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The term ‘weight’ can be defined as the force with which an object is attracted to the center of the body, due to the force of gravity. The weight of an object depends on its mass and the strength of the gravitational pull.

While referring to the term, ‘weight control’ we eventually focus on the “balancing act” which means, intake of only as much food and fluids as our body needs for its metabolisms to function well, we can perform the day-to-day activities of daily living, and some amount of physical movement, be it exercise or walking.

Calorie Requirement

The calorie requirements change daily, basically depending on our activity level.

The cautious calorie-intake is indeed a tedious and tiresome job to perform. Instead, choosing foods, high in fiber, and nutrients, is the secret to painless calorie cutting.

Fruits, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and small portions of lean meats and nuts are some foods we can consume regularly. Foods that are in their raw form are the healthiest options to opt for.

Also, we don’t have to discard refined, processed foods, instead we can opt for small portions to better control our calorie intake.

Some amount of physical movement; i.e. jogging, running, yoga, etc. can help us boost our body metabolism. Each time we indulge in some of the other physical activities, we tend to burn calories.

Hydration is a must thing to be taken care of, in the process of weight loss, which is also an integral ingredient so as we don’t end up overeating instead of drinking water. As a medium to quench our thirst we tend to indulge in aerated drinks, fruit juices that satisfy thirst but can add lots of extra calories and sugar too.



Portion control

If we intend to gain weight, then the foremost thing has to be eating more calories, than we burn throughout the day.

Whereas, if we intend to lose weight, focus on lesser calorie intake and more on the workout regime.

So basically, as portion control suggests, all we need to have is the ability to count to two, and our hand.

We measure the number of vegetables we have to consume, using a fist.

We measure the number of proteins that are required for us to consume, using palm.

Our cupped hand helps measure the amount of per day carbohydrates requirement.

We measure the number of fats we have to consume, using the thumb.

How fast do we lose weight?

Weight loss occurs when we consistently and consciously cut-down the calorie-intake than we tend to burn each day.

Conversely, weight gain happens when we consistently and diligently consume more calories, than we can burn throughout a day.

Being stated that, the number of calories we burn each day, which is also simply termed as energy or calorie expenditure, is somehow complicated to understand.


How walking can help you lose weight and belly fat

The technicality of belly fat is that it’s not limited to the additional layer of padding located just below the skin. It also involves visceral fat (internal belly fat), which lies deep inside the abdomen and puts a person at a high risk of heart stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, etc.

While staying physically active can burn calories, brisk walking for at least 45 minutes mobilizes the body to go deep down into fat reserves and burn the stored fat.



The industry of weight loss and hygiene is full of myths and presumptions. However, over the years, scientists have found a number of strategies that seem to be effective, up to some extent.

Drink Water, Before Meals and Not After Meals

It is majority of the times claimed that, adequate amount of hydration can help with weight loss.

Drinking water can boost our metabolism by almost 30% over a period of 1.5-2 hours, helping us burn off some extra calories.

Intake of Black Coffee

Quality coffee is loaded with antioxidants and can have tremendous health benefits, if consumed in right quantity and on right time.

Caffeine in coffee helps in fat burning by almost 25%

Adding sugar or any sweetener must be avoided, to work rightly on our body.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is basically a source of hydration and a cleansing material too, that helps in wiping much of the toxins off of our body, which eventually helps to pace the weight loss procedure.

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine; it is loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are natural antioxidants.

Catechins help prevent cell damage, and has many health benefits, also work miraculously in the weight loss regime.

Cutting Back on Added Sugar

Added sugar makes it difficult for our body to lose excess fat.

Consumption of sugar majorly leads to an increased risk of obesity, some other health conditions such as, type-2 diabetes and heart attack.

Avoiding bad or Refined Carbohydrates

Refined Carbohydrates include sugar and grains contained in the fibrous, nutritious parts; i.e. white bread.

Bad carbohydrates are usually associated with the sources, responsible to spike blood sugar rapidly, leading to hunger, cravings, leading to overeating.

Using Smaller Plates

Using smaller plates helps people in exercising portion control (eating less).

Keeping Healthy Food Around

Keeping healthy food like, nuts, raisins, etc. nearby can help prevent us from binging on unhealthy snacks in case of sudden hunger pangs.

Certain snacks that are easy to store includes fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc.



People begin with their weight loss journeys for varying reasons, some among those are as follows:-

Losing weight can have the following benefits:

  • Lessened risk of diabetes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Decreased risk of stroke
  • Lessened risk of osteoarthritis and sleep apnea
  • Decreased risk of cardio-vascular disease(s)
  • In addition to the medical benefits, our lifestyle also changes if we lose weight.
  • Better sleep
  • Rare episodes of feeling lethargic
  • Improved confidence
  • Higher energy
  • Stable mood
  • Improved sex life
  • Lesser amount of stress levels



The everyday schedule

One of the biggest challenges for most of us is scarcity of time. Cooking, working out, along with other day-to-day chores can be time consuming and difficult to fit in all into a busy day.

But if we think through things, we can schedule things in a way so that we are left with some spare time for creating a bank of quick to prepare recipes made from fresh ingredients.

Turning parts of our commute into a walking session can help in counting in our workout regime.

Pricey fresh food

We can plan in advance about the expenses related to food, travel, and the other relevant expenses. By doing so, we can create room to cut down on some of our expenses relating to the take away orders or the not so important items. That will help us buy ourselves something healthy.

Keeping from unhealthy food

These days junk food has become a part of our lives. It tastes great and it’s cheap to get. Along with this, the taste of fast-food barely allows us to part from it. But nothing is difficult if we get hold of our senses, to not indulge in junk food as frequently as we wish to.


Eating disorder can be further categorized under two names, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder in which a person experiences deliberate weight loss, can be induced and/or sustained. The disorder has been mostly observed in adolescent girls and young women.

On the contrary, adolescent boys and young men rarely experience this as much as many children do, during their puberty and older women up to their menopausal phase.

Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a syndrome which characterizes of repeated overeating by the patient, and an excessive preoccupation with weight control measures.

This eventually leads to adopting extreme measures to curb the “fattening” effects of the consumed food.

Binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder is believed to be one among the common eating disorders, typically begins during adolescence.

Individuals with this disorder tend to eat large quantities of food in relatively short periods of time and feel a lack of control during binges.

But, with the help of professionals we can get hold of this disorder too.


Fat loss journey is never an easy nut to crack, but if we focus on the positive side of it we will be able to analyze the fruits it bears, the amount of confidence it boosts, improved digestion, good physique, etc.

To sum up, the overall health development source lies in the quality and quantity of what goes into our stomach.

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Written by Karishma Mathur

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