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Bipolar Disorder- Overview

As we all are aware of the fact that how much important is for one to focus on their mental state. We have come from a time where discussing issues about our mental health was considered a sin and still, this fear conquers our mind before anything else that ‘How will I face the people around me and I will be labeled as an abnormal being for my entire life’.

We try to take an easy path and we don’t even accept to our own-selves that yes there is something wrong with our state of mind. Though there are only two types of fears that a man has from the day he came into this world. One is the fear of falling and the other is the fear of noise and all the other fears that are equipped in our brains are the ones we created. We need to get rid of them.


What is Bipolar Disorder Or Bipolar affective Disorder?  What are its symptoms?

If we go by the literal meaning of this term “Bipolar’’ it means the state of two extremities where at one point you are on cloud nine and beaming as if you are the happiest person alive and on the other hand, you feel as if the pattern of your own chaotic thoughts have overpowered everything and you feel like a maniac as the emotions of frustration, vexation, agony, worthlessness and inappropriate guilt have withered your peaceful state of mind.

This disease is also termed manic depression. It is different from the normal mood swings we have.  The people who are suffering from this disorder feel as if instead of one they have two bodies that are poles apart from each other.

They try to beat around the bush and aren’t chatty about this mental state as they fear that the society in which they have been born and brought up won’t ever accept them the way they are.

The extreme state in this disorder leads even to the formation of the thoughts of hopelessness and ways to end their life and even the repetition of their past goes on in their heads as if the history is repeating itself so they feel if they talk about it then the people around them would only add fuel to the fire and they would judge them for their mental illness for which they aren’t even responsible.

Heartbreaking isn’t it? That we all humans are made by one divine soul and still we aren’t treating each other equally. Society the mentality and the judgmental attitude.

The varying changes in their moods lead to the depletion in their state of sleep also and they find it difficult to manage their everyday chores as they are constantly struggling with their own-selves and always feel rejected.

These pang of emotions to them are like the changing seasons as one feels on a dark wintry night as they feel things are getting worse with them day-by-day and are happy being confined in their own shells.

Bipolar is like wearing the depressed heel in one foot and the way too comfortable sneakers in the other foot quite contrasting aren’t it? It’s like on one side you want to travel the world be like the skylark leaving behind all the pain and on the other, it’s like a child who wants to remain locked up in a closet for his entire lifetime.

The symptoms of this disease are more severe. The symptoms include depressed mood most of the time or every-day, loss of interest, easily distracted, thinking as if the whole world is behind us, significant weight loss or weight gain, fatigue or loss of energy, indecisiveness, and recurrent thoughts of death.

They have incredibly low periods at times where they don’t even feel like moving. They are scared of trusting people because one more fear the fear that besides their family others who know the full story what if they would just term them as ‘the mad person’ and leave them so they don’t let other beings enter their horizons.

How one develops this disorder? How one can deal with it?

A person can develop this disorder genetically as one can inherit this disease from any family member, the external environment, and even through unresolved childhood issues that had an adverse effect on memory.

People suffering from bipolar disorder should firstly accept themselves as they are and be confident about that and speak about their disorder in order to move out of their deep muddy hole of depression. They shouldn’t judge their own-selves.

Bipolar disorder is an illness that has no cure it’s lifelong so the ones suffering from their disease should consult a psychiatrist and tell them about their mood and family history but whatsoever when you finally speak about your own illness the satisfaction you get is immeasurable and mediation serves as the cherry on the cake for the same.

You as humans are like the wind that has endless possibilities. Restore the energy and when you take these counseling sessions they will have a positive impact as you will realize you are working on things and they will be better. As you learn to live with it but you won’t be surviving only you would be living your life with confidence, happiness and I know these thoughts won’t stop. It would be a constant struggle every day but your life will be a better place to live in.

The medicines would decrease the intensity of your thoughts and also take you in a drowsy state. As day by day science and technology are on a boom they would surely be able to find a cure for this disease also don’t get shattered by the fact that it has no cure till now.

Did you know ever that a phase like quarantine would hit us but still it did and see how beautifully you have survived it with strong willpower then why not this?

We are never aware of the fact that where our life will take us but we can withstand with grit and determination in face of every obstacle. I know you will question your mind but remember it’s a reservoir of the energy you accumulate it with the energy of content, gratitude, happiness, and positivity.

What do you think?

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Written by Kirti Giridhar

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Jigyasa vashistha

this is really amazing article.. buddy thanks for writing 🙂

Athya Ashraf

Bipolar disorder is one of the disorders often misdiagnosed to be major depression which takes a toll on the individual’s mental health. Very well written, the various facts stated are educative.
Keep up the good work!

Jaspreet kaur

I found this article very informative thank you for this article ✌


Good one!

Fiona Gladstone

Really informative and well written. Helped me improvise my understanding of the bipolar disorder. However it would make the article so much more concise if subheadings and bullet points were used. Also I really wish you could attach some references to glance through at the end of the article.

Anil sagar

Very well written


Fabulous ❤️

Leanne Rebelo

Amazingly worded and structured. I like the flow of thoughts and the body of the format. Please note that disorder and disease is not interchangeable.