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How to maintain the Honeymoon Phase of a Relationship

Let’s understand what we mean by the term honeymoon phase by explaining it’s characteristics in a very short and simple manner

  1. First characteristic of the honeymoon phase is the idealisation of the partner. Because of this characteristic we see our partners as an ideal being and ignore the negative points about them. Seeing your partner ideally to an extent can be helpful for two people as this is the thing that helps them bond in their early stages of relationship. But if taken too far it can hamper the sense of reality about the other person and it also makes it difficult to set boundaries in a relationship as we see no bad in our partner. It can be counted as being delusional, now being a little delusional is not bad but if it blurs the lines of reality then it should be stopped as it would make you want to see your partner as a person who is higher than you.
  2. The second characteristic of this phase is passion. It includes wanting physical intimacy with your partner, being emotionally involved which makes us feel certain emotions strongly such as jealousy, anger or love etc. Having passion in a relationship is important and should be encouraged to be carried forward because without it your relationship might just turn into a friendship.
  3. The third characteristic of the honeymoon phase is having little to no arguments. Now definition of argument can be very different for each. Remember arguments are different than disagreements. ( Arguments may include verbally or physically abusive, victim personality, manipulation, gaslighting etc)

How to maintain the honeymoon phase

Now we know what are the main characteristics in the honeymoon phase so now we will see how to maintain these three important things.

  1. Passion can be increased in a relationship by maintaining a healthy distance from each other. You might have heard the phrase “distance makes the heart grow fonder” in the same way it’s important that both the partners have different plans or hobbies that they enjoy to do without each other and are not always in each others personal space. It has been seen that the partners who stay 24/7 together without leaving one’s side have problem maintaing that passion because they become so habitual of each other having around that they sometimes forget to cherish each other.
  2. Don’t get lazy in your relationship, work for your relationship as you work for your business because there always can be a fear of break up. Don’t forget the worth of your partner and try to impress them everyday like you are still winning them.
  3. Before entering into a relationship make sure you are well aware about yourself and what are your needs from a relationship and the partner. This makes it easy for you to understand yourself better and to look at your partner as a human being and accept both yours and your partner’s shortcomings. You are already a complete person and self awareness will help you maintain any relationship.
  4. When in an argument you catch yourself raising your voice or when the argument is getting heated Lower your voice. It’s easy to lose control when we are under the influence of anger or other strong emotions but always remember no matter what your partner did that person deserves respect even during a fight. Don’t be rude and blunt just because you think you are allowed to be because you are hurt or angry as it makes the partner feel that they are being taken for granted. Sometimes it’s okay to sugar coat the words that you want to say to your partner to explain your point of view. Use physical touch in a very respectful way and remind your partner that you love them.
  5. Use a lot of “I” statements when you want to explain your POV during an argument as it helps not to put blame on anyone. Example instead of saying “you always make me feel angry” try saying “I feel angry during such situations”.
  6. Compliment your partner as much as possible and boast them whenever needed. Maintain a healthy relationship journal if needed as it helps to understand the relationship much better.
  7. Learn to communicate in a healthy and open manner. Good Communication is not something that we are born with but we learn it by practice and patience. Relationships are all about good communication and if done correctly it might be your and your partner’s biggest strength in a relationship.

What do you think?

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Written by Jhanvi

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Jigyasa vashistha

This is so important.. Relationship is just like a delicate g precious plant to be taken care of daily.. More the nurturing more it will bloom.. That nurturing is to be from both side.. Just that.. So wonderful article

Aakriti Lajpal

Superior work done

Parvathy M

Very important! This is a reallyyy good one!!! Except that the second point – Passion – is a bit problematic, there needn’t be jealousy or anger in a romantic relationship, and sometimes people aren’t comfortable with a lot of physical intimacy, and that’s okay, because each individual has their own comfort zone. It’s not fair to say that without all this a romantic relationship might turn into a friendship, and even if it does, it’s not an issue. Because friendships aren’t below romantic relationships, and not feeling this so called “passion” after a long time is alright, it just might mean that you’re just that comfortable with your partner. Other than that one point, the article was really well written and important 🙂


Such an interesting read. The article is very informative and engaging. Nicely done !


The topic you chose is unique and amazing. You have put the information in the right place in this article. Very engaging and explained beautifully in a well scripted manner.

Amazing work.


Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article. This was very informative. Although I feel that the honeymoon phase might not continue after a point of time. I feel that it is pure love and care for the other person. The tips you gave were great. Although, it seemed more like how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Please don’t get me wrong. This article was great. All the best for your future

Ayeman Qamri

Nicely written. you can use spaces between two points will make it look cleaner.Keep up the good work

Mehal Sampat

Jhanvi, you have taken up a much-needed topic in the era of rising rates of divorces. The article is precise and the suggestions are healthy and doable.

However,the impressing everyday part seems a little draining without fast-paced life. You could have elaborated on how doing little things for each other matter, how supporting partner in their work and other life aspects could help in forging a deeper bond.

Harsh Vikas Jain

A unique topic written, very beautiful. Just a suggestion, no sentence starts with ‘Because’, also you can give a conclusion. Keep writing, good work, interesting work.

Taniya Singh

I really like the topic who have chosen for your article. Relationship will turn out to be what you will add to it. More nurture and care will turn out to be fruitful and adding negativity to it will break the bonds. The tips you gave were great. Would definitely like to share it among my friends to give it a read. Very well written, Best of luck!!!!!

Jiniya Chakraborty

The points mentioned in this article are really going to help young couples in their long journey. Very well written.

K Kannaki

Good work ! The article was very informative and taking up such topics is really nice . The importance of communication and understanding in a relationship is much and can elaborate more on the problem in relationship and positive and negative effects. What are the causes that lead to negative effects acn be explained . It was very helpful
Keep up with the good work


Great explanation.Great article

Aditi Dhoundiyal

The youth of today’s generation really need to read this


A well written price of work. The suggestions are good. More into how it influnces the people to maintain it could make the writing more interesting.