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The feeling of emptiness

Does the void last forever? Will it ever get filled? Does time heal everything?

I don’t know answers to these but one thing which life has taught me till now is that with time we get used to this and not sure about it heals or not but eventually, it becomes a part of our life, a part of us, that part which if possible we want to throw out but a part which makes us realize that we are alive.

The feeling of emptiness or I can say feeling that something is missing from you like the last missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, like the last torn page of your favorite book… something which is painful and leaves you with a void-emptiness.

We often get this feeling in our lives after a major depressive episode in our life be it losing a loved one, getting hurt by our precious people, or sometimes maybe there is not a reason at all.

It is said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but is it what we want?

Will anyone prefer to be strong over happy?

Life has its ways of teaching us something. As coal has to go through numerous polishes before turning into diamond in the same way a person has to go through numerous struggles pains to come in its best form.The strange thing which I feel about life is that sadness, failures leave a deeper impact on us than happiness and success.No matter if you have 100 things to be happy about but our mind will be focussed on one sad thing because of which we ofter neglect the happy parts and most important we forget to live in the moments.

Though toxic positivity is something that is often misunderstood. we don’t need to be happy all the time. Life has an equal share of both happiness and sadness and if you feel sad it’s completely fine there is no need to tell yourself to think positive, everyone has problems, etc.

Just stop for a moment and just take a breathe and tell yourself if I accept happiness with courage in the same way let me accept sadness and express it. Neglecting emotions are a more serious thing. If we can’t accept an emotion how can we do justice to that emotion


I would sum up by saying humans are humans because they have feelings be it happiness sadness etc. Don’t suppress your emotions for anyone and make yourself a priority. To spread happiness first make yourself happy. Self-love is the first step towards being a better you and it is not being selfish.

Care for yourself because you are precious

What do you think?

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Written by Ayeman Qamri

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Manvi Verma

Beautifully described and well-written article. Engaging.

Shraddha S. Kambli

Very well written, informative article. Keep it up and all the best to you for your future endeavors

Jigyasa vashistha

amazing article ..kudos buddy 🙂

Pranathi Harihar

A nice article, with a great personal touch! You can maybe make it a little more informative through some research and by adding some studies conducted, and by giving it a little more structure.

Taru Dixit

It is a well written article. The personal feelings engage the audience, however, a little research work would have done the job of making it more structured

Iarisa Nongbet

I am unable to find the relation between the content and the title. Otherwise beautifully chosen words.

Aakriti Lajpal


Prerna koul

very well articulated. Liked the way you’ve given so much importance to self love which we often tend to forgive.

Aashna Parekh

It is very well written and informative article! The flow of the sentence and writing style are also pretty great. The personal touch makes it all the more better!


Very good explanation. Thanks for your article

Megha Sarma

it was short and brief. however, you could have suggested more elaborate ways of dealing with emptiness


It was a very nice article. Although I feel you could’ve made the article more informative and elaborate. And adding more structure could’ve really enhanced the content.

Sreejita Sarkar

Your article was riveting, and I could associate personally with it. However, I would admire it if you could add some coping mechanisms to help people feeling this way.


The usage of poetic expressions to describe feelings of sadness has beautifully portrayed the situation. This piece of writing also makes the reader realize that it is alright to feel sad at times, but all that one got to do is to accept them and move on. The article also makes one feel hopeful even amidst adverse situations. Looking forward to reading more of your works!

Shivani More

The article is written very beautifully, the content is easy to understand with a good selection of words. But more information about how this feeling of emptiness looks like across the different age groups if explained could have given even more impact and would have become relatable due to examples.

Really well written

Shruti Shashidharan

“It is said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but is it what we want?” This statement really gives one something to think about. A very insightful article. Keep up the good work and continue writing such reflective pieces. Would love to read more 🙂


Beautifully written article. But, a little more information, especially one the ways to tackle with such feelings would have been good.

Anmol Sidhu

this article is beautiful, very enaging. You have really done a good job. you also could have added on how this era of social media really plays part in toxic positivity.

Anushka Kapadia

Loved this article!

Nirja shah

Extremely thought-provoking article. Impact of the fantastic content could be increased by writer shorter, less complicated sentences. Readers might lose their chain of thought if more than one conjoining word it utilized per sentence. The questions asked in the article helps engage the readers and probes them to look for the answers themselves. Superb analogy between coal and human struggle. Excellent job at including toxic positivity. Discussions on the same are the need of the hour. A very well-written article, elaborating on healthy ways to fill the void might enhance it.


