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Mental health through my eyes.

What you think you become.’  –  Lord Buddha

Our mind is the cornerstone of our being.It is a powerful instrument which holds the key to all the other aspects of our life.The mind is a beautiful and precious gift to mankind. A gift that needs to be valued and taken care of. A gift that needs to be loved. It is something that needs to be prioritised and not taken for granted.The realisation that the mind deserves as much care and attention as our physical body dawned on me when I understood the meaning of the word ‘mental health’.To me, mental health is synonymous to the well-being of the mind.We are the figments of our thoughts ; our thoughts shape our personality. And our thoughts stem from our minds. A healthy mind aids in the creation of a psychologically, intellectually and emotionally competent individual.The mind is a golden threshold of thoughts and a melting pot of emotions. Every emotion and every thought that the mind creates and experiences has a significant impact on us. Therefore, we should be careful and conscious about what we think and how we feel. Taking care of our mental health involves just that.There are good days and there are days that are not so good. There are moments that overwhelm us with anxiety, uncertainty and despair. Moments that us feel empty. We get weak on our knees. Our head feels heavy. We want to cry but we can’t because the tears just don’t want to come out. Our mind is running a marathon but it doesn’t know where the track ends.When we are burdened by the trials and the unpredictability of life, our mind tries it’s best to seek answers and find a way. It struggles to do so. We have all felt this at some point in our lives, haven’t we?

What do we do when we feel like this?

Pretend that it’s okay. Fake a smile. Remember to be strong because the world isn’t a place for the weak and vulnerable. Try to avoid our feelings or keep them to ourselves.These are all the things that lead us astray from the path of having a healthy mind.In that moment, all we have to do is calm it down. Give our mind a break and give it the reassurance that it will find a way soon but not now. And just like that, everything will be alright. To me, that is what mental health and taking care of it is all about. Not pressurising the mind further when it already is.

We are only human. Being vulnerable and experiencing such moments of anxiety and emptiness is justified. Continuing to feel the pain without doing anything about it isn’t.

What do you think?

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Written by Maniparna Sen

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Radhika Saini

I really enjoyed reading the article!!
l felt calmness and spirituality take over me as I read it. There are some grammatical errors but the article is amazing. Kudos!

Khushi Thakkar

I liked your choice of words and the topic. great work, maniparna!


I really enjoyed reading your article! It was short and well written. You were able to deliver your message. There are some grammatical errors. Apart from that, this was really good.
Keep writing!

Vaishnavi S

Great article with meaningful words. You have explained everything in a sensible way. Take a note on grammatical errors.
Happy writing

Deshana Pragya Jain

This article is well expressed. You have covered what we as humans feel. All of us have the good days and the bad days. We try making our thoughts clear and that’s when our mental health comes in play. If i were to give a suggestion for this article then I would say that you could add a little more about mental health and its importance!!


I felt soo happy for this article.time worthy to read.Great info

Jigyasa vashistha

great informative article..thanks for this one