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How to Develop a Fulfilling Relationship

How to develop a fulfilling relationship

Recently, I met a couple who seemed upset and perplexed about their whole thing. They were in a relationship for the last 3 years. Then, what was the problem between these two? What was bothering and making them stressed?

Do you think it’s easy to have a relationship with someone as it is shown in our movies?’s not. Reel life isn’t real life. The reality of this uncertain world is that it’s difficult to have a fulfilling relationship and the more difficult part is to make it work for a longer period of time. But why? Why is a healthy relationship hard to get? Also, Why do people want to have a fulfilling relationship?

First, let’s talk about what is the relationship? According to my perception, relationships are all about acceptance. A relationship, whether it is a starting out or spent a few years together, you accept a person with their flaws and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Not merely this, but both the parties need to know about self-love, trust, respect for each other, openness about their feelings, and passionate chemistry between them.

Nowadays, our youth is always in haste when it comes to a relationship. And then they have to suffer from a traumatizing experience. So, I’ll talk about what makes a relationship healthy to help them out to have a fulfilling relationship and not to suffer anymore.


We all live in an uncertain and unpredictable world where we want a certain relationship. Why? Before having a steady relation, both of them need to be stable or self-actualized adults. Certainty doesn’t mean a boring relationship. Stability is the base of trust between them, it gives satisfaction, they love and support each other. In a stable relationship, people try to focus on solutions instead of problems, they have an optimistic environment rather than blame game or arguing over nothing.

Emotional connection and support

Sometimes, people have to compromise with their emotional connection which drifts them apart. In a new relationship, you feel loved, you give enough time but over a period of time, people tend to focus on their careers, work responsibilities, and whatnot. The connection is what holds them together. This is their real and one of the most important strengths for them to have in a relationship. To avoid this disconnection, they need to recognize where the problems exist. They have to talk about their feelings and try to spend some time together.


Talking goes both ways. People should be comfortable talking about the problems that come up, from everything that happens in everyday life, such as work or friend stress, to more serious troubles, like mental health symptoms or monetary concerns. Even if they have a different perspective, they will have to listen without judgment and then share their viewpoints.


Genuineness and honesty plays a pivotal role in a relationship. In relation, people don’t keep secrets from each other. Also, they feel secure and comfortable together. Respect each other enough to encourage them to make their own decisions.


The couple should become interdependent. They rely on one another for mutual support but still keep everything balanced.  Love each other but don’t forget about yourself.


Every single person wants a healthy and fulfilled relationship but not every relationship brings you the feeling of joy and happiness. To make it work, you have to invest everything you desire for but never cross the limit.


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Written by Nidhi Dahiya

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Hats off Nidhi, you’ve written such an informative article. I have realized a lot of things that we generally ignore in daily life. Also, congratulations that your hard work has got a platform like this so make this opportunity your life turning point.

Wish you luck Nidhi <3

Samidha Dhall

So well written!! Keep writing good stuff !! Wish you the best! Keep it up!! ✌️

Simran Nair

You highlighted very important elements of a fulfilling relationship. It is very crucial for everyone to read this. Applying these in our lives, can be very helpful for having fruitful relationships with others. Overall, very well – written.


I always believed in you…You will go far in life. You are a good at writing and observing..keep it up. Grt job..good luck for your future..



Kunal Bajwa

Very nice, every single word is so true.

Kirti siwach

Well done di !!! U r doing a gr8 job


I’ll say u have put this in easy way n this is so damn right.


Well written , but in summary u can add
Something that can hold all the points together
And make it easy to understand fulfilling relationship .


It’s amazing dear❣


Bhuut bdia about the relationship..but what about the bloody society..they won’t let the healthy relationship workout …it’s very easy to give tips that “HOW YOU CAN BUILD A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP” but the reality is something else…

Btw nyc1

Monu malik

Nice points about relationship and keep writting well done

Kanwaljeet Kaur

Very well written and has a very deep meaning with the use of minimum words. Everyone should understand the true meaning of relationship. This one is really nice.
Keep it up girl


Well Written Nidhi.
Keep it up bro❤
The content is really amazing.
Proud of you ✨


Beautiful written dear…no one can explain it better then u you ….the way you think ..see all in ur content ..keep it up babe ..lots of love n blessings ❤️

P. A.

Nice didu ❤️❤️you r awesome u are the one with whom I can share anything u know this thing right content was superb keep trying….

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Brinda S

Very well written!

Anamta Khan

Nice work

Amna Alim

amazingly written!


Great work✌

Lutfia Khan

I’m the day and age of crippling relationships, this was much needed!


Well done


Amazing work

Hiba Javed

This article is going to help so many people!

Stuti Jhaveri

This is so good !!

Riya Rajkotiya

You always inspire me
keep writing ❤️❤️

Swarnima Tewari

Great work ! This was an amazing article which can be very useful for generations now a days . I would also share this to my friendsn. Hats off.

