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Gender roles in our society

We have begun to raise daughters more like sons… But only a few have the courage to raise sons more like daughters.



I am sure that everyone would have come across the sayings or conversations that the girl child shouldn’t go out after sunset and boys shouldn’t always sit idle at home. This is not about kids but this is about the role of gender that plays in our society. We are familiar with only a few genders but there are nearly 50+ genders in and around the world. However, here we will discuss men and women alone generally.


Gender roles in our society.

The society seeks different behaviours and way of living respect to gender. This is what we express as gender roles in our society, they are artistic and classified. They specify how men and women should speculate, express their thoughts, wear clothes, and behave in society.  This is a crucial topic to discuss on because it has an impact on the characters and personality of an individual. Let’s see where and how it enforces its impact on the individual.


Gender role at home:

We can’t get the best example comparable to the home where we can explain easily about the gender role. Not only men and women, but the impact also starts with a boy and a girl too. We have witnessed the domestic violence cases reporting that man hurt woman most of the time. This is also because of the consequence of the societies gender role, usually, men’s are taught and expected to act bold and dominate over the women’s who are in other hand expected to be calm and tolerate the hurt and feelings. The society demands the men to make the decisions to keep their dominance. When it comes to household works it is the department allocated for women’s and men’s most of the time won’t take that role. These influence the women to be more tolerable and hardworking in the home. I have wondered how my mom gets early regularly without fail and complete cooking and other works in time.


Its role at education:

This part no need for explanations I guess, we have seen in our schools and colleges that the percentage of both genders. Higher we go in education, lesser the women’s count will be. This is because in rural areas many women’s get married at the ages of 19 to 21 due to the family pressure. This is also an impact caused by society. As we have seen before the women’s are the one who takes charge of the household works and takes care of children so they are not encouraged to pursue higher educations. Not on every circumstance but most of the time. This makes women’s to have great courage and supportive family to accomplish high. Indirectly this increases the sacrificing tendency in women when compared to men.


The part at work:

As we have seen beforehand, women didn’t follow higher studies regularly like men and rather they concentrated on establishing a safe and comfortable home life. With no education, employment chances were thin. But this started changing in the present as artistic change enabled them to concentrate on getting educations, they got opportunities and eventually, additional liberation. Talking of liberation, women are not encouraged to jobs involving physical works and risks. Sports also said to be for men however now we have a women’s team in every sport.

Still, there is hesitation to support the woman going night shifts because of the insecurity in the society. Yet in the case of men, they have an upper hand in working because as per society they should earn to have their dignity and respect. This directly puts stress over the youngsters as the unemployment rate goes higher and higher. This impact causes few women to possess an inferior feel that they aren’t going to achieve their goals. Working after giving birth to a child is also a great deal for the women’s. Society considers that women are the one responsible for child-raising and men can focus on their works.


Its position in marriages:

Simple illustration of how gender role is in marriage is the ages of the couples. I’ve been to dozens of marriage, but I couldn’t find a couple with a woman elder than a man. This might look like it is not the big deal but we can interpret several roles of gender.

  • The age difference is because a man gets married when he is settled or capable of running the family. However, this is not in the case of a woman. Barely we can find a family with a woman earning more than her husband. That too the woman will be the one who has the potential and courage to chase her dream. Society will talk ill about the incapability of that man to earn more than his wife.
  •  When we ask ourselves why society demands the man to earn more, we get a clue that it is one of the ways to keep their dominance. Similarly, the man will be elder than a woman to have the upper hand. As it is natural that we tend to assist the elders rather ordering them.
  • In our country, a woman will leave their beloved home in order to go live with the husband’s family. A man still enjoys the house ambience but the woman has to adapt to it with no options. This adapting period will create the mindset that they should be flexible enough and adjust according to the situation.
  • Men’s don’t have restrictions in their dressings both before and after marriage. While women’s are forced to dress how society wants them to dress ( both before and after the marriage ). It is intensified after marriage. This gives rise to mental stress.



Considering this decade women’s have progressed a lot. There are separate schools, colleges, transportations for women which might be the root cause of this progression. People do enjoy their victories because they struggle more than men’s both physically and mentally. Gender role in the current society is a hurdle to gender equality. This economic crisis will seek women’s roles to be played. So change is not so far, we will notice it sooner.


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Amazing work…keep it up.

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much needed

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This is an amazing work

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amazing work!

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well written!

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We should break Stereotypes
Well Written

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very very informative … keep writing:)