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Violence Makes Your Brain Insane

Violence Makes Your Brain Insane

In my previous article, we talked about brain differences between men and women which leads them to have different perspectives about different things. Just to continue with the concept of exploration of the brain, we will discuss how violence affects the brain. What do you think violence does to your brain? How it affects your lifestyle and your relationships.

We know violence causes a lot of physical damage. But what about the mental damage it has done to your brain? The unpredictable world has been facing violence since the beginning of time. Yeah, this is actually true. Can you remember any single day, when the world lived in peace? There isn’t any day. In fact, not even a single person is untouched by violence. Here, I’m not merely talking about physical violence but also domestic violence, economical violence, media violence, sexual violence, and psychological violence. Why do people become violent? And how they end up? How can causing violence and harming other people be justified?

To know the answers,

you have to read it further…

Let’s talk about how violence affects every single person on different levels of their mental state. On this, different people have given different viewpoints like Thomas Hobbes, a philosopher believed that people are naturally born with evilness on inside but society is the mere source that can control their aggressive nature. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, another philosopher who depicted a more positive attitude. His views were totally opposite to Thomas Hobbes. Human beings are born high-minded but society is the one who is responsible for their aggressive behavior. One of the most important personalities in the field of psychology, Sigmund Freud told that aggression comes from Thanatos (death instincts).

At times these instincts towards the end can affect the individual, however, which can result in self-harm or suicide. Like every behavior of a human being, violence is also regulated by the brain. From domestic violence, fights, suicide, or committing crimes are the results of aggression. It’s biological, everyone has neural circuits of aggression in our brain unluckily, and we all need them to fight for survival. Sometimes, it’s good to have these neural circuits as to save yourself from troubles. When a group of boys bullied a skinny boy for nothing. One day, the boy reacted aggressively to protect himself from the danger. Sometimes these neural networks misfire and violence explodes inappropriately. So, try not to get aggressive in every situation.

How violence affect “HE” Brain?

Violence is something that is universal. And everywhere aggression and violence are mostly associated with men because they perform more acts of violence than women. We have seen or heard many cases of violence. For example terrorist attacks, rape cases, domestic violence. What is the cause behind their violent act? Some researches concluded the reason behind the violent act – they must have been through traumatic childhood or had some negative experiences. Further added, males have a low tolerance for frustration, less interested in following social rules, and get easily impulsive. In a study on violent people, neuroscientists found differences in the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex regions of their brains, both of which help to control the emotions. People who get injuries to their frontal brain areas are generally more impulsive. So, what do you, who should be blamed?

How violence affects “SHE” brain?

Women are less aggressive than men. Unlike males, they don’t cause any kind of physical or psychological violent acts until they are not provoked. A girl who always behaved in a calm and relaxed manner. She tried to kill her boyfriend. Why? Because he was cheating on her. So, the moral of this small incidence is women mostly get aggressive against their romantic partner. In 2005 Richardson said, Women, are not submissive sufferers of violence. Rather, they react to provocation and are active partners in aggressive arguments.

How violence affects children’s brain?

If the children have been exposed to the violence it can cause physical, mental, and emotional harm for the rest of their life. Whether the children are a direct victim or a witness of the violence then they are most probably going to suffer from severe effects such as the extended period of stress, depression, helplessness, being numb to the future, becoming violent, and don’t empathize with others.

After the Nirbhaya case, a 13-year-old girl was having a hard time. She could not eat, had sleepless nights, and didn’t share anything with the family. After 3 or 4 days, when her mother asked the girl to give accompany to the market? For the first time, she denied. Her mother asked what was wrong and she replied- I can’t get over what had happened to the girl. I’m just afraid to go anywhere. So, why do you think it is important to keep the children away from the act of violence? If the children face violence on a daily basis and this continued for their whole childhood then, the violence will increase. And when they grow into adults them they are more likely to suffer from long-lasting effects such as poor mental health, will start taking drugs and alcohol, and get involved in risky sexual behavior. Saving them from violence should be a priority of each and every family.


I am against every kind of violence because when we feel like yeah this is for good, but the good remains for a short time and the damage it does in the brain is for a lifetime. Violence can never bring permanent peace. Earlier, I didn’t know the real cause behind the violent behaviors. Violence comes from frustration and resentment. All violent acts are the consequence of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain comes from other people and they believe that, those people deserve to die. These people are mentally sick. Earlier, I could easily blame people but now when I know the real cause behind their violent acts is making me perplexed. Should I blame people or science? All I know is how to save these people from committing any sort of activity.

What do you think?

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Written by Nidhi Dahiya

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