How I practice emotional first aid

Rejection was the companion of my life and I still do not know the answer behind it. My overthinking said it was politics, status, racial discrimination and priorities.There was alot of potential and skill in me which was unseen. Childhood rejection, peer group rejection, relatives rejection, love rejection, captainship rejection and there are alot of in-depth rejection.

Rejections are the psychological cuts and scrapes that tear our emotional skin and penetrate our flesh. Some rejections are so severe they create deep psychological gashes that “bleed” profusely. There was no reaction on my face because my emotions had already taken up on the reactions.

Few were like paper cuts that stung quite a bit but bled only a little. At the end it did bleed no matter how deep or slight it was. It was my emotions, my tears, my body, my mind, my heart, my blood that was affected that it has led me here to tell the readers about it.

Emotional First Aid is the idea that we take care of emotional injuries when they occur, so they do not become more damaging in the long run. When you get a cut on your finger you put ointment and a bandage on it to prevent infection.

It took me years and still does, the emotional practice needs time to reach the expected goal only when an individual puts his or her consiousness, attention, concentration without relapsing.

The self treatments which I pointed out which worked are as follows:

  • managing self-criticism
  • reviving self-worth
  • replenishing social connections
  • lowering sensitivity

And you can add on what works for you as well. Prioritise your emotional health.

I did not stop working on what I wanted, few people and situations did let me down to an extent where I did write suicide notes at the same time I was scared to attempt and did realise how stupid I was, what a sinful action or behaviour I was projecting; even today when I read what I wrote gives me nightmares, it was just on spot reaction to the stimulus.

I ran and still do to read what is at play in between the lines, I segregate, brain map/Strom, think, learn, analyse and proceed, keeping everything in mind. To conclude I can not assure you that the emotional first aid works until an individual puts his 100% in doing it.

What do you think?

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