Ways to Improve your Mental health during this pandemic


The second wave of this COVID-19 pandemic has been intimidating around the world. Staying home to avoid social contacts have made some people feel lonely and depressed. This is a serious threat because they hold inadequate mental health resulting from the above-mentioned reasons and causing difficulties in their livelihood. The primary reason behind this is people do not prioritise their mental health issues and later face the consequences. In this writing, we would see what is healthy, mental health and routes to improve it.


Healthy refers to…

Healthy refers to a state of being physically and mentally healthy. People think that free from sickness is a sign of a healthy person but being healthy is not referred to as the absence of disease. The majority have known more about their physical health than their mental health because they take more precautions about it.

For illustration, If a person gets physically ill, he/she won’t hesitate to talk about it or treat it. But this is not the case when it comes to mental health. They face some difficulties in exposing it to others and getting treated. Firstly let’s know what mental health is and the ways to obtain upright mental health.


Mental health


Your emotional and psychological wellness is referred to as mental health. Mental wellness is important for living a relatively happy and healthy life. It aids in the demonstration of courage and the ability to cope in the face of adversity. This decides how quick and accurate your decision can be. A mentally unhealthy person takes time to process things in his mind than that of a healthy person.

This is evident from the performance of the person with good mental health, he/she excel in their fields and spread positivity around them. But the person with an unhealthy mind acts pessimistic and feels hard to do their works. So it is crucial to improve your mental health.



Significance of being mentally fit

Most of the people who are physically fit may fail to do their daily rituals actively due to their inadequate mental health. This is because our mind controls bodily movements and if we lack a healthy state of mind it affects the functioning of the mind. As a result of this, people become vulnerable to depression, catastrophic thinking and suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand, the person with a healthy mind is proactive, an optimist and enjoys the moment. To make use of time in a very productive way you should be able to maintain your physical and mental health properly. A healthy mind will make you utilise your full potential in your works whereas an unhealthy mind would seek a way to overcome its catastrophe.


Ways to Improve Your mental health:

* Meditation

* Healthy relationship

* Reading books

* Doing what you love to do


1. Meditation

Feeling your soul for just 20 minutes a day would bring a great impact on your life. This does not mean that you should compulsorily sit in some asanas and place your hands on your thighs. Just sit or lay down comfortably, close your eyes, feel the placid situation inside your body and enjoy that serenity without any other thoughts. Meditation helps you to ignore the negative thoughts that keep disturbing you, so it is better to avoid any kind of thoughts that comes across your mind while meditating.

This would make you feel replenished when you open your eyes and experience a better world. Additionally, it will improve your concentration and supports you in regaining focus in your work and enhances your mental health. Apart from that, this will helps you to have good relaxation to your muscles, lungs and other vital organs.


2. Healthy relationship

Sharing your thoughts with another person when you feel depressed is much needed to move on from it. Having a healthy relationship would be very supportive of your mental health improvement. Play games or sports with them, talk with them and try to get support as well as do support them. The benefits of a healthy relationship are revealed from a survey that a person having a healthy relationship is less likely to have depression and highly effective in healing from illness.

Other than that those persons have witnessed to have a longer life Span than the person with an unhappy relationship. The reason might be because they have the open-mindedness and share their thoughts either is sorrowful or joyous. This makes then to be stress-free and relaxed. These benefits can’t be felt when expressed in words and it is only can be felt by actions. In this pandemic situation we are given more time to spend with our family, so utilise it.


3. Reading books:

Books are very good companions to spend time with. Reading is a unique way of enjoyment. Some people have a different opinion on this but according to my opinion, reading is a true enjoyment. While reading a novel, dreaming the characters and scenarios as you read the story keeps your brain active and helps it to be healthy.

Not only novels but also other informative books on the topic which you prefer would be great. If you have difficulties in reading, then do it after few minutes of meditation. This would help you to gain concentration and go on further. If the topic seems bothersome then move on to the next one rather than continuing it. That might retard your progress of making yourself healthy and make the condition worse. Reading blogs on topics related to our mental health is also a way to get energised.



4. Doing what you love to do:

The most advisable way of getting rid of depression or inadequate mental health is to do what you love to do. That might be anything, it might be gardening or listening to music or drawing etc., this gives you the pleasure and that will give you good mental health. This varies from person to person but everything creates time for you to spend with yourself.

Enhance your creative thinking in whatever work you get involved in. Try to cook new varieties if you prefer to cook, try to write poems from different perspectives if you prefer to write poems. Creating a change in your conventional aspects would make you feel energized and motivated. This makes you prioritise your work and gives you your own space.


These ways will be helpful for the people who want to have a healthy mind and enjoy the present moment as a present. Moreover, good sleep will assist you to stay healthy and having good bowel movements. Try to get up from bed early so that you get the energy to do stuff for rest of the day. Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy both physically and mentally.

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