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Challanges related to Counselling and how to overcome.

Challanges related to Counselling and how to overcome these challenges:

What is Counselling:

Counselling is a one-on-one conversation with the patient. It’s a talk between the two the talk is about the Emotions, problems they are facing in their lives, depression, anxiety, stress and many more…Problems related to mental health are discussed during the counselling.

Counselling is not the normal talk between the two it’s a deep talk about mental health. The responsibility of the counsellor is to understand the emotions and problems of the other person carefully and help or guide them accordingly.

Challenges  Related to Counselling:

Every profession is filled with difficulties and challenges and mental health is also filled with challenges and barriers.

There are some challenges that counsellor have to deal with:

1. Listen Completely:

The first duty of the counsellor is to be a good listener. To listen to the patient without interrupting him. Be an ‘EAR’ to him while counselling. Listen properly and carefully don’t react immediately after finishing the talk give a pause and reply to him with generosity. Listen without interrupting and without giving him a judgemental tag.

2. Don’t be too emotional while Empathize With Client:

The counsellor needs to empathize with the client but not too much, so that counsellor goes back in their own emotions and problems. The counsellor needs to be strong and alert while counselling. Understanding their emotions and problems is okay but, feeling the same for them will be a bit problematic for the counsellor.

3.To Understand the body language and gestures of the client:

It’s very challenging for the counsellor to understand the body language of the client and catch up the feeling of anxiety and fear. To look after the gestures of the clients to help them in their problems. Sometimes it’s a bit challenging for the counsellor to understand all at once and give them instant solutions and treatments.

4.The Gap should be shorter in Sessions of the clients:

The gap between the two or more sessions should be shorter, otherwise, the client gets distracted from the treatment or healing process and it will become a problem to a counsellor.

5.Client with Severe Mental Disorder/Sexual Assault/Suicidal Intentions:

The client with severe mental illness or suicidal thoughts are difficult to handle and these are handled with more care, attention and generosity. Being empathise to the client is necessary for severe cases. The counsellor needs to more concerned with these people. The counsellor needs to be a strong emotional support to the client.

• There are many different challenges are in counselling we need to handle with proper care and treatment.

• How to overcome these challenges:

1.Know Your Challenges :

To overcome the challenges first, you need to know them, to analyse them then you can get a better idea about your problem. To know what triggers you, then you can easily find a way to make it easier for you.

2.Be Alert and Active While Counselling:

Be assertive while having sessions. Take the proper interview and follow-up from clients. Don’t forget to note down the details of the client. Research and analyse the disorder or the problem of the client, then testing should be done, then the counsellor can diagnose the client with proper treatment.

3.Keep Positive Attitude:

Always keep the positive attitude towards the counselling or the other mental health-related work. It keeps your spirit up. It brings more clarity to counselling, a positive attitude leads to positive and creative ideas and the solutions to illness or disorder of the clients.

4. Commit To Counselling:

Always commit to your work. Counselling with clients, treating a severe mental disorder, testing, giving the proper therapy or treatment to the client taking all the challenges, this contributes to a good feeling about the work.

Counselling is not an easy task the process of counselling is lengthy and hard. The counsellor has to be kind, helpful and generous towards his client. The counsellor should be a strong emotional and mental support to the client, he should diagnose the proper treatment to the client.

There are many more task and challenges in counselling that are needed to handle with proper care and attention.

What do you think?

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Written by Deepa udasi

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Riya Rajkotiya

Welll Protayed
Very informative

Fatima Vinod

Good work, very well written!!!


Thank to this, I got to understand also the perspectice of a counselor, since I get to meet them lot of them. Very informative.

Jigyasa vashistha

Omg never viewed this so indepth you are so damn right.. Counselling is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Grisha Vora

Yes, it definitely isn’t as it’s very hard we need to look after our own mental health also and that’s hard to do.

Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed it, especially since I’m considering a career in counseling psychology!

Khushi Sati

these are some great points. really informative!

