nobody left to perpetuate our race. It is the cycle of nature, life and death come when they have to. Wanting to die due to some petite problems in life is never the answer. Euthanasia supporters claim that it is their fundamental right to choose when to die. But, do they have the right to choose when they can come to life? No, they do not have, likewise they have no right to die, either.
Ridiculous claims regarding euthanasia have been made by people who are in favor of it:  they believe that relieving someone of pain and suffering is an act of kindness and generosity. Sure it is, but what if death is involved in it? Killing can never be associated with kindness, can it? Nobody, actually, has the desire to die. countries such as Belgium, and the Netherlands allow euthanasia for people in a permanently vegetative state. This is because they cannot be brought back to normal again. Euthanasia for these people can act like a boon. Let’s face it- nobody wants to live and be non-existent at the same time.

On the other hand, many argue that people in a coma can’t express their desires. So, on what basis can anyone decide whether he or she wants to remain alive or die? It is totally unfair! Furthermore, why should a person who can withstand hardships be allowed to be euthanized? It is equal to committing suicide, many would say.
Euthanasia is further classified into two groups: active and passive. When a person is alive and on medication that is stopped, so that he dies, it is known as passive euthanasia. Whereas, when a person is administered a dose of poison that causes death, it is known as active euthanasia. For countries that allow euthanasia, the question is: Which one of these is morally acceptable? It is indicated that active euthanasia is like killing a person. Therefore, passive euthanasia is the better option, as it is more likely to let the person die instead of killing him or her. But it is resulting in death at last, isn’t it? So, why the debate? People actually seem to associate euthanasia with “killing” and doctors apparently do not want that ‘sin’ on their heads.

In addition, another thing that has varying views is whether the family should be allowed to make the decision for a person who is in a vegetative state. It is suggested that the family can judge. Of course, if the family demands for the death of the patient, then it definitely seems best to go with it,but who will make the distinction between what is genuine and what is forced?  It seems to be easy, but is not!

Lastly, the factor which disagrees  -France, and the United States – with euthanising or ‘merely killing’ is religion. Believers of religion claim it is against the will of God to take someone’s life when the person could be kept alive. This again follows a lot of criticism because non-believers say that, it is you who live, you who face the world and thus you should have the right to decide.
Arguments like this never seem to have a conclusion, there can be no quick-fix solution, it will always be modified, and ameliorated at every step, but that’s what defines life- change, isn’t it? Euthanasia cannot be used as a way to escape from problems and a means of suicide. Every person should face hardships, reality, and life. There is no escape. I firmly believe that no nation, that supports humanity, will ever legalize euthanasia. With all due respect to Belgium, Colombia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands.

What do you think?

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Written by Sakshi Sangekar

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