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Nurturing one’s self-esteem with inferring its significance

Nurturing one’s self-esteem with inferring its significance

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”– Steve jobs

Prerequisite to reach for the Moon:

You have to be cognitive about your life. Because life is 10% what happens and 90% of how you react to it. Firstly you must be wise to the prevailing certainty that you are the one entirely accountable for whatever occurs in your life. People are used to finding justifications or loopholes to be denounced rather than acknowledging reality as it is. You may wonder how could the surrounding or others aren’t responsible for the occurrences of your life, we’ll deal with it later.

Give it a minute and attempt to assess your own value, eventually, you’ll be ending up in these following insights: ” I’m worthy”, “I’m worthless”, ” I’m respected by others “, ” I’m unloved “. The contradictory words with both extremes are because of the individual’s sense of his/her value or worth (i.e) Self-esteem. This quality is a prerequisite to reach for the moon in your respective professions.

Where does it come from and what does it infer?

  • The concept of self-esteem has its origins in the 18th century, first expressed in the writings of David Hume, the Scottish enlightenment thinker, shows the idea that it is important to value and think well of yourself.
  • The identification of self-esteem as a distinct psychological construct has its origins in the work of philosopher, psychologist, geologist, and anthropologist William James (1892).
  • Self-esteem can be considered a sort of measure of how much a person “values, approves of, appreciates, prizes, or likes him or herself” (Adler & Stewart, 2004).
  • Self-esteem is repeatedly got confused with self-confidence. The preceding one is the internal value of a person whereas the latter one is a substantial external value.

It is how a person sees himself/ herself. So, depending on the person Self-esteem will be either high or low. We can observe some illustrations for each:

High self-esteem;

– Believe you are equivalent to everyone else, no better and no worse.

– Analyze and acknowledge an ample range of perceptions, both good and bad, and share those perceptions with others.

Low self-esteem;

– You feel your opinion isn’t significant

– You avoid taking risks or trying new things.

Factors influencing Self-esteem:

In the early years of a child’s life, parents have a substantial impact on children’s self-esteem. Their affection towards them provides a secure feeling. When they get into school, the comparison comes to play, this is a perilous aspect that affects them mentally and has a protracted impact over that child. In adolescence, peer influence is a notable element of self-esteem. Statistics confesses that adolescence is the age where high self-esteem prevails better. When people get aged they start to lose self-esteem because of deteriorating health. Even though they are good, their mentality gives rise to the thought that they are ineffective. This belief is also a factor influencing self-esteem.

We might come across the saying “Believe in yourself, you can achieve anything “. Of course, we know that to be untrue; we cannot accomplish anything in the world simply through belief alone but also we must know that believing in yourself and acknowledging yourself for who you are is an essential factor in triumph, relationships, and prosperity and that self-esteem plays an important role in living a prosperous life.

Why it is highly valuable?

It is important to emphasize its significance because people won’t concern about the least important ones. Here we can have a glimpse over its importance.

  • Carl Rogers (1902-1987), an advocate of humanistic psychology, theorized the origin of 70% of people’s problems to be that they despise themselves and consider themselves worthless and incapable of being loved.
  • low self-esteem retard a person’s progress whereas prosperous self-esteem will serve as a motivational function that enables a person to explore their full potential.
  • People with low self-esteem believe that the world will continue to frown upon them and they will come to a decision that rendering an effort is meaningless, no matter how consistent they are.
  • Dropouts in education, drug addicts, alcoholism are also the effect of low self-esteem. Those people won’t appreciate their own worth and worsen it.

Provided the existence of the frustrating state of self-esteem in the current society and the positive outcomes correlated with high self-esteem, it appears obvious that looking into how self-esteem can be built is a worthwhile endeavor.

How to overcome low self-esteem:

When you notice the people with low self-esteem, their activities will be in a cycle ( feeling worse ~ self-esteem drops ~ no measures ), putting an end to this cycle, and having a cognitive dissonance will help to have uniform thoughts.

Steps that will assist you to enhance your self-esteem:

1) “Meditation” is a key factor in improving self-esteem. While meditating you’ll be concentrated on distinctive thoughts, and can get rid of despised thoughts or comparisons that make you feel petty.

2) Recognize those thoughts which you will be concentrating on meditation.

3) Re-frame your thoughts into a new promising version. By disciplining your beliefs you can sense yourself a better person with a cognitive mind.

4 ) Avoid comparison: This is a mandatory measure to be taken to be consistent in your life. It doesn’t mean you are ineffective when you can’t accomplish something that your friend or another person has attained. Don’t have a petty feel about yourself. Give a minute to a soul inside you and praise its small achievements to feel worthy.

5 ) Don’t try to be a perfectionist. Nothing is perfect in this world so don’t worry about unable to be perfect in everything.

6 ) Be wary of people talk ill about you. People will discourage your risks but definitely acknowledge when you deal it and obtain success.

7 ) Explore yourself to the zenith.

When you follow these steps unfailingly you’ll be prepared to feel like a unique person who has been enhanced with optimistic thoughts and glad to explore the world. With high self-esteem, you can reach for the moon, congratulations in advance.

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Brinda S

Self-esteem is so important for one’s confidence!

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Nice concept. Keep it up

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Very well written! Keep it up!

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Beautifully Written

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thanks for writing …this is so wonderful article..loved it 🙂

Simran Rai

well written!

Simran Rai

great article!

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Nicely written and conceptualized.

Kritika Bhair

self esteem is important.

Jigyasa vashistha

very very informative … keep writing:)