Everyone has their stories as to how they came to know about mental health. I am sure they are fun and interesting. Well anyways, here is one for you.

It all started just with a girl who was about 13. Just the starting of the girl’s teens. It was December 2017, on one pleasant evening. Her best friend’s sister was watching some people live. She was really interested as she liked the song.

It was some 7 people dancing and singing. She was intrigued by them. She wanted to more about them. That when her detective skills ( that she does not have) came into use. What could happen with a 13-year-old searching up some people online? What new could she possibly learn except having a teenage celebrity crush?

Well, something happened. Something that changed that girl’s life forever. She could not believe what was happening. How could she be so obvious to the things happening around her? On that day the way she saw things changed forever.

She learned that these seven people who called themselves singers were promoting Mental health. Which intrigued her to know more about it. Her interest shifted from computer to psychology. She learned so much about that her dream changed from becoming a techie to a Forensic Psychologist. A drastic change if you ask me.

Their music helped her live through her hardest days. The days she felt at her lowest. They picked her up saying she was the reason for their happiness when she felt useless. She felt a little happier every day. Before this, she didn’t know that she had insecurities. or social anxiety. They made her accept who she was and not for who others want her to be. And this all happened just because one day she thought it was a good idea to search that one song she heard from someone.

I think we all know what happened after that. She says it was the best thing that happened to her.

Well, I think we all know who the girl was. If you do not know it was me. The people were the now popular Korean BoyBand BTS (Any ARMY’s?). The first song that I saw was Mic Drop.

For me, one of my best decisions was to search them up because I usually don’t do such things. This one of the reasons I love them, another being they taught me the reason why I should love myself. I love them because they not only want people to listen to their music but also to hear their stories, the messages that they give in every song.

They also want people that they are there for them when they feel alone, that we can use for our own happiness, that it’s okay to be not okay. We can leave them if we want but they will always be there with their arms wide open. They just want to spread one message everywhere and that message is to love yourself.

If you are having a hard time I suggest that you check them out once. If you don’t like their music it’s okay because at the end of the day they just want you to love yourself not them. And let me tell they are just seven young boys in hopes of seeing a world one day where everyone would feel it’s ok to put themselves first.

Anyways what are your stories? I am sure there are many interesting ones. Hope I will get to know about them.

An endless signal will reach someday
Everywhere, even to the other side of the earth


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