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I want to break FREE – the LGBTQ community

Before writing this article, I was scrolling down and enjoying memes on Instagram. I clicked randomly on a meme and it was telling the bitter truth of our society. A thought came to my mind and I realized that I never had any real conversation about it. I became inquisitive to know how people handle their mental state when the society made them an outcast on purpose? As I believe, people should not be harassed for loving someone. I really hope that young people can have the courage it takes to come out and love themselves for who they are. I met a boy who have been through a lot because of his sexual orientation.

In school, he never had a chance to fit in with just girls or just boys. He was never masculine enough to fit in with the boys and he was never femme enough to hang out with the girls. He often found himself alone, and when he tried to fit in with others he got nothing but he would be made fun of. He remembers his seventeen birthday, a boy gave him a pink dress and told him he got that for him because that’s what girls like. He cried because he wasn’t a girl. He is still being bullied for not being normal. He still don’t fit and still working on being accepted by the society who lacks understanding. Could society have shown more understanding towards him?

LGBTQ community is not mentally ill but your lack of understanding can make them – According to APA studies, there is no inherent connection between sexual orientations and psychopathology. Heterosexual and homosexual behavior are common features of human sexuality.

They go through some serious Mental health issues, when they are being affected and discriminated by the stigmas – Many studies has proved that the people may have major depression, anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, abuse and substance use, also suicidal ideations and attempts.

There are few ways to contribute and to support LGBTQ community

1)Most importantly, you have to educate yourself to increase your understanding towards them.

2)Learn more about them and their struggles.

3)Be supportive and encourage if you know someone.

4)Take a stand if you witness any sort of discrimination.

I think parents and teachers have to understand and help them to fight for their own ways. Just believe them if they say that they are being tortured by someone in school. Learn about the signs of being bullied, it can happen outside of school too and at different points. Let them know that they are not alone in this uncertain world. Don’t simply console them with empty words like- just ignore it or it will just go away. Find ways to support them.

What do you think?

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Written by Nidhi Dahiya

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It’s sad how many people don’t really want to educate themselves about the LGBTQ+ community and just blindly follow what their parents, the older generation or even politicians say. India’s culture used to be one of the most forward culture and now all because of ignorance and obviously influence of the British Raj it is on the line of becoming anything but forward but I. Glad there are people like you who are well educated, informed and try to learn about different communities with an open mindset and respect. True one person cannot bring a big change but it’s a start and I am happy you are contributing to this start. Your article was simple yet very important. Would love to read more from you❣️

Riya Rajkotiya

Awesome Article
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