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Pros and Cons and Mindfulness

Pros and Cons of Mindfulness

First, we should know what mindfulness is then we will learn about its benefits and disadvantages.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the way of living. A mindful person is aware of his/her thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. A mindful person is aware of his actions and he knows what he is doing what are his plans and also his emotions. He never gets over-emotional or hyperactive remains still in every situation.In our day-to-day life we face so many obstacles, heartbreaks, pressure and we are completely attached to problems and we don’t get the solutions to our problems on time and it gives us more stress. In today’s world technology helps us in many ways but cannot give us calmness, relaxation, and a stress-free environment. We need to take some time out of our busy schedule for getting connected with us which will help us to become aware and mindful.

How we can practice mindfulness?

For practicing mindfulness we need to learn meditation. As we all know for a healthy body we need to exercise the same way for keeping our mind healthy we need to meditate. Meditation helps our mind to calm and stress-free with meditation we are connected with our mind, body, and soul. Meditation provides deep clarity, pure thoughts, and makes us a more positive person. It’s a process of self-help and it helps us to become better people.

How to do mindfulness meditation?

1. At start do it for 5 – 10 minutes.

2. Increase the time as per your convenience.

3. Now select a place, switch off your cell phone sit comfortably on the floor, or on the chair.

4. Sit in the proper posture. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and focus on breathing.

5. Feel your breathing. Examine your own thoughts.

6. Don’t resist your thoughts just stay still and let them come and go. Don’t respond.

7. You should be consistent while doing it. In this way you are creating a new habit which will help you a lot in the future.

Benefits of Mindfulness

1. You will feel positive and your thinking process will change.

2. You will become more aware and you will become more understanding.

3. You will be kind to others and to yourself.

4. Your perspective towards life will change and people will notice it.

5. You memory and concentration will get better and you will notice this change in one week.

6. Your communication with other people will also get better and you will become confident.

7. Your skin will glow and become more radiant.

8. Your stress level will get reduce and you will feel more lighter and happier

9. You will feel more productive and become more creative.10. It will improve your mental, physical health also it will help you to manage your relationships.

Disadvantages of Mindfulness

1. As you become more aware of yourself you will become more independent and will least interested in other people’s interests.

2. Mindfulness makes people less creative.

3. With mindfulness comes anxiety and people start to feel disconnected from the world.

4. Mindfulness will make you lose connection with reality.

5. As a person starts to control their mind it will make them feel superior to others.

As we all know every coin has two sides. The same way mindfulness comes with some negative side effects but if a person can manage the negative effects then it will be the best option to live a stress-free life and become a self-aware, healthy, and productive person.

What do you think?

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Written by Khushboo

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Its really nice! You’ve got a lot of information there… Really nice. All the methods are quite good as well. I’ll definitely try to apply them. Thanks!

Janhavi S.

Hey, there are a few suggestions that I would like to put forward for some more extra reading and research. The first is that mindfulness is often confused with meditation but this is a misconception. While the two are complementary and may adopt techniques or methods of the other, they aren’t necessarily the same.

This is due to the fact that while meditation could involve visualization techniques or other practices that focus attention, mindfulness can be practiced in daily life to enrich the quality of life. A person may be eating their food, reading a book or just turning off the stove, but by doing it mindfully, they are making sure that all their consciousness is concentrated in the present and the current activity. That being said, there are indeed techniques that combine the two for well-being!

Jerry Joy Mathew

The concept of “cons of mindfulness” instantly caught my attention considering I’m a strong supporter of mindfulness. It was pretty good and I agree that it indeed gives a sense of superiority and detachment. But the thought that mindfulness reduces creativity is much debated and I’d somewhat disagree that mindfulness makes one disconnect with reality because mostly mindfulness is about raising awareness. I do understand though that certain extensive meditations used by monks and the likes seem to create a similar effect. Love the article though. We should always try and find cons in all systems to make it better. Appreciate it

Tanisha Jain

Hey Khushboo! Interesting read. Do you have some sources for the claim that mindfulness makes people less creative and more disconnected from reality? This is the first time I am reading something like this and it is quite the opposite of the research I have read so far.

Tanisha Jain

Interesting read, Khushboo. I am a bit apprehensive about these the statements, ‘Mindfulness makes people less creative.’ and ‘Mindfulness will make you lose connection with reality.’ Are these from a credible source? Most of the research I have read and come across so far do not indicate this in anyway. Let me know where I can read more about this!

Ayeman Qamri

It was an interesting topic, I loved the pros of mindfulness but a bit confused about the cons. If you have mentioned the sources and added the reference it could have made things a bit easy,=. Rest it was quite informative. Keep up the good work.


Hey’s interesting reading lot of information regarding the mindfulness and its pros and cons.


