The Psychology Of Self-Esteem

What is Self esteem?

Self esteem is defined as someone’s belief about themselves be it appearance, skills or behaviour. Often times someone’s opinion about their body image is seen as self esteem but it’s a part of self esteem that’s more related to one’s physical appearance self esteem but self esteem is so much more than that. Most people particularly women tend to focus on the body component of self esteem but we should know that self esteem is more about you as a whole person not just how you look so if you are a person who is confident with who you are but have a few physical insecurities your self esteem might not be that bad.

Let’s now talk about healthy self-esteem. How it looks like and how is it different from low self esteem.

  • So someone with healthy self esteem is able to acknowledge that they have both strengths and weaknesses whereas the person who has low self esteem will either hyper focus on their weaknesses and be insecure about it or will inflate their strengths to make up for their weaknesses.
  • Someone with healthy self esteem is able to accept both criticism and praise but someone with low self esteem is super sensitive to any form of criticism, even if it’s healthy criticism.
  • Someone with healthy self-esteem is able to express their needs and desires whereas someone with low esteem have difficulty in doing so.
  • People with self esteem don’t think they are better than everyone but they also don’t think they are lower than anyone.

Key is equality not superiority

  • Healthy self esteem means be able to have and maintain good boundaries

How to have a healthy self esteem

Here are some ways which can help you to foster your self-esteem

  • Set realistic and healthy expectations for yourself.
  • Make a list of all your values and see how you can live accordance to them so if someone or something does not come under your values you’ll be able to recognise that and say no to that person or situation.
  • Remember that everyone has strength and weaknesses so that you don’t try to compare your failures with other people.

Remember that there are two sides to everything

  • list all the things you like about yourself and make sure they are not just physical.
  • Visualize your success with the help of all your five senses.
  • start using social media in order to better yourself rather than comparing yourself.
  • Learn to recognize your own worth and set healthy boundaries.
  • Exercising will help you feel much better about yourself
  • Start putting work in to enhancing yourself as a whole not just physically.

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