Mental health is not just the absence of mental illness but also possessing proper adaptive qualities. During the olden times, people suffering from any kind of mental illness were considered to be an act of the demon, sorcery, an act of vengeance, etc. and were thus, subjected to atrocities of several kinds such as physical punishments or harsh treatment methods.

However, with the increasing scientific advancements in the medical field and increasing awareness among the people in different regions throughout the centuries, mental health has come to take a shape which is much greater than it was, although it’s still in the striving phase.

Regrettably, the social stigmas attached to mental health concerns are still prevalent in certain countries and cultures that place a strong emphasis on the status of a family, raise gender stereotypes, question the composition of strong genetic codes, etc. because of which people rather stay quiet if any of their family member or close one is in need of mental health attention or promote the “hush hush!” culture leading to zero encouragement of spreading awareness about mental health let alone enlightening themselves and their close circles about it.

As a result of this, the mental health concerns of different people go unattended which leads to further issues and imbalances in an individual’s life in and around him/her. This is when the role of the ‘Mental Health Advocates” or “Mental Health Enthusiasts” comes into play.  The team of ‘Budding Psychologists’ are collectively working towards creating a safe digital space to encourage, remove the  feelings of despair and advocate for several mental health conditions by empowering the aspiring psychologists and “Mental Health Advocates” to create acceptance and tolerance in the community. strives to be the perfect platform for every individual who desires to bring a change in the society by uplifting others, making them aware of what is the status of mental health around us, educating the masses about mental health and clearing their concepts in order to increase the practice of maintaining a healthy mind within and around ourselves, just to create a harmless environment for people to vent out, to put forward their beliefs and opinions without fearing judgement through our platform.

In a country like India, the field of Psychology is still in its blooming stages and thus, requires a strong push in order to be well established, enough to accommodate more mental health professionals from every background so that the country is not just occupied by engineers or lawyers as per the educational culture which the Indian families have been following for years. The engineers and lawyers too need to keep a check on their mental health as well which intensifies the need for a psychologist in almost every field these days, and clearly helps in boosting this view. So, to begin with, the team has taken this great initiative of creating this “Social-awareness Outreach Project” and as a part of this is looking for hard working and talented volunteers in order to help us work for this good cause and achieve the following objectives which is to-


  1. Allow people to feel that it is alright to be vulnerable and talk about our feelings, our emotions and it is not something to stay quiet about instead we must start having open conversations about our mental well-being.

  2. Educate everyone around us starting from our close circles about the different mental health concerns and removing the taboos and stigmas attached to the same by raising awareness about several mental health conditions.

  3. Help people look into the depth of the situation we are facing precisely, at this very moment.

  4. Encourage people to take care of their mental health and others around them by taking out some time for themselves and performing recreational activities that provide them with mental peace.

  5. Help people understand the integrated psychology of the people so that they can take responsibilities of their own actions and conduct themselves according to it, also understand the other person and their condition in order to not just avoid conflicts but also extend a helping hand and be supportive.


The journey to minimize or erase stigma in the different communities will be a long and slow one since the biggest challenge mental health workers face is to change the mindset of individuals and communities. But we here at believe that we will get past it together with the help of young and brave individuals as yourselves and bring a massive change in the society.

So, We welcome you all to Come and explore the field of Psychology and Mental Health Advocacy with 

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