This article particularly says about the author’s perspective of importance governing appropriate emptions and giving them their due values. Theories of emotions and self-acceptance would have been the supporting factor for this article, so including them may increase the effectiveness of the article.
Adding to it the article provides shallow insight of the content, the author may make some more descriptions about the factors involved. Even though the article helps the readers to know the pros and cons of suppressing their emotions inappropriately.

Lakshmi Priya

Described in beautiful way.


Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article. I could feel everything that is written not only the words but also the emotion. You have rightly said that human experience consist of sad and happy moments. It is upto us on what we focus. Acknowledging sad moments is really helpful as it helps to learn something. The list line of the article was like cherry on top of the cake. All the best

Apeksha Sharma

The article is written in a very beautiful way, I liked how you decided to add your personal ideas too. Though I think if little research was done regarding the scientific reason it would have turned even more beautiful.

Janhavi Shrivastava

Really nicely written! Just felt a little abrupt and short.. You could definitely research more on this topic and include components like self-compassion and mindfulness which are really important in handling failures, other than that great job!

Cheers! 🙂

Maanasa Balaji

Very well written. Loved the part on toxic positivity.

Khushi Thakkar

The article is very well written but I think a little research and facts are missing. maybe a little researched would’ve been nice.


Accepting our life as it is and riding through enjoying the happiness at the same time accepting the sorrow will heps us get received from the emptiness.

Jiniya Chakraborty

This void can be very dangerous so it is the individual who needs to take time and grow through it. Shutting one’s doors will never help. Being a little brave day by day and being vulnerable to our close ones will help a lot. Thanks for writing on this topic. At least it will help people to know that they are not alone in this fight.

Radhika Saini

True! An amazing article; would have loved it even more if you could make it more informational through research and pay a little attention to grammar. Best of luck!

Pravesh Charan Isai

Very well described, but is there any specific treatment aspect to overcome boredom.


here I would like to quote ‘No lifetime, no matter how successful, will be true regarding or happy if you cannot learn to love yourself and be yourself. We should really look to learn self-love. Keep up the good work.

Kirti Giridhar

It is an engaging article but you should have elaborated more on this topic and also included how one can overcome this feeling of emptiness.

Parishree Pandya

A nice article, something people need to understand and be reminded of. The emptiness, yes. In my opinion, you could have written more about self-love that you mentioned in the conclusion because that is an important step to filling that void.

Harsh Vikas Jain

A good article and topic. Good start also the end. Just a thing, there are some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Rest it talks beautifully.

Aashima Kathpalia

Good Content , informative !!!

Dharani G Sekaran

really niceee


Very engaging and we’ll written article. Loved reading it.

Hardeep Kaur

Rightly said. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Way to spread positivity all around which is very much needed. Very well said. Keep up.

Taniya Singh

I really like the personal touch you have given to your article. A bit of more information if you could add by doing some research, the appealing power would be enhanced more. Keep it up and all the best to you for your future endeavors!!

Anahita Sharma

Great introduction! It immediately caught my attention, and engaged me into the reading. Your writing style is very personal, which helped me connect with the article. Feeling empty is something we all go through as humans at some point in our lives, and this article proves as a great consolation for people to know that they are not alone in this. Maybe adding mroe references, quotes and research studes will help you further your points in the discussion. Great work!

Trisha Baunthiyal

A very beautifully written article. However, a few strategies or coping mechanisms would have been really helpful .

Hardeep Kaur

Somewhere or the other we all feel empty and the void stays there for the longest period of time. Very well written. Keep up.

Sima Saleem

Humans are socially created and usually like to live in society. It will be very difficult for us to want to live alone and not need anyone, but sometimes a person may feel There is no one while all people are around him and he is left alone and empty. Then he will need us exactly the most, so we must always be present to help these thank you for this important topic

Last edited 1 year ago by Sima Saleem
Deshana Pragya Jain

This article perfectly suits for all the times we feel a void in us. It rightly says about our feelings and emotions. Adding a experience in this article would make it a cherry on the cake. you could also add the positive effects of void that’s in us. For example a person with extreme of void will try letting it out through art and art stimulates the brain and increases the hormone causing happiness…

Devashree Bhandare

Hey lovely work it’s just that it lacked content …more can be researched and written. thankyou

Sahana Rajeev

Actually this article was personally very touchy,
a puzzle to be filled with in us…

Devashree Bhandare

Well written…good structure.. just I don’t understand realtion between title and content.

K Kannaki

The article is Well written and simple to understand. The article can be elaborated on the tips and ways to overcome emptiness and some research or methods conducted and some examples with images can convey more . It was really insightful and helpful. Keep up with the good work .
Good luck !!