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climate change and mental health

Climate change and mental health

Mankind is suffering from unprecedented crisis and warming global temperature pose the biggest threat on mother earth. 

Difficult to believe? 

well current science confirms it. At present level of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, the world will heat up by four degree Celsius by 2100.  Well we might not need to even wait for so long as cities like Mumbai will be frequently submerged by 2050 and at the same time Himalayan glaciers will also vanish.

Why 2020 will surely be one of the most memorable year?

2020 will surely be one of the most memorable year for several reasons. It is more likely than not that 2020 will be the warmest year for earth and if not the warmest the second warmest according to world climate record. The first nine months of the year saw reckless concentrations of greenhouse emissions, methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere majorly because of the human emissions for fossil fuels, agriculture and land use. Multiple degree temperature increases, global sea rise, proliferating wildfires, floods, tsunamis, draughts and hurricanes are just apparent representations of it. 

Climate change is no more an impending threat but rather a catastrophic reality all around the world today.

What is it exactly?

Climate change is the global phenomenon of climate transformation characterized by the changes in the usual climate of the planet (regarding temperature, precipitation, and wind) that are especially caused by human activities. Example, global warming. `

What was climate change five years ago?

Had you asked me about climate change five years ago? Climate change didn’t really pique my curiosity, I knew about it but it wasn’t on my radar. To me it was just an event that would happen sometime in the future and the unite nations plus the government would do something to end it. Wouldn’t they? But since then I’ve seen countless lives of people suffering from life shattering climate induced events like floods, draughts and forest fires in Himalayas, entire villages running out of water because the glacier they depended upon had shrunk leaving people helpless and hopeless. Climate change is no longer a future fear. Its no longer an impending danger. We are living through it. But to take an action we must first need to know how great the threat is. 

The physical impact of climate change may involve dehydration, heat stroke and respiratory, cardiovascular  as well as cerebrovascular diseases due to extreme exposures to heat. This is seemingly common in athletes and outdoor workers. People with low socio-economic backgrounds may also lack the access to air conditioning which increases chances to get exposed to extreme heat. Even the pregnant women, elderlies, and people with medical conditions rarely able to regulate their body temperature which increase susceptibility to extreme heat. 

It is well understood that climate change has a certain impact on our mental health. According to various mental health experts, the human manifestations of climate change are indisputable and unchangeable- affecting mental health of masses all around the world today. when we talk about the impact of climate change’s impact on our mental health, we basically divide it into two categories : geophysical impacts of climate change, when you think about geophysical impacts of climate change some of those involve increase in natural disasters like earthquakes and floods and the others that are more gradual and subtle such as increase in sea level, increase in average temperature and changing patterns of precipitations. 

Its not very surprising to us that natural disasters are linked to our mental health. Not every natural disaster but the rate of them increases with climate change. Natural disasters due to climate change have been linked post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), anxiety, depression (mainly major depressive disorder), suicide, community and social wellbeing.

A lot of researches particularly from Australia focused on how the mental health was influenced from climate induced natural disasters, mainly how people were affected by draught. A lot of sadness and anxiety was associated with the loss and damage to their familiar environment. The food insecurity, weakened infrastructure too put a great burden on mental health as well.  It was also found  that post traumatic disorder (ptsd) can be triggered by climate change. It was observed that while being rescued after the draught in Australia, children begin crying when they were given water. Substance abuse, grief, recovery fatigue, survivor guilt and suicidal ideation can be potentially linked with climate change. 

Some evidence suggests that  rise in temperature is associated with increased amounts of aggressive behaviour. This aggressive behaviour isn’t only directed outwardly like hitting another person or a fit or a road rage but also inwardly thus, the increase in suicide rate. There is precise data about the link between aggression and increased temperature and rainfall with each standard deviation we can expect 4% increase in conflict between individuals and 14% increase in conflicts between groups. These findings are valid for all ethnicities and regions which means more murders, suicides and assaults. 

Air pollution affects our olfactory nerves causing neuroinflammation linked to multiple mental and neurological problems. Cognitive decline in all age groups including Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. It is also linked to autism and other psychiatric disorders. 

