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How dreams play a significant role in our mental well-being?

What do our dreams really mean us?

Have your dreams always exceed our imagination and it took you beyond everything? Well, Each of us in this world tend to dream. We all have dreams in our life and we consider it as our destiny, to achieve that, we seem to work hard for it. Most people dream higher and bigger, to achieve those dreams they work hard.

People work day and night for their dreams to comes true. Often people call dreams as their goals and as said earlier, we all have small as well as big dreams to achieve’. Some of us might have a dream of scoring good marks, some might have to travel abroad, some might have a dream to succeed in getting a job, some people’s dreams would be to become rich while others would be too famous.

Some of the dreams would be easy to achieve while some are so difficult sometimes these dreams feel impossible.

  • Short-term goals are those dreams which can be achieved through putting in little effort while long-term goals need dedication, passion, patience, and hard work to achieve them.
  • Short-term goals mostly like scoring good marks or winning a competition or might losing weight and it is temporary on the other hand , long term goals are like want to travel to abroad and settles there or it can be becoming rich in future or businessman/businesswoman in future, etc. It can be permanent and an individual has to be consistent even after achieving them.

Each person has both goals (short term and long term). Only one thing we have to understand to achieve these goals is ‘Preparations and hard-work is needed’, it doesn’t matter whether it is short term or long term. As A.P.J Abdul Kalam said-

“Dreams are not the things that we see in sleep, Dreams are the things that doesn’t let us sleep”.

Sometimes dreams have an adverse effect on our mental health if it did not get fulfilled. According to studies, it has been found out that most of the students commit suicide for not being able to achieve their dreams or being pressurized by others.

Every person has a dream to become something in their life. Society plays a significant role to decide if a person can fearlessly follow his/her dream or he/she needs to think upon his/her dreams again. As we live in a society where some of the dreams are being accepted by society and some of not. Because in today’s times as well, Society is not ready to break stereotypes and got used to it.

As kids we all had dreams of becoming a doctor, engineer, scientist, actor, piolet and what not!! And as we grow up, our dreams take a shift from traditional careers to creative ones like becoming a writer or musician or dancer.

Our society seems not so supportive about these creative fields and they think that there is no career in these fields and because of this, students are being forced to traditional careers like engineering or medical even if they are not interested in it.

Due to these forceful decisions of our acquaintances, a student eventually start feeling burdened and isn’t allowed to even open up about what he/she actually wants to pursue, nobody feels the need to talk to a child about his/her dreams, about what is it that interests their child/friend/student.

But because everyone wants a secured future that is why most of us, as a student were being forced to take up the traditional courses only, which is why when we as a students or even as an employed individual has not been given a freedom of choice to follow our own dreams or passion we start feeling depressed and this situation can be worsen in some cases that it can lead to self harming behavior as well., and consequently the result of imposed career decisions never end up on a positive note.

Big dreams require big efforts and you as a follower of your dream need to put thorough dedication and hard-work to achieve it, you should never lose hope in between. Passion is everything, if you are passionate enough for your dreams, you’ll never give up on your dreams.

are you following your dream
“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” – Serena Williams

Being a Parent you must be aware of the following facts that-

  • Making your child go against their interests sometimes tortures them while being in another field.
  • They find themselves disturbed and everything seems monotonous.
  • In most of the cases, where children are dissatisfied with their career choices and they end up getting poor marks, they do not feel happy, and it affects their mental well-being adversely.
  • A child start giving up, when this continuous to happen for a longer time and they keep on getting low scores even after putting a lot of efforts.
  • A child deals with the feeling of self worthlessness and low self esteem when they are unable to meet their parents expectations and not keeping up to their parent’s dreams, and a child finally gives up and most of them even commit suicide.

Most of the cases have been like where the person was good/scholar in studies but till he reaches in graduation, his percentage starts dipping. Why this happens?

The answer lies in his mind whether he is happy being in this, during this process may be, he has lost concentration. We should understand that whatever we want or our heart wants, we should go for that even though it seems difficult nonetheless, we should at least try to achieve it.

Dreams keep our life going and for that, we should be prepared and should hope. As people say “Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the best”. Every opportunity comes with time. We should be able to manage the time and should grab the opportunity instead of doing it later when it is completely gone and then regretting losing it.

Remember “Nothing is impossible”. We should have faith in ourselves that I can achieve it and I will achieve it.

Even if we cannot change the perspective of this society then there is nothing to be negative, Show them that you can do it by putting a lot of hard work into fulfilling your dreams.

What do you think?

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Written by Saloni Paunikar

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Jiniya Chakraborty

got motivated. our dreams make us thrive and strive.

Manvi Verma

No doubt that dreams are an essential part of our life. In psychology, dreams have been deeply studied so a little insight about what dreams and somewhat more facts would have made the article more insightful.

Ishita dharwal

We all dream some with open eyes and some with close but would have loved if your post had some headings ! Really nice post !

Shraddha S. Kambli

True that ,dreams keep our life going. Very well written, keep it up

P Abigail Sadhana Rao

Exceptionally motivational!!!! Love the quote that says, “…dreams are the things that don’t let us sleep”

Sukrutha Mudhol

“dreams always exceed our imagination” this line caught my attention the most. I felt I was listening to a motivational speech from my father while reading your article. Good job. Kalam sir’s quote is the best, most relevant and famous indeed. It would be great if you could include a few rare gems in the next article.

Jigyasa vashistha

amazing article ..kudos buddy 🙂

Prerna koul

this article is very meaningful and full of amazing information but a few examples specially about those cases where parents torture their children just because they’re in a different field would have made the article more insightful. 🙂

Pranathi Harihar

This is an interesting take on the topic ‘Dreams’. I enjoyed the motivational quotes that have been inserted in a couple of places, it makes the article all the more attractive. The first 2 paragraphs seem a little repetitive and can be tailored more to the point. You can also look into a few grammatical errors that have been made!


Precise & Nice!
You may use grammarly for more accurate words:)

Aashna Parekh

Really great insightful article!

Suja P

A really motivating article Saloni, Also the way you have highlighted important phase and sentences has made the article more interesting. Keep it up Saloni. Waiting to read more articles by you.

Iarisa Nongbet

A dream is merely a wish; through dedication and hardwork, it gets manifested into reality.

Khushi Thakkar

well said. Dreams are healthy only when seen with the perspective progression and competition. And quoting Sir Abdul Kalam made this much more inspiring! I really liked the topic of the post and maybe you could use grammarly to cross verify the articles once so you will be able to enhance your article by erasing the grammar mistakes. I really liked it! More power to you!!! 🙂

Nirja shah

The concept of your article is excellent with great points to substantiate your claims. You can enhance your articles by paying some attention to sentence structuring. Using synonyms often reduces the tediousness of reading the same word multiple times in a sentence. Syntax and grammatical errors often negate the excellent points made, there are multiple apps that could help you recheck these errors. Proof-reading your final article might help correcting certain spelling mistakes. The use of the quote by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is very apt for the theme of the article . Having a lopsided view always diminishes the value of the article claiming it as one that is biased. This article however gives the readers a wholistic view on the topic which separates it from the rest. 

Nirja shah

all the best

Taru Dixit

Very controversial topic but well presented.

Pravesh Charan Isai

Very well written and its really motivating as well. But just want to know how this article co-relates with the mental health aspect?
Altogether, the article was very well written.

Shruti Shashidharan

This article is very relatable and personal. It helps people connect. Dreams and goals are so important and you’ve portrayed very well why it is important to work for and pursue our dreams. Good work! 🙂


This is really a nice piece of writing. Dreams are indeed something very important in every individual’s life and they act as the driving forces that motivate us to move on and live on. And it has been beautifully portrayed here. Really liked the way quotes and sayings have been used and especially in the right place. Dr. A.P.J Kalam’s renowned quote on dreams was the one that caught my attention the most. And lastly, I have just one humble suggestion, that if you could work on the structure of your sentences and provide more fitting words, your articles will surely turn out to be more beautiful. Looking forward to reading more of your works!


Simply superb:D:)

Anmol Sidhu

beaitifully written. i would have loved to read more on how kids are sort of conditioned to fit into boxes and how even our current education system kills creativity.

Megha Sarma

loved it. however, you could have added suggestions to motivate ourselves or how to not lose hope easily. the presentation was great 🙂

Sreejita Sarkar

In this mechanical world, it is essential to take a second out to focus on our dreams. I expected a more psychological take on dreams, especially Freud’s studies. But this was an equally interesting take. I look forward to reading more of your articles.


Thank you very much for sharing this article. I agree with you about the power of dreams. And it is really frustrating when a person does not get to follow his/her dream. I have seen a lot of them. And the results were not good at all. I can agree with you that suicide can be a possible result. Consistent hardwork is necessary for achieving long term goals for sure. As you rightly said, we should not let the passion die for what we love. And the “hope” factor should always be there. Thank you for sharing it with us. All the best for your future.

Ayeman Qamri

Beautifully written. It was quite engaging, maybe if you can work a bit more on the first two paragraphs they both seem similar. Rest it was amazing.Keep writing


Very nice and engaging article. Just a little suggestions is that you could’ve added a bit more structure to your article to make it more presentable . Thank you for writing this article !

Thryaksha Ashok Garla

This is so true. Amazing article.

Kritika Bhair

Dreams doesn’t let us sleep
I agree.
Well written article

Laiqua Mustafa

This is a very motivational and encouraging write up. It is good to dream. But dreams are made to achieve them. We all should make sure to work hard towards achieving our dreams. We might face many obstacles during our journey. But still we should try our level best to overcome these hurdles and successfully achieve the our dreams . Looking forward to many of such motivational articles.

Shreshtha Negi

Loved how you included Society and it’s stereotypes that affect our dreams.

Dharani G Sekaran

very truly and authentically expressed

Shubhra Vyas

Really motivating and puts forth all of the points that are needed to be addressed. Just a little suggestion if you could’ve discussed more about it’s mental health aspects in a little bit detail. It was a really unique topic to write about..great work!

Maanasa Balaji

Really well written! I absolutely loved all the quotes. Very motivating as well.

Anushka Kapadia

Very well written and informative article. I had a nice time reading it.

Parishree Pandya

A short and nice article. It’s true that the society puts a lot of pressure and expectations on a person to do this and that but one should always go after their dreams because I believe that’s what makes them truly feel happy.

Mehal Sampat

Hey Saloni, loved your article. It was short and sweet. I specially loved the sayings you have spread in between paragraphs.
But since We are dealing with mental health, I would love if you consider the following points.
1.When do we realize that we need to give up?
2.Do we humans understand that talent and dreams do not match?
3.Is passion always enough?


The article is very nice. It has lots of examples and quotes which are motivating. As said in the article, dreams are part of life which keeps us motivated and stay focused towards our goal.


It is a really motivating article and pretty informative. But, maybe adding some techniques for remaining goal oriented through situations qill be a helpful inclusion?

Kirti Giridhar

It is an amazing article. You have also covered every aspect you can also include the aspects of how can make sure they work consistently hard in order to achieve their goals and also in order to be happy and else it is very well written .


do it, just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. yesterday you said tomorrow. so just do it. make your dreams come true. Enjoy the little things. have hope. good luck to everyone.

Sahana Rajeev

A very motivational article with APJ Abdul Kalam quote and other quotes really drives us to achieve our dreams…

Riswana A

Really amazing article dude…. everyone has a dream…but someone’s only achieve their dreams your article is so informative and motivated

Aashima Kathpalia

Informative one .

Gajalakshmi karuna

a very interesting topic. written very well

Harsh Vikas Jain

A very good topic and article. Simple and thought provoking. A little suggestion regarding usage of sentence formation in first and last paragraph. Punctuations errors in the last paragraph. Rest, its really beautiful even in portaryal and discussions with important aspects of life. Keep writing.

Anahita Sharma

What an amazing topic to write an article about! Working towards our dreams give us hope and purpose in life. You have written quite a motivational article that will inspire people to start working hard towards their goals. However, I would suggest covering a few more topics under this area, along with some more informative figures in order to create a larger and more detailed picture for the readers. Good work!

Apeksha Sharma

It’s a very well written article. It’s interesting to read. I feel a little more research would have made it even more informative.

Reema Adhikary

Can’t agree more! You’ve beautifully presented your thoughts. As a dreamer, I can completely related how societal pressure can harm our brightest sides and most often these defined ways of living sometimes suffocate and lead to negative emotions. Hope to read more of your work ☺️

Last edited 2 years ago by Reema Adhikary
Saloni Sanjay Shinde

Wow “dreams always exceed our imagination” this really caught my attention. Such a wonderfully written article. Thank you for this!

Trisha Baunthiyal

Completely agree on the point that dreams do exceed our expectations. Good to see that you have highlighted the quotes. However, please review your article before submitting it just to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.