A Gist of Anxiety and Anger

Anger and Anxiety

All of us have been ANXIOUS? All of us get ANGRY? most of us think they have the same meaning? I will help you giving a gist on these emotions followed by psychological and physiological state caused by them and the behavior due to these emotion.

Anxiety is the worry or fear you feel in response to a perceived threat for example you may feel anxious before giving  a presentation or while public speaking, whereas Anger is also a threat response, but is coupled with a strong sense of annoyance , yelling to express a displeasure for example your boss being angry at you for not completing a given task on time.



Psychological state : Vague, unpleasant feelings of distress, uneasiness, stress, apprehension, and nervousness. Thoughts of uncertainty and worry, racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating.

Physiological state: Restlessness, sweating, clammy hands, hunched shoulders, swallowing, quickened breath, darting eyes, butterflies in the stomach, nausea.

Behavior caused : Pacing, biting lip, fidgeting, irritability, hypervigilance.



Psychological state: Intense uncomfortable feelings of hostility and hurt. Feeling out of control. Thoughts of blame and resentment, difficulty thinking clearly or rationally.

Physiological state: Muscle tension, headache, tight chest, increased heart rate and blood pressure, heavy breathing, clenched fist, furrowed brow, showing teeth, clenched jaw, sweating, trembling, flushed cheeks, large posture.

Behavior caused: Loud voice, yelling, cursing, sarcasm, pacing, sometimes leads to aggression, including hitting a wall, throwing an object or lashing out at a person.

However anger and anxiety are regarded as different experiences with some overlap.

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