Student coping with Anxiety during Covid-19

With Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world and shifting everything to virtual platform, mental health issues like anxiety and depression might have take toll on people. Many people lost jobs, suffered loss of a loved one and struggled with keeping up productivity while being in home, especially students who are taking online classes. Glued to the screen for more than 6 hours might be tiring and exhausting.

Feeling anxious about certain things is completely okay. Its okay to not be productive at all. You need to be gentle to yourself in order to get back on track.

Here are some ways to cope with Anxiety-

  • Focus on things you can control – Your friends or classmates might not follow the rule of physical distancing and going outside which might add on to your stress. You should keep a check on your behavior and staying inside yourself, you can’t control what others do. You can only control your emotions, behavior and thoughts. You should not worry about the unpredictable future, instead try to solve your immediate problems.
  • Practice Self-Care- Its very important to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. It will make your immune system strong and give you emotional stability. Take good sleep, exercise regularly, read books, listen to music. Engage yourself in activities which makes your body active. Eliminate tasks from your list for a while.
  • Manage Disappointment – These times are hard for everyone. You might score less grades in your assignment or suffered a loss. Try to acknowledge how you feel and work on it. Its okay to feel disappointment and not getting satisfying results. Try to clear off your mind and start again. Try to honor it and think about your achievements. It can help you get the motivation to get going.
  • Limit Media Consumption – Its important to stay updated about on goings around the world. But too much usage of internet sources and social media might add up to your anxiety. Try to set a data limit on your smartphone. Cut yourself from the sources which share misinformation and rely on authentic sources.
  • Helping others – Its important to let your loved ones know that they are not alone. Your friends and family might be feeling anxious and paranoid too. You don’t have to fix their problems. Its enough to let them know that you are there for them in their tough times.

Its okay to feel sad or disappointed and anxious. You are a human. Feeling certain emotions makes you strong to cope with such situations. You are never alone.

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Written by Diksha Tarnekar

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