Srijita Chatterjee

I really love the article, it is very informative. The best part about it is that you have included self-love as well. it is an wholistic article portraying how one can develop their relationship.


Wonderful…thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts.

Ranjima Raveendran

Thankyou so much for such a wonderful peace of work. It was really worth reading. There are many important things mentioned here which is actually helpful for maintaining a healthy relationship. Hope people will understand the importance of self love atleast after reading this. Great work.

Richa Barua

First of all, the originality of the writing is quite marvellous. Very very informative for our daily lives as well. Hope to see more such contents from you!!!

vrinda tuteja

this has got to be one of the most inspiring pieces I’ve read. I love how it reflects upon the different yet most important aspects of having a relationship. it is essentially more informative for teenagers who have just tapped into the world of infatuation and dating.

Aanchal Sharma

Hloooo Nidhi
You picked very interesting and beautiful topic to write. As per me relationship end to soon because people stop putting in same effort to keep you as they did to win you. you explained all the keys to the healthy relationship in a great way. I appreciate it.
Nice ❤️


Hi Nidhi I really loved your article. The points you explained are so important to make a relationship work and if seen clearly they are the most basic points that we need for a relationship to sustain yet they are the hardest to fulfill in real life. Not only just romantic relationships but these points help a person sustain all kind of relationships. I really enjoyed your work

Saumya Srivastava

The youth of today needs to be more insightful about such things. It is very important to understand the pillars of a relationship which as per me are Trust, Love, Respect, and Connection. You have put it wonderfully. Also, I feel the way media portrays relationships should be more responsible as they influence the thoughts of the young generation and gives them unreal ideas about love and that I love you exchanges lead to happily ever after when in reality all work starts from this point.

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Well written! Any relationship can only work when there is transparency in the bond. If you can share every tiny detail of your life with the person, that makes your relationship commendable and actually true. Because in order to share everything about yourself, you need immense amount of trust for the person and hence building trust is the main pillar of any relationship. Its mysterious how everything is interconnected to each other.

Ishita Saha

It’s so so good just short and crisp. Really informative. I love your way of writing. Good job:)

Akshita Wasnik

Amazing writing, very crisp and clear pointers, great work!

Taniya Singh

The factors – Stability, trust, self love, emotional support and openness are absolutely true for any fulfilling relationship. now a days couple do find it difficult to cope up, but if every individual understand this well then true love will never fade away.

Taniya Singh

your most welcome 🙂 best of luck!!!


This article is very crisp and good and it beautiful explains about the true relationship.

Pooja Choudhary

Distance. Long-distance relationships are hardships too. It is easy to see two people apart from one another, seem to be happy, but what efforts it takes to make it successful, the level of anxiety and insecurities they possess, one can only imagine.
Just wanted to add this point! ^.^

Nandini Jain

hii Nidhi Dahiya you could also add seligman’s point:-

Listening To Good News vs Bad News
happy couple – relationship good and bad news Traditionally it was assumed supporting your partner means providing a shoulder to cry on. Positive Psychology takes a different view. As Sonja Lyubomirsky explains:

“The surprising finding is that the closest, most intimate and most trusting relationships appear to be distinguished not by how the partners respond to each other’s disappointments and losses but how they react to good news (2013).”

Imagine that your partner is having a great day. They just got a promotion at work or passed an exam. They’re excited and can’t wait to tell someone.

In Positive Psychology the term ‘capitalizing’ is used to describe listening actively and constructively to someone’s happy news. We might call it “listening generously,” that is, allowing the spotlight to shine on the other person. It’s not a competition. The moment belongs to them.

Try this:

Next time your partner has a good news story say…

“That’s great, tell me more.”
“Wonderful, when did it happen?”
“Nice job, how did this all start?”
As an example, a colleague of mine recently told me about a minor drama. The family dog had died and the children were, of course, heartbroken. Facebook was awash with all the usual messages of sympathy and support.

However, a few weeks later when she replaced the pet she hesitated before posting the update. Something told her to wait.

“What if people think we replaced the dog too soon? Should we have given the kids more time to grieve? Perhaps we should have gotten a different breed?”

People are generally good at offering a shoulder to cry on. But they greatly underestimate the damaging impact, the ‘slap in the face’ feeling when they treat our good news with indifference or negative judgments.

If you want to be genuinely closer to someone you care about, work on being their greatest cheerleader, not nit-picker in chief.

If you do this consistently enough, in the future whenever something good happens in their day you will be the first person they will think of.

Perfectly written!


Informative as well as presented with good points which are overlooked at times are yet vital.



Harshita Das

Hey Nidhi, the article was very informative and written in such a composed manner. really loved reading it.

Caren Mascarenhas

Found this extremely informative and relevant because what we mostly see nowadays is how everyone is busy sabotaging each other instead of working things out. Relationship between two people is personal and their very own but it still reflects and sets a role model, alas due to a few setbacks, people have started to have commitment issues and prefer less emotionally. Wonderfully written

Harleen Kaur

Great article❤️presented with really good points