Caren Mascarenhas

Found this article extremely useful! Its definitely not easy being a counselor due to the tasks and responsibilities we have to maintain throughout. People often the tendency to underestimate the job and go all in without considering the facts and the stress they have to deal with. It’s very well written and helped to broaden our knowledge, thank you so much

Mohini Agrawal

Mi think before counseling someone else it is really important to have a balanced mind yourself which is an essential part but really good and informative content keep writing:)

Aleesha Joykutty

India needs more experienced and empathetic counsellors. Very well written. Keep it up ☺️

Simone Morarka

Such an informative article, Deepa! Keep up the good work :))

Yashaswini Bhat

This article is informative and well structured. Thanks for sharing this article with us as makes us understand what all we as counselors can face and we can be prepared to the challenges.

Jigyasa vashistha

Best one of the day

Kritika Bhair

Very well written!!
Good luck

Swagata Saikia

Gotta say, this was a well informed article about counselling. I really liked the challenges part.


This is so helpful. I just completed my degree so it’s good to have these pointers. Well written, thank you.

Jigyasa vashistha

Just lovely..

Sneh Antil

This is really good concept but it could be a bit more comprehensive in the details as there are many types for different purposes and many people are not aware of which one matches their situations

Sushmitha Subramani

You have addressed some intricate details of counseling which make this article shine. Well conceptualized and well written.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sushmitha Subramani

Well written, no doubt in the fact that counselors need to be very patient listeners and at the same time they have to balance their emotions with great alertness. This was very informative ,Deepa. All the best.

Sree rekha k zenith

Challenge of counsilling is breafly explained. Good work.


Thank you for explaining this its really helpful


it was a really good one. thank you for the guidelines…

Ilhaam Shaik

I want to take up counselling too and this is pretty informative! Thanks

Navleen Kaur

This is really engaging to read and it gives a great look into the profession


The content was perfectly delineated. Good work…keep going

Femitha Rachel Ebby

Hello Deepa, this was good to read. Since I am also a mental health trainee, I could relate really hard to this. You have wonderfully drawn a distinction between empathy and sympathy: Good job! This will give others an insight into how counselling works, so that they can consider or not consider it as a career option.

Jaspreet kaur

Very informative


Perfectly potrayed!

Kirti manaktala

This was a very informative article and very well presented. Insights were really nice. I was hooked and engaged. Thanks.


It’s informative. Thank you.

Iarisa Nongbet


Manasi Bhosale

Very informative and helpful!

Elon bhengra

it was very informative

Neha Upasani

Counseling is really helpful…One should know about it… Good article..

Diksha Tarnekar

Couldn’t have explained better. Therapist are really so kind and calm. Counselling really helps.

Shramana Singha Roy

Very informative thank you for sharing


Hey…I am also from counselling field.and your article regarding counselling is awesome.
Thanks for sharing


Very insightful article. Counselling is indeed a very challenging task and should be done with utmost sincerity and attention.

Srijita Chatterjee

It is a good article but I’m sorry, there are some inconsistencies with grammar, and spelling. But I really like the article


very well written 🙂

Sneha Agrawal

Very concized and specific article.Loved it!!

Ragini Prasad

article is framed really well and in way easy to gain the in sites.
mental health workers really need to learn all these traits about psychology and counselling.

Laiqua Mustafa

The above article was very informative. I am planning to pursue my career further on counselling and this article was of great help. Hope to read more of such writeups.

Parishree Pandya

These are some simple but very important tips. Loved the article


Interesting article

Grisha Vora

This is really nice, I myself belong to counselling and it was really hard for me to find my career options and some suggestions on that and am glad you spoke about this am sure it’s gonna help many people around.

Last edited 3 years ago by Grisha Vora
Namitha M

Well written and very informative too…

Shruti Shashidharan

You’ve highlighted some very important points on empathy, active listening, etc. Good work!

Ranjima Raveendran

Just loved the article. Very informative. Being a psychology student, i understand the importance of counselling. Great work.

Shraddha S. Kambli

Very well elaborated, keep it up.