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Healthy Eating and body Image


When we talk about health, the roots of it are said to be physical, social, and psychological wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases.

The word ‘eating’ gives us an image of various edibles which includes plant-based and animal-based food items, cereals, pulses, various beverages, etc. now, the union of these two words, can be referred to as a planned meal or selective eating along with some basic physical activities.



Leading a sedentary lifestyle may eventually lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity; and many such dangerous issues may arise, which might be at some point not curable.

Many of us do realize that some kind of physical movement throughout the day is very important for all our organs to function well.

Whereas, on the other hand, with more and more people opting for night shifts, or untimely sleeping patterns have led to the emergence of the word, ‘sedentary lifestyle’, which restricts bodily movements due to the nature of jobs and many similar factors.



During earlier times, even without much knowledge about health and diet, people were able to eat fresh and healthy, stay fit, and live longer than the current generation. Firstly, we can begin with a balanced diet, which refers to a diet that includes small proportions of varied proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals.

These adequate proportions fulfill the overall requirements of the nutrient value needed by our body to function properly, and in harmony with our brain. Healthy eating increases the energy levels in our body, improves the overall bodily functions, strengthens our immune system, and prevents excess weight gain.


  • Mindful eating is a concept basically derived from the word, ‘mindfulness’ which is a Buddhist concept, which means a process of intentional concentration of our consciousness in one place in the present moment.
  • Thus, mindful eating involves certain basics to be focused upon, some among those are as follows:-
  • Chewing the food well and staying at a distance from distraction while eating.
  • Paying heed to physical hunger cues and eating only until the stomach is full.
  • Try to avoid binge eating during snack timings.
  • Educating yourself about guilt eating and conscious eating.
  • Deliberately noticing the taste, the texture of food, along with the effects food has on our body.
  • Appreciating our food.



  • The most important rule of healthy eating is that the meals should not be skipped at any cost because skipping meals lowers the metabolism rate in our body. Along with this, try not to skip breakfast, as it is the major meal of the day.
  • It is important to stop when we feel full, as this will help in avoiding the risk of overeating and binge eating. This will help us maintain our overall body weight to an extent. This also helps in feeling our best all along.
  • Drinking at least the prescribed quantity of water every day is necessary to regulate the overall bodily functions and helps in keeping the fluids balanced in place.

Some More Healthy Eating Tips

  • Varying varieties of foods should be consumed throughout the day, as no single food contains all the dietary nutrients required to fulfill the basic needs of the body.
  • Consciously removing or replacing all visible fat from food prior to cooking, for instance, we can take off the skin of the chicken and trim the white fat off any meat that we cook.
  • Keeping a check on the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar we consume throughout the day.
  • Carrying our own packed lunch to school, college, workplace, etc. to avoid eating out.
  • The ideal prescribed ratio of cereal protein to pulse protein should be 4:1. When taking into account the grains, it has to be eight parts of cereals and one part of pulses.
  • Eat five portions of meals every day, either by distributing the three basic meals into portions or by including sprouts and raw fruits and vegetables in our snacks.
  • For sudden hunger pangs, try to keep a stock of healthy snacks. This will stop us from eating an unhealthy snack when hunger strikes us.
  • Preparing food can be fun too, only if we invest our time and energy into it. Healthy eating doesn’t always have to be something tasteless. Keeping the meal preparation easy, consuming more raw foods such as salads, fruits, etc., and focusing on the pleasure of eating food rather than keeping a count on the calories consumed.



As per ICD-10, an eating disorder can be further categorized under two major headings namely, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Explanations as per ICD-10:-

  • Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder characterized by deliberate weight loss, induced and/or sustained by the patient. The disorder occurs most commonly in adolescent girls and young women, but adolescent boys and young men may be affected more rarely, as may children approaching puberty and older women up to the menopause.

  • Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a syndrome characterized by repeated bouts of overeating and an excessive preoccupation with the control of body weight, leading the patient to adopt extreme measures so as to mitigate the “fattening” effects of ingested food.

The term should be restricted to the form of the disorder, that is related to anorexia nervosa by virtue of sharing the same psychopathology. The age and sex distribution are similar to that of anorexia nervosa, but the age of presentation tends to be slightly later. The disorder may be viewed as a sequel to persistent anorexia nervosa (although the reverse sequence may also occur). A previously anorexic patient may first appear to improve as a result of weight gain and possibly a return of menstruation, but a pernicious pattern of overeating and vomiting then becomes established.



  • Body image can be described as a person’s beliefs and perceptions in regard to the aesthetics of their own body.
  • It has been defined as “the multifaceted psychological experience of embodiment.”
  • It involves how a person feels from within, as compared to the standards set by society.
  • The basic concept of body image can be seen in a number of disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, medicine, philosophy, and varied cultural studies.


We need to keep eating healthy, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adding certain raw fruits and vegetables in our diet and lessening the number of carbohydrates consumed, and excluding unhealthy fat from our daily dietary requirements helps in improving health. Being vigilant about the amount of junk food and sweets we consume, and many such habitual alterations can help our body stay in its best shape.

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Written by Karishma Mathur

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Brinda S

Everybody is beautiful! very well written.

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Healthy eating is important…well written

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Very well written

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this is so important, really good article!

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Everybody is beautiful in their own way
Awesomely Written

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Thanks for writing this… Loved it alot… 🙂

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Very informative!!

Simran Rai

Thanks for sharing!!

Yashaswini Bhat

nice article

  • The topic of the article is so appropriate to the content.
  • A very descriptive article about healthy eating and related disorders.
  • The content of the article was very clear differentiated what is healthy and what not is healthy food habit.
  • ICD-10 was employed for denoting symptoms of related disorders.
  • This may help the readers to gain more knowledge on the context and spread awareness about both importance of healthy eating habits and their consequences.
  • Therapeutic assistance like counselling, positive body imaging concepts, CBT, DBT can be employed.
  • Prevalence rate can be included to make the article much more informative. 12.37% of the population was found to be binge eating distress in India.
  • Similarly reference can be included for using for future use.
  • Recent research on this field can be included for making it more informative article.
  • On the whole the article was precise and more informative. A very excellent job was employed in this article.
Akhil Nair

health is wealth and in the modern race for later one, people often forget about the essential of their health. The article covers it very nicely