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Nightmares: The Story and Its Decoding

“It was Christmas and all I wanted was for it to be a perfect holiday. The blazing yet merry red color which covered the whole living room, the Christmas tree ornamented with fairy lights, bubbles, tinsels, bells, stars and at the dining table there was savoring food prepared by my mother… What’s not to like about Christmas anyway? There were people that I loved; my family and best friends. I was happy.

But suddenly it felt like the atmosphere is changing. The feeling was bizarre but somehow it started to put me out of ease. I noticed that I’ve started to sweat. The once happy faces around me started getting blurred and now by this point I was distressed. I had no idea about what is happening but it was bad.

There were different voices mumbling incoherent words which I couldn’t decipher and then out of nowhere I heard a loud shrill scream which was enough to put me into terror and make me run away from there. I had to save my life from I don’t even know what or who. The only thing I knew was that if I stop, I’ll be doomed.

The city was awfully quiet; no people, only the abandoned buildings and vehicles. My eyes were trying to get a hold of someone I know when I saw a somewhat familiar face; I felt the relatedness so I ran to the person. But as soon as I reached near them, it was all smoke. To say that I was scared would be an understatement; I was petrified and wanted an escape.

I lost the track of time but it felt like it has been about a couple of hours since I was running and running and only running. The voices never ceased. They followed me all the time like a shadow and now I’m in this dark and wild forest. I don’t even understand how I even got till here. All these tall robust trunks of trees, withered bushes and fallen leaves, the fog; I felt trapped with all of it in this night. I didn’t realize that there was actually a lake and I’m on the other side of it now, where a decent lake house is built. I took a halt to catch my breath. My heart was palpitating but I decided to go towards the house with my wobbling legs.

The inside of the house was a bit dull but cozy. The hearth with burning fire was radiating enough warmth to make me a bit relieved but my throat was so dry, I needed water. My eyes travelled every corner but all I could see was that lone area where I was standing. I dragged my feet near the hearth to get more heat and calm myself down to think about the situation but my eyes landed on something or more like someone; it was a little baby girl, barely five months old, all packed with warm clothes and draped with a shawl. She had plump cheeks and was asleep, her lips were rosy and in a form of pout. She was the cutest little bean I’ve ever seen and I knew my eyes had sparkles by now. I took her in my arms to cradle her with love and a desire to not leave her. It was dramatic but exciting. But why is a baby here all alone, I thought. I made my way outside of the house, with her being still in my arms. 

The fog was blurring my vision but I saw two vague figures standing by the lake, with their hand in hand. They seemed like a couple and I had this thought that this child might belong to them. Without wasting another minute, I made my way towards the couple but the distance was not decreasing. I was trying to reach them but they were only going far. I screamed to get their attention but they didn’t turn back. 

Suddenly my ears caught a loud thud, as if some trees have fallen apart. The loud and bright thunder and the darkness getting darker, all of it was my cue that whatever it was is now near and I can’t stay here anymore. I started to run again and the baby was no more sleeping. She is awake and crying aloud. I felt that she is scared too. There was again a weird feeling inside me now; a feeling of unsettlement and fear. My tears were rolling down my cheeks heavily. Until now I was scared for myself but now I’m afraid for her. My arms are holding her tight because I don’t want to let her go, fearing what might happen to this innocent if I do so. Her shrill cries are not helping either. It is making me weaker but I can’t stop. I have to keep running.

It was a long night, a torturous one but I didn’t want to give up just yet. I still don’t know what’s happening but it’s suffocating me. I was wishing for this night to come to an end when suddenly I saw those two figures again. I stopped on my way and took a deep breath. The figures were still vague but I decided to try getting their attention again. This time it worked, I saw them coming towards me and the baby but the faith really had other plans. Those voices which I have been hearing were now loud and very near. I felt someone breathing on the nape of my neck; I gasped and turned to look behind but no one. I turned back to look out for those figures and saw one of them stretching their hand for us. I tried to grasp it but felt a strong push. Up till not I was on a ground but out of nowhere I found myself falling off an edge and screaming—”

The alarm clock started to ring and the nightmare ceased.

Nightmares are those unsettled feelings or emotions that you find being caged inside the subconscious part of your head. These are those ill feelings like fear, anxiety or anger which you were not addressing up till now and buried them long ago for some reason.

You got to dig a bit deeper inside you and pick up the signs—

The above mentioned story is also dealing with the said issue. The vision of being chased and running from something or someone can be a signal that there is something which you still got to deal with; an unsettled issue with yourself or somebody else.

Those voices in the dream might be the wrong consequences that you fear. You’re afraid of them coming true and that’s why you try to avoid the matter. The baby might be the actual issue which you need to address, which is demanding for your attention to be taken care of and the vague figures could be the solution of your nightmare. All you have to do is to gather courage and face the problem instead of running from it.

What do you think?

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Written by Richa Goel

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Jigyasa vashistha

this is great content .. keep posting! 🙂

Disha Dhage

Informative article


Richa Goel , it’s so interesting to read about that uncommon topic. It’s so comforting that the increment of frequency of this types of dreams are not normal.with die respect towards your work I want to add one suggestion for it which I think will help you to improve more ..that someone may be needs to go psychopathologist to define the reason why it’s appearing so much..
Actually we can’t understand the thing always by ourselves so sometimes we need proffesionals.
If it will be mentioned here then it will be more helpful
Thank you.

Rakshita Singh

This is very interesting and hard to stop reading, a great form of writing.

Disha Dhage

could have used pictures

Disha Dhage

keep posting

Disha Dhage

this is great content

Riya Rajkotiya

Great peice of work

Riya Rajkotiya

Keep it up

Riya Rajkotiya

Keep up the good work

Nirja shah

Excellent use of descriptive words to paint an image in the minds of the readers instead of stating facts blandly. Use of literary devices created a sense of suspense and thrill, engaging the readers to find out what would happen next. Elaborating on what is a nightmare, at what age is it a common phenomenon, what are the causes of nightmare and how can one get rid of nightmares could further enhance your article. All in all a very well written article.


this is quite intresting..keep posting and keep rocking yaar..A great article.