I think this was a perfect post!
It was to the point, had all the necessary information and thought us something we’ll always carry forward in life.
It showed us the good and the bad and allowed us to think into what we want to do in life.
Thank you for sharing this information with us!
It was very informative and inspiring!!!

Sneha Goswami

Hi Khushboo!
This is a unique topic that you have chosen. A really good read in fact. However, I would suggest that you make it more engaging and put in more examples. Please remember that this is a mere request and not criticism. You are a great writer and have described mindfulness appropriately in a neat and clean manner.
Overall, a great read.
Best wishes,

Aparna Jayachandran

Hey, a very interesting topic to write about. At the first go the information seems sufficient, but I would also like to add that maybe you could also mention about the various therapies that use mindfulness. But a really good effort to summarize such a vast topic into the necessary information.

Yuvanue chauhan

loved Your work really such a vast topic in perfect words .

Vanshika Kothari

Hi! nice topic and nicely written 🙂

Isra Meraj

Hey, Khushboo. I just loved your article. The way you presented every aspect made the article interesting. This article was very informative and speaking on this topic is important and necessary. I really appreciate your work. I don’t want to criticize your work because I can see your efforts but would like to suggest to add pictures. As it draws the attention of the reader and they won’t feel it’s boring. Please take it in a positive way.
Overall your work is amazing.

Jigyasa vashistha

Very well said every situation has its pros & cons.. & I personally believe & do positives from that practice or situation. Your point is valid mindfulness is negative too bt seeing is benefits I would surely try it.. But in a balanced way.

Gauri Kakar

Wow, helped me understand mindfulness at a whole new level, I suggest everyone should read this!


Great work on showing the information about mindfulness. I really liked that you showed both the pros and cons. I also liked the part where you showed how can we practice mindfulness. I am planning to try it. Thank you very much

Prachi Piryani

Hello. It’s a beautiful article. You have presented your ideas so nicely and precisely. No less or more information the perfect amount. Use of pointers ✅. Good job. Its the right amount of knowledge a person needs to start practicing. Very helpful.

Sradhanjali Dasgupta

Very good

I love learning about mindfulness, and this is so precise and beautiful. Thank you!

Kriti Misra

Beautiful article on a very important concept! I had never thought about the cons of practising mindfulness. Thank you for including that bit. Although I am not sure I agree with all the cons that have been enlisted; like mindfulness hampering creativity or causing anxiety and disconnecting us from reality. Maybe it would be a good idea to elaborate on those points and support then with reasons. I also felt that while meditation is a very good practice, it is not necessarily a part of/ a step toward being mindful.

Kirtika Tiwari

The starting of the article is very interesting and strikes the right points about the current society and us as social beings.
I love how the writer expressed her views and at the same time keeps the discussion an open end.
The articulation and simplicity of the language is really commendable.
I love how unbiased the opinions of the writer are and how she believes in equality.
I like the idea of putting facts to support her views is worth appreciating.
It is clear that she has invested a lot of time but also emotionally and psychologically invested herself in the article.
Though stating so many facts was a good approach but the length of the article could have been limited.
I love that the articulation is very simple and easy to understand.
The writer gives both the advantages and disadvantages of mindfulness and gives full perspective to the readers.
The step by step guide to mindfulness is very beneficial.
I personally loved the topic and would like to read more about it.

Vaishnavi Aher

Hey Khushboo, a really interesting and relevant topic and you’ve done a great job presenting it.

Mahi Dheri

Hey! Amazing article!

However, one thing that I wanted to say is that Mindfulness is more like a way of living, it can be practiced and applied to our day to day life. While meditation can certainly help a person to be present in the moment and stay focused, these two concepts are not necessarily the same.

But , I really loved the techniques and methods that you provided and seeing things from both the perspectives, i.e providing both pros and cons of practicing mindfulness.

All the best!

Riya Rajkotiya

Interesting Article
Enjoyed reading it

Manvi Verma

Everything comes with pro and cons just like a coin which has two sides. So, I guess we need to be mindful but still not mindful.

Is it true that mindfulness can make people less creative? I never knew there were cons to mindfulness wow


Very informative and interersting – especially to know the cons of mindfulness. Keep up the good work!

Sushmitha Subramani

Well conceptualized and very relevant.

Sushmitha Subramani

Informative and insightful. Well written. Well done.

Sushmitha Subramani

Looking forward to more interesting articles from your end.

Joanna Ann Daniel

Wow! I never knew mindfulness had disadvantages. Now I know better thanks to this lovely, and well written article!:)

Jigyasa vashistha

this is such a wonderful article!! thanks for writing 🙂

Nidhi Dahiya

Amazing work. Keep writing!

Athya Ashraf

Very informative. Gives the readers an insight on the various ways to practice mindfulness.
Keep up the good work!