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What are the negative thoughts? The Negative Habitat

The Negative Habitat – Negative thoughts

“Your thoughts carry you wherever you want to go, and weak thoughts do not carry you that far.” – Israelmore Ayivor


What are the negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts are those thoughts which are formed in a person’s mind based on unconscious fear. These thoughts often bring out the worst sides of a person’s mind causing them to overthink about things.



So I want to ask you, can you go a day without negative thoughts? Well if you are a normal person, you cannot. Negative thoughts surround us.

Everywhere we look, our brain looks at it in a different way. Everyone we talk to, they talk back in a different way.

So what I am trying to tell you is that negativity does not just come from you, it comes from everything. It affects the way we go on with our lives.

And it has been observed that having positivity in your life holds the key to success. I mean, if Edison had stopped working on the light bulb, the world would be a darker place.

How many times was he unsuccessful in making the light bulb? In some places, they say a hundred times.

Can you imagine that? Failing ninety-nine times and getting it right on the hundredth try? Well, you got to give it to the man.

So what you understand from this is that being positive is all you need. Negativity affects in a bad way. Let’s take a closer look at that.


What are the negative thoughts? And how do they come in mind?

Negative thoughts are those thoughts which are formed in a person’s mind based on unconscious fear.

These thoughts often bring out the worst sides of a person’s mind causing them to overthink about things.

They also tend to be pessimistic, assuming the worst in things and people.

They lower the number of opportunities because of them assuming the worst.

Negative thoughts come in mind because of bad experiences that may have happened in the past.

They can also be caused because of a lack of trust, or feelings of paranoia.

I feel that negative thinking has been introduced to us as children when we are in school, that you are not good enough for this and everything really does make you assume the worst.

Negative thoughts can also be because of trauma, or loss and most of all, fear.



Negative thinking is the foundation of negative thoughts

So where there are negative thoughts, it is obvious that negative thinking has been the root cause.

Negative thinking includes very dark, pessimist thoughts especially towards yourself. In negative thinking, you refuse to see the good side of things.

You are always about the fact that the grass is greener on the other side.

Negative thinking can make you a really judgmental person and can be the root cause of mental disorders later. Negative thinking thus lays the foundation of negative thoughts.

Do negative thoughts affect our physical health?

The answer is yes.

Negative thoughts do affect our body and its mechanisms.


Let us see in detail the damage it can do to us:-


Hypertension:- Negative thinking can cause you to anticipate the worst in things.

And when you start thinking about the worst, you are going to be afraid.

That is when your blood pressure rises, causing hypertension.

Hypertension can lead to a majority of heart diseases.


Cardiovascular disease:- This is also known as major heart disease.

It has said to be the main cause of heart attack in many cases.

So negative thinking can lead you to extreme levels of stress, frustration which gives this disease a reason to develop in your body.


Digestive infection:- From personal experience, I am telling you.

Negative thinking can cause infections in your stomach.

You experience a loss of appetite, sometimes extreme levels of pain, diarrhoea, etc.

And it just makes you feel really sick.


Death: In a few cases, it has been observed that the people who were sick, assumed the worst and thought they were going to die, often do die.

In hospitals, they try to keep group therapies and stuff so that the patients feel better.

It is important to feel good even in sickness because hope is a good positive thing.


Impact of negative thoughts on behaviour

Negative thoughts do play a major role in how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis.

It can make us feel stress and frustration which in turn can cause us to act out.


Let’s take a look into these feelings:

Stress: The biggest thing that negative thinking can lead us to is stress. Stress affects our behaviour in a bad way.

It can cause us to act out, lose control over ourselves.

It even causes us to search for relief from it, and many times, people start smoking and using substances to overcome it.

Therefore, stress is a major side effect of negative thinking.


Frustration: Negative thinking can also cause us to feel frustrated.

With ourselves, with others, with things.

Frustration makes us angry and irritated.

We start losing faith in ourselves and become really sad.

It can cause us to act in rage and anger over things and it really affects our abilities to make decisions.


Overthinking: Negative thinking causes us to overthink things.

Make an explosive volcano out of a small rock.

Overthinking always leads to unusual expectations of results.

It can make us feel anxious and paranoid about ourselves and it definitely affects our relationships and bonds with other people.


How to deal with negative thoughts

Well dealing with anything is not easy but it sure is worth a try.

Here is a list of things you could do to start your process of overcoming negative thoughts.


Stop the two colour thinking:  Stop seeing two colours when thinking, what is good and what is bad.

Try looking at the brighter side of things. Do not overthink things.


Release judgement: Let go of all those judgmental thoughts you have procured.

Do not be judgmental about others, not yourself. Be confident in who you are.


Stop personalizing: You are not a problem. And not every issue or problem is going to come back to you.

Rest your brain and do not assume.


Stop catastrophizing: Please do not assume the worst of situations.

It never happens and it just leads you to feel anxious about things.


Challenge your negative thoughts: When you feel these thoughts, go face to face with them and prove them wrong.

The power of positivity is more prevalent.


Techniques used to get rid of negative thoughts

There are some really good techniques that can help you get rid of negative thinking and negative thoughts.

Let us learn about them and try implementing them in our lives.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: Also known as CBT is said to be one of the most efficient ways to deal with negative thinking.

It is a psychotherapeutic treatment aimed at helping you understand where your negative thoughts origin from, how are they connected, for what reason you could have them.

So basically it is an analysis of your negative thoughts and then overcoming them.


Mindfulness: Mindfulness is just the most amazing way to overcome any complication you may feel in your life.

It means being present at the moment and experiencing life.

To develop mindfulness in you, you have the leave the stream of negative thoughts behind and walk ahead with only a positive influence surrounding you.


Meditation and Yoga: Meditation and yoga can release stress in your mind and in your body.

It helps you get in your zone where you can just think about better things and overcome negative thoughts.


Expressing Gratitude: One of the best ways to overcome negative thinking, is to just appreciate the things and the people around you.

Express your gratitude to yourself, to your friends and family, to nature, to the universe.

Believe in things and start the process of being happy from within. It will definitely help you in life.

What do you think?

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Written by Anamta Khan

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so beautifully written way to go girl!

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Amazingly written and informative concept…keep it up.

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very well written

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Well conceptualized. I liked the section where you have explained how to deal with negative thoughts. It’s very important especially in this pandemic scenario. Well done.

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very informative

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Disha Dhage


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thanks for writing …this is so wonderful article..loved it 🙂

Janhavi S.

It’s nice to see how the techniques used have also been mentioned to give more clarity!

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Helpful!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jigyasa vashistha

very very informative … keep writing:)