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Healthy relationship – a key factor of a person’s happy life

      “Happiness is not a goal, it’s a by-product of a life well-lived.”
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Healthy relationship – a key factor of a person’s happy life

It is hard to delineate the well-lived life. Because it varies from a person to person. But it is possible to find a common characteristic behind those different perceptions of a happy life. We people are an ultra-social tribe. It’s our innate nature, and we can’t survive our lives without relationships. It is clear that to live a happy life we are in the necessity of a healthy relationship. Let us see a detailed understanding of how healthy relationships make our life happier.


The relationships are interrelated to our inner feelings. When you have a promising and healthy relationship you can sense pleasure, comfort and peace. On the other hand, if it is an unhealthy relationship that directs us to anxiety, despair, and depression. This outcome of the relationship is not just restricted to romantic connections, it also includes friendships and social relations you have at job, neighbourhood. Possessing respectable persons in your life has a great influence on the happiness of your life.

Study on the role of a healthy relationship in a person’s happy life:

Dr Emiliana, Science Director of the Greater Good Science Center notifies that ” Physiologically, not having a social support system is a source of chronic stress for our bodies”. Researches indicate that when people have a sensation of loneliness they have higher grades of the stress hormone cortisol. This research elucidates the importance of relationships in our lives whereas we have another study stating the fact that healthy relationships are the key factor of living a happier life. A Harvard study followed the lives of 700+ men for nearly more than 7 decades right from the beginning of the research in 1938, which is regarded to be the much-prolonged observation, concluded that healthy relationships are the fundamental elements that count the most for the happiness in your life. “The lesson that came from tens of thousands of pages of that research was that good relationships keep us happier and healthier,” says Dr Robert, a psychiatrist, and director of this Harvard Study.

Dozens of further reviews have revealed that persons who are in comfortable and healthy relationships are joyful, have limited health difficulties, and live for a long duration.

Why healthy relationship leads to a happier life?

Here we can see the purpose of stating that a healthy relationship is a key factor of people’s happier life.

Reduction of stress level:

We have observed from the researches that loneliness tempts the person to have a sensation of depression, anxiety disorders. These issues are eradicated through a healthy relationship. Biologically, the involvement in a relationship reduces the production of cortisol levels, which is the hormone responsible for the feel of tension. Both biologically and psychologically it is proven that healthy relationships make your life pleased and happier.

Recovery rate:

Life is unpredictable, we may have some hard times in our lives. It may be an illness or surgery or may be mentally ill. At this hardships, it is found that having a good partner would heal you better and sooner. This phenomenon can also be explained by biological and psychological studies. But for easier understanding consider our mother’s care at times of our difficulties.

Behavioural changes:

Socialization has a major role in moulding our behaviour. When you get to have an unhealthy addiction it’ll be your friend or partner who is in a healthy relationship with you, makes to get relieved from that habit. Because they do care for your health. This care would help you to easily quit that unhealthy behaviour and you will tend to behave as your well-wishers.

Longer life span:

In the present world, the average life of humans is lessened because of problems like stress and panic attacks, accidents and so on. Numerous causes reduce the human life span but when we think of the remedy the thoughts maybe medicines, exercises, diets. It is also noticeable that apart from these solutions, the factor that increases our life period is healthy relationships. They make us free from the above-mentioned problems like stress anxiety disorder and enhance our recovery if we get affected by any of them.

Having more numbers is not an achievement, having one strong and healthy relationship is an accomplishment. Because they make you happy for the rest of your life.


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Nidhi Dahiya

Amazing work

Riya Rajkotiya

Very Well Written

Alby Thomas

A healthy relationship is very important for healthy and happy life. Good article,keep writing ❤️


Good job!!

Shraddha S. Kambli

True that, not many but having one strong and healthy relationship is an accomplishment. Very well written, keep going


Hello Bharath, a beautiful piece of word. “Having more numbers is not an achievement, having one strong and healthy relationship is an accomplishment. Because they make you happy for the rest of your life.” – simple words but has a powerful and lovely meaning. Happy writing….Best wishes


Amazing work!❤️

Disha Dhage

this is good!
Keep Writing 🙂

Jigyasa vashistha

This is such a lovely read


Healthy relationship does not only keep a person’s life happy but it helps others to motivate to be happy. Well written one.

Nikita Sarma

A very informative and interesting article. I really enjoyed reading this. One thing I would like to say that few points regarding how we can maintain a healthy relationship could be added. Anyway, your work is amazing!

Nivetha Srinath

I love this topic as it teaches us to like understand the importance of how mandatory it is to be in a healthy relationship with anyone and let go of any toxic bonds. Good job on the article !