We have faced so many embarrassed situations in our life. And for women menstrual cycle plays a major role in giving embarrassments. Imagine you are walking in a crowd, suddenly a girl come near you saying that your kurta is stained and then you realized you had your periods. How worse the situation is to imagine! Even this situation has been happened with you before. But wait, why do we need to get embarrassed? What’s the need to get felt ashamed? We need to think of it.

Menstruation: Natural phenomena 

Menstruation is a normal process which occurs in women starting from their puberty until their menopause. During this period, the blood is discharged along with the fertilized egg. Cramps, pain and acnes are also normal during menstruation. This is an essential phenomenon that must happen every month in women. There is no point in worrying or getting embarrassed about this.

Why to keep it confidential?

Most of us wont like to discuss such topics with others especially boys even though they are our family members like father or brother. But why are we doing this so? Is there any particular reason to not tell them? No, many women since many decades have following this and we too are following them with no reason. But now the situation must change. We should be ready to talk about our periods and not hesitate them. It is just a natural thing like eating and sleeping and there is no special about that.

Teenager’s problems

Regarding this periods problems, teenagers faces a lot. During their first menstrual cycle, many girls are afraid and ashamed by seeing the blood in their cloth. Even in some cases, they are not ready to say this to anyone and later recognized by their family. This all tensions are especially due to the lack of proper knowledge about menstruation. It is every mom’s responsibility to teach their daughters who are in the age of puberty about menstrual cycle and how to handle it even though their daughters had not attained menstruation.

Explain it to boys

Not only to girls, even boys who have in the age of teenage needs to know about this. It should be no longer a secret that boys should not hear it. By knowing these things, they too understand there is nothing weird in this. They could also be a support to their sister or a friend who are in their periods.

Girls…. It’s just normal

As said earlier, many girls feel very ashamed about themselves during their periods. They start to hate themselves and their bodies. They get very irritated and lack self-confidence. Girls, first understand that this is a natural process and it is base for fertile reproductive life. It is a sign indicating that you are a woman. So, try to calm yourself and don’t get irritated. You must love your body and for no reason you must hate it. There is nothing wrong if somebody has seen your stained cloths. It’s not a thing to worry if someone noticed you carrying sanitary napkin.

No more confidential

Finally, you must not get hesitated to speak about periods. Its natural and everyone could understand that. It’s not a matter of shame or a sad happening to get worried. Take it as a part of life and enjoy your menstrual days without any irritation and worries.

What do you think?

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Ishita dharwal

Amazing article

Radhika Saini

Great job!

Sushmitha Subramani

The message has clarity and simplicity at the same time. It is much needed especially because of the taboo attached to menstruation. Following the traditions should not go against self-compassion and self-esteem.