Why women and young girls are more affected by eating disorders

Eating disorders as stated by Oxford English Dictionary is an emotional disorder that causes eating habits that are not normal.

Some of the examples are:

Anorexia Nervosa( An eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat)

Bulimia Nervosa (A serious eating disorder marked by bingeing, followed by methods to avoid weight gain. Bulimia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder)

As per research, women are more prone to eating disorders than men. This is mainly due to the influence of social media trends on society.

We come across a variety of content on social media every day. A large number of these content are focused on body trends and diets.

Advertisements featuring celebrities are promoted on social media platforms that target women frequently. When women view them they develop a mindset that anything other than a slim or hourglass figure is ugly and undesirable.

This forces them to adopt practices that might be harmful to their health. When such habits become a continuous pattern women at times develop such disorders.

Society is far more critical of a woman’s body than a man’s.

A fat woman is frowned upon and she is constantly pestered by people around her that she needs to become slim in order to be desirable and acceptable while most girls don’t develop these severe eating disorders, many are preoccupied with their weight from an astonishingly young age.

They feel the need to adopt diets like keto, intermittent, etc. but what they don’t understand is that not all dieting patterns are suitable for every age group and person and they should not just follow anything and everything. Many, thus, face side effects.

Girls have become more conscious of their bodies than ever.

They worry about looking chubby. They aim towards perfectionism.

Magazines feature slim models, barbie dolls are slim and when they see these things often they believe this is the norm

However, this is not the only reason why people develop eating disorders. There are various genetic, psychological reasons why eating disorders happen. But culture also plays an important role.

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Written by Ria Jain

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Dikshitha Surana.Y

Hey, We’ll written! I agree with the fact that Society is far more critical of a woman’s body than a man’s.