The American psychological association reports that the children who are exposed to the air pollutants are more likely to have anxiety and depression. Emergency room visits for panic attacks and threats to commit suicide are to be higher on the days with poor air quality. A lot of literature suggests that children are most susceptible to climate anxiety. Increased exposure to carbon dioxide has significant impact on our cognitive functioning. People are who’re severely exposed to carbon dioxide show declined abilities to think strategically and respond to a crisis.

Mental health crisis and trauma due to climate change is most profoundly damaging and drives systemic emotional conditions that society will find difficult to treat in surmount. We must think about it, the balance it with the need to have data and with the need to connect emotionally because emotional connection is at the heart of what moves people to action. An action that can improve our condition lives.  Resilience among all of us must be build and steps to preserve climate must be taken seriously. Our future generations depends on us. What we do today will reflect tomorrow. So think calmly yet wisely!

What do you think?

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Written by Shivangi Nautiyal

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Nidhi Dahiya

Amazing work

Laiqua Mustafa

Hey Shivangi,
Climatic change is one of the most important topics to be discussed currently. The impacts of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for some far flung future, the effects of global warming are appearing right now. So we as individuals should try to do our best in preventing global damage as it can also effect us physically as well as mentally. The article is very informative, but make sure to avoid using “I” and instead generalize the context. Good work!

Diksha Tarnekar

You have written so appropriately. Just a suggestion- Avoid using words like “I” or “you” because it makes it look like a conversation which is not. The crux of article writing is destroyed.


For the people in the back, climate change and global warming is real! And it’s coming for us and can only be stopped together. We ALL need to be a part of it. To make our rivers and air clean again, to make the moon and stars visible again! Great article, provided the much needed information 🙂

Vandana Jaiswal

Very informative.. really how climate affects our mental health.


Honestly this one topic that needs to spoken about and acted upon. Is so important that we understand that our action have consequences which won’t only effect us but our future as well. My knowledge about climate change was mostly limited to the physical effect and the geophysical effect, the article brought attention to other mental effect as well such as increased aggressive and suicide rates. There’s a convention being hosted in November 2021 where multiple nation will discuss on climate change hopefully we are able to tackle this, until then lets keep voicing our concerns and spreading awareness. Let’s be the change to bring the change.

Idhaya g

From your finding it gave a great visual picture in my mind
Wonderful work

Gurleen Kaur

That’s definitely something I never thought of


Really nice… What you said is really amazing. The future does depends on us… Well written! You really highlighted important points… Nice one!

Radhika Suresh Nair

I never thought that climate and mental health are related..
Very well explained.. the mixture of geography and psychology was visible..

Namitha M

Well written and I never knew climate change can affect mental health.. So thank you for giving this info:))

Navleen Kaur

I really like this article, it explains the topic very well and relates two topics that require more attention and awareness.

Aanandi khanna

Great work


It’s great how an article speaks two completely different phenomena yet the ones that are so related to each other. Loved how the article provides not only the current information but draws a link with the past scenario too. It seems beneficial for showing the difference between the two. Appreciate the way it talks about how mental health gets impacted. Overall, the article seems pretty insightful.


It is a nice article but it seems very boring I think you need to add some spice into it like give more example use quotes and use pie charts or statistics to make it more interesting and easy for viewers to understand this things . Hope you write more good article next time

Tanisha Ajmani

So appropriate. Well done!

Jaspreet kaur

Very nicely written. I got know so many things. Great work. Keep going

Siya Naik

Great article on such important topic. Well said that our future generations depend upon us.
Thankyou for this amazingly written article.


Never thought that these things would influence our mental health. Very good explanation.

Hakim Khairunnisa

You’ve related two completely different things and explained the relation very well. You’ve addressed the biggest problem and given a new info about the challenges attached to climate change. I loved your article !!

Jigyasa vashistha

Indeed it is very factually true climate change like draught, flood, earthquake and now even COVID-19 took a huge toll on human’s mental well-being. These things happen in very large scale too. Nature have to be protected & guarded by we humans. For that human mind have to be sculpted.

Simran Rai

I really like the topic, it revolves around two of the major issues in today’s world but sadly disregarded by everyone. Very well written. Hope that people become aware of the fact that climate change is a real !!

Manasi Gujarathi

This is an important topic and this article is very well written. I really liked it.

Janhavi S.

Really well-researched article! I had no idea that the effects of climate change on mental health were so wide-ranging. Another group of the world population that is at greater risk involve those migrating due to the consequences of global warming and increasing temperatures. Not only is it about adