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I'm afraid of being a girl…

You can see me
You can feel my happiness and pain
You can touch me
You listen my words of silence
But the thing which you have never seen and never felt that I’m afraid…
afraid of being a girl
You don’t know and you will never know that because of this fear
every minute, every second
I’m dying on inside
I’m afraid of fire, fast flowing water, heights, darkness and even afraid of being you as a man….

What do you think?

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Written by Nidhi Dahiya

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Suja P

Nidhi, This poem has a really deep meaning and every girl can actually relate to it. I would be love to read more of it.

Sani Lavakush

One can never give a girl that kind of freedom she deserves. You through your poem have explained the kinds of problems a girl has to face. Your poem is deep and has a great meaning. It explains the current scenario.

Rizul Gupta

I am highly impressed with the content of your post and it is wonderfully written!

Sreejita Sarkar

Your work is unbelievable. It makes me feel so many emotions, it tickles my senses, stimulates my lacrimal glands. I would have loved it to be longer and highlighting more women insecurities. Hats off, you’re brilliant!

Jigyasa vashistha

Such a lovely peom, I can feel you emotions right through this peom. Being a girl ain’t a easy job. We have to do almost everything from studying to work to cook to please everyone to look like barbies to earn. It’s almost like we are superheroines(Ya for a change). I wish we(girl/women)just get a little more respect.

Jigyasa vashistha


Jigyasa vashistha

Such a lovely poem, I can feel your emotions right through this poem. Being a girl ain’t a easy job. We have to do almost everything from studying to work to cook to give birth to please people to earn & the list is endless. It’s almost like we are superheroines. Embrace the feminine energy.

Sreejita Sarkar

It’s amazing

Natasha shah

Well written its small but on sopt! It’s truly difficult to be female. Everyday our motive is to prove our selves that we are no less then men. Females multi task with everything and yet we are the inferior to men.

Simran Rai

Beautifully expressed!! Every girl can relate to this. Quite insightful!! Keep up the good work 🙂


It’s short but so meaningful and so sweet. Nice work.


I relate with the topic, its scary being afab. We consist of half the population still it feels like we don’t belong. Working through this feeling of not belonging we must stick together and make other women feel safe and protected and let then know that they are not a burden, they are not just an object to be invested in until sold off to marriage. We are more than that and we will show them.

The poem itself shows a good point but to make it more appealing to the readers you can try using some figures of speech like simili or alliteration, oxymoron or metaphor. Try including more rhyming words. Good job 🙂

Sajjithra Subbian

Hii nidhi you done a great work It is short and sweet


Short but deep and meaningful. Wonderfully written mam! Loved the content. But We are stronger and bolder than we more fears let’s get up and fight back


Being girl is not a thing to be afraid. Be bold and courageous.


Be bold and courageous. Being a girl is not a thing to be afraid.

Amrita Jain

Its good and amazing stuff but still you can improvise your writing by telling the details of what makes a girl fear to such extend , what are the problems she is facing which are getting neglected.

Amrita Jain

its good and amazing stuff but still it can be improved if you state the details like what makes a girl fear so much..what are her stuffs which are getting neglected.

Isra Meraj

I loved your poem. It takes alot of courage to speak about our fears and you did that. Proud of you

Isra Meraj

I loved your poem. It takes a lot of courage to speak about our fears but you did it. Proud of you.

Suja P

The poem is so deep that every girl ca relate to it

Vidhi Gupta

Just wow. Clearly reflects your amazing thoughts. Loved it.

Vidhi Gupta

Amazing work. Loved it.

Vanshika Nagda

loved it!

Vidhi Gupta

Amazing piece of work. Really loved it. So good thoughts.


That was expressing yourself through poetry, well and nice. I think you should write more and more, good luck:)

Sree rekha k zenith

Good piece of work. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the spirit of writing

Elysia Fernandes

Beautiful words…Keep up the great work!

Elysia Fernandes

Beautiful words… Keep up the great work

Kanishka Mendiratta

Well explained which most of the girls feel or experience.
I believe you should not be afraid of being a girl.
Take a stand for yourself, be the one who can make a man afraid of themselves, be strong, because once in a lifetime every girl goes through such trauma but we need not to lose hope rather we need to to blossom and grow in such a way that no dares to break is down☺️


Umm that was something deep , and a dard reality but you need add more things to it as this short message won’t be enough for people to understand

Rithika Belamkar

As being a girl I do relate to you. But we cannot ignore the fact that we cannot change ourselves but we can change the thought process of ourselves and the people around us! It’s human tendency to make people feel low and unconfidential. It also depends on how well you take that as a positive thing and react. Lastly I just wanna say girl, you got your own crown and tiara to look after so never ever give up in life… God has made you because maybe he knows that you will make this place worth living and don’t forget that he has given us the power to bring a life upon this whole beautiful world…! To all girls and women out there stay strong and bold coz that’s what queens do. Be proud and enjoy your womenhood❤☺

Kritika Bhair

Heyy Nidhi
This piece of your work is quite amazing
I guess every girl out there can personally relate this at some point
Even me being girl I agree to that too at some point

Good luck!

Rithika Belamkar

Well said


Wow… Nidhi… Its really good. Its quite interesting how you covered all our insecurities as a girl… Well written!

Ragini Prasad

The way you putted up this feeling Is appreciable. Keep going with expressing out yourself .
Anything u want to share if you seek getting help for way is open always.

Gurleen Kaur

How deep is that ‍♀️


It was nicely penned.your words are like so pure as anything else in the world.


It’s amazing! keep writing!!


Very nicely penned .your words are easy to read and it is pure.


it’s amazing!!


written beautifully. sometimes the words are just enough to express the feelings.

Yashaswini Bhat

Nidhi Dahiya must say one of the finest work I found here. The way you have coined the word is bowing my mind. Your writings are just carry such deep emotions , they can just be sensed through words. keep up the good work .looking forward for more amazing content.

Sanyogita Sharma

Nice work and superb lines keep going .

Radhika Suresh Nair

Lovely.. would love to read more

Alby Thomas

Always proud to be a girl!❤️✨

Diksha Tarnekar

Such an amazing work!

Ami Kukadia

Very touching. Looking forward for more such contents.

Soumya Murali

This poem is so very true and has so many emotions contained within it. Absolutely beautiful! I know things may seem hard at times.<3 But hold up your head high princess and show people who you truly are! 😀

Sneha Goswami

Hi !
This poem is amazingly penned down. In these short and few lines, you have managed to strike each and every crunch point.
Overall, the poem is well-written. The topic is related to the need of the hour and is a must-read for everyone.
Best wishes,

Aanandi khanna

It’s an amazing poem I and every girl can relate to this and your writing is amazing.


This is a very relatable stuff and I like the way you write it’s good that it’s short …keep the good work


hi!! This is wonderful poem. I am a budding feminist and i feel that instead of being scared, you should embrace and love yourself;. You should be comfortable and confident in your skin. You need to ignore your haters and keep the people who love you close to you. I hope this helps you.

Rashmi Parab

Its good and amazing stuff but still you can improvise your writing by telling the details of what makes a girl fear to such extend , what are the problems she is facing which are getting neglected.

Prerna Dash

You said some very deep things in just a few lines, it was a pleasure reading it. Well done!

Tanisha Ajmani

I feel every line of this poem. Well done

Harnaaz kaur

I’m very impressed with your skills and I was truly glad to read it! It’s kinda sad how almost every girl can relate to this, and being afraid in everything? Which the privileged people might feel are ‘ small ‘ but we know how it is, don’t we?

Thank you for sharing this with us! Sending all the power and love your way :’)