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Did you know jealous people often tend to have an envious, resentful and an aggressive behaviour towards others, especially towards the people they love and care about? Jealousy is likely to be experienced when there is a threat to a person’s self esteem or someone feels suppressed by other people. Psychology says it is a deep dark emotion which is painful and have a negative impact on human behaviour. Our feelings and emotions usually affects our behaviour so,  jealousy can be a  symptom of psychiatric disorder.
Emotions and feelings are universal. It changes according to a person’s situation and mental state. Emotions arise when some matter personal or professional affects your thoughts and feeling mainly due personal experiences. For example: when parents scold their ward,  the ward has a sad emotion where he/she feels upset. Similarly when an employee gets promotion he/she has happy emotion and a joyful feeling. Emotions are physical and psychological change of our mood, behaviour and temperament.

Jealousy is an emotional response which occurs due to deep thinking, grudge and rivalry towards others. It is mostly triggered in someone due to low self esteem, fear and aggression. Jealousy arises a negative behaviour towards the people we are most attached. It combines multiple emotions based on past experiences and  relationships. An individuals behaviour and attitude is most affected because of the jealous feeling. Jealousy is frightening to experience and it has affected every individual from time to time. Jealousy is caused due to lack of truth and love. When an individual desires the most attention, and they does not attain it then they build a jealous feeling towards the most appreciated and the loved one.

WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL JEALOUS:  Some good people does bad things because of jealousy. There are two type of emotions positive and negative. Negative emotions includes jealousy towards someone. These are few reasons, why a person feels jealous :

●Insecurity in relationship: The most common aspect where Jealousy is seen among the people you love or your romantic partner. The pillar for any relationship is trust, care, affection and loyalty. If these pillars are affected then their can be an arousal of jealousy in a relationship. Trust is something that can create insecurity in a relationship, these insecurity leads to jealousy. For example: A person can feel jealous if his/her partner is interested in someone else who you feel is a rival or a threat to your self-esteem. Not just marital and romantic relationship but also between siblings and cousins the feeling of jealousy emerges due to lack of love and trust towards each other or sometimes due to comparison between ones ability and talent. The unacknowledged kid always has an envy or jealousy towards other and feels them as a threat in their life.
●Inferiority complex: An intense feeling or inability to attain your goal which results in self-isolation, unhappiness, jealousy, fear, anxiety, pain, aggression and sometimes leads to depression. Inferiority or superiority complex are psychological terms used to describe people with a negative behaviour and complex attitude. For example: In schools and colleges students who belong to a family with low income or students who belong to lower caste often feel humiliated and suppressed by the upper class students, this makes them feel inferior and envious towards other upper class students. The struggle, fear and pain of the students comes out as jealousy.

●Rivalry towards colleagues and friends: This emotion is universal and hard to hide. Rivalry changes the relationship between two individual. It has been observed in many professionals field that an individual is jealous with the success of his colleagues. When a colleague or fellow employee who works with you and is at a higher position, or is been promoted with a high pay raise, the inferior one often feels jealous.

●Self-doubt: People compare themselves with others and de-motivates themselves by believing that they are not worth for.  Self-doubt occurs when a person feels incapable and lack confident. An individual sense that the world is very competitive and he/she is not strong enough to survive in this competition. This develops jealousy towards the  people who are close enough to you and are filled with talent. Self-doubt can be a cause for depression and self-isolation.

●Attraction due to social media and influencers: Social media and its glamour is so eye-catching that any individual desires to attain that glamour and fame. People feels jealous by looking at the influencer and how they have the perfect lifestyle. This makes them envious towards others and themselves that they are not living a life with all pleasures.

HOW IT CAN IMPACT THE BEHAVIOUR:  If the feeling of jealousy is not rehabilitated it affects a person’s behaviour and personality. Every individual has a behaviour which depend on his/her personality, mood, character and mental state. Behaviour can be understood by an individual’s manners, actions and words. It changes from person to person, depending upon how you feel about the person next to you. For example:  A student will have a different behaviour when he has a conversation with his teacher, a more of formal behaviour whereas, the same student will not have a formal behaviour with his friends.

Jealousy is a feeling that has a major impact on behaviour. It damages a relationship and makes a person aggressive, impolite, arrogant and impulsive. The one who faces jealousy often has a negative behaviour and will always have bad intuitions for others. Jealousy develops an unhealthy and destructive behaviour where  a person becomes selfish and will hold grudge against other. His/her manners and actions are unkind and inappropriate to the society.

Jealousy makes an individual struggle with his life because of constant comparison which sometimes leads  to depression and anxiety.  Behaviour and jealousy are well related with each other. Jealousy is a complex state with intense feeling and high emotions. Some people cope up with jealousy. It is not something that is inevitable but it can be recovered with passage of time and understanding. People when feels jealous has certain sensations, thoughts and images that reflects their life problems and they start comparing their problems with others life.  One should try to be calm and doesn’t respond to the world vulnerably, instead should stay strong and neglect the things that affect your consciousness. Therapist suggest that people who emerges the feeling of jealousy should talk to someone, a person with whom you can have a healthy conversation and he/she can understand your state of mind. Facing jealousy is not an issue, it’s in human nature to face jealousy but it is like cancer which grows with time. So people should try not to feel insured and fear the world, instead one should believe in themselves and fight with jealousy. There are people like behavioural psychologist and therapist who can help us with our mental condition and state, people should approach them because approaching a psychotherapist is not just for recovery of mental illness or diseases but can also be used as a good company to talk and understand our mental state and abilities.

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Worth reading. Beautifully written

Riya Rajkotiya

Well Written

Riya Rajkotiya

Keep it up

Disha Dhage

Very informative article

Jigyasa vashistha

awesome work done 🙂 useful article

Nidhi Dahiya

Interesting read! Keep writing!


This article really sheds light on how this single feeling of jealousy can worsen one’s life in all aspects. The usage of examples for every situation is provided and this makes it even more informative. In my opinion, if you can correct the minute grammatical errors, your write-ups will surely turn out to be more effective. Looking forward to reading more of your works!


This is very well written and pretty elaborate. Though I would recommend adding a conclusion next time.