Mood Disorder

Introduction: Mood Disorder

Our lives are filled with emotional inconsistencies. Sometimes we feel happy for an achievement and sometimes it comes out to be completely different when we fail. Though it is absolutely normal to have certain emotional fluctuations. But when these fluctuations impacts a person’s daily life and activities, then there might be chances that the person is suffering from mood disorder.

Mood Disorder is a psychological problem that affects an individual’s emotional state. Mainly, a person suffering from mood disorder is supposed to have sudden emotional outbursts or distorted emotions like extreme grief or irritated following excessive happiness that stays for a long time. The observed symptoms might last for weeks or even longer.

Mood Disorder can affect a person’s social interactions leading to frequent changes in behaviour resulting in facing difficulties while doing regular activities or following regular routine.

Depression- A depressed person might have feelings of grief or sadness and certain amount of disinterest in activities that was most likely used to be pleasurable over a prolonged period of time. There are chances of suicidal thoughts, inconsistent sleep patterns, anxiety, repression, social isolation, etc. Depression affects a person’s eating habits, loss of weight.

Mania- Mostly overtly energetic, euphoric. Such excessive emotional release often stays for couple of days.

Causes of Mood Disorders

Though there is no prominent answers for this question, but there is said to have both biological and environmental factors. It can be inherited. Certain traumatic experiences might result in mood disorders.

How to treat mood disorders?

Treatment can be done by medications and psychotherapy by professionals. Educating and spreading more knowledge about mood disorders might help an individual suffering from this issue by observing and knowing when to seek help. Manipulating thought patterns and Behaviors might help as well while going through mood disorders.

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Written by Reema Adhikary

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