Substance abuse often known as drug abuse is an application of a drug in bulk quantity. It is a process which can be detrimental to the person or others.

It is a configuration of substance use disorder and impact an individual’s brain and conduct. It leads to helplessness in managing the utilization of any variety of drugs. There are several substances for example cigarette, alcohol, marijuana, nicotine etc.


Variety of definitions of substance abuse are utilized in different contexts. In few cases, an anti social behavior could be seen due to impact of a drug. A major change can be seen in personality of an individual. Apart from this, intake of such drugs can impact a person’s mental health also Substance abuse should be given worth instead of ignoring it. It basically developed when a person intakes a substance in non-acceptable manner.


Substance abuse vary from addiction. An individual having substance abuse problem can leave the substance if he/she wants. It means the person is aware of changes and can modify behavior to improve it in positive direction. While an individual having an addiction of substance become helpless even knowing and observing its harm in the body or brain.

There are variety of drugs which can lead to substance abuse. Some of them are alcohol ,amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabis ,cocaine, hallucinogen etc.  


The accurate cause of substance abuse is unclear. An individual biological composition, the any activity happened due to intake of drug, pressure created by peer group, any kind of distress, nervousness, depression etc. may contribute to substance abuse. All types of drugs can change our functioning of body and mind. They can give you a pleasurable “high,” ease your stress, or help you avoid problems in your life



Alcohol can influence anyone if taken in huge amount. Excessive intake of alcohol becomes detrimental to physical as well as psychological health of a person. Alcohol may result to domestic violence, road accidents, road fights, physical harassment, eve teasing, impatience, loss of control and self-harm or harm to others.


Heroin is an illegal drug. It grant a person temporary storm of happiness. It gradually start impacting a person’s thinking power and sometimes speech. A person may feel anxious and cold later on.


Cocaine is a drug that boosts up a person’s entire body. A person may communicate or think and even may feel positive. Gradually, it starts impacting a person’s mood and it may result in aggression later on.


Marijuana has been used as a medicine in few cities and accepted it as a legal substance. But in few cities, its use is still illegal. It can make a person laugh, sleepy and forgetful for recently happened things. Heavy intake may impact thinking power and problem solving


Cigarettes and tobacco contains a chemical ‘nicotine’ that grant a sense of pleasure and energy for the short duration. Its impact effect can vanished faster and leave a person want in craving. A person may also get addicted to the nicotine found in cigarettes.  MANIFESTATIONS OF A SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER There are several indications to know whether a person has substance abuse or not by checking out following points:

  • Absence of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Keep changing friends again and again
  • No Self-care
  • Spend more hours in isolation
  • Inadequate intake of food
  • Unusual sleeping pattern
  • Face challenges at home and workplace
  • Mood swings
  • Craving for the substance


Substance use disorders may be diagnosed if a person showing following indications.

  1. A person takes substance in huge amount.
  2. A person wants to limit or quit the substance but unable to do so.
  3. A person spends a lot of time on utilizing or recovering from it.
  4. A person is developing craving for the substance.
  5. A person finds difficulty in managing work-life balance.
  6.  A person is utilizing it continuously even knowing its psychological and physical challenges.
  7. A person is not taking interest in any activity.
  8. A person is continuously utilizing a substance even knowing its harm.
  9. A person needs substance in larger amount to get its impact.
  10. A person starts developing withdrawal symptoms.



Individual, group and family therapy sessions can be done A deep understanding needs to be done considering the nature of addiction, becoming drug-free and preventing deterioration. Levels of protection varying dependency on needs such as outpatient, residential and inpatient programs.

Detoxification enables a person to leave the substance as soon as possible with safety. This  treatment can be safe for outpatient people as well as for residential people. Sudden withdrawal from drugs may produce different side effects. Hence, there is a need to gradually limit its intake amount.


Behavior therapy involves modification of behavior in an acceptable manner. It can be done by a professional only. This therapy helps a person in controlling dependency on drugs in such a way:

  1. Behavior therapist motivates a person in controlling cravings arising due to drugs.
  2. Behavior therapist advice us few techniques to overcome substance abuse problem.
  3. Behavior therapist guide us how to cope up with withdrawal syndrome.
  4.  Behavior therapist get involve with family to support the person with this problem patiently.
  5. Behavior therapist can help a person to cope up with other mental health issues.

Self-help groups supports a person in overcoming the feeling of shame and isolation arise due to drugs intake.  To find out such groups, a licensed professional may help or it may be easily find out on the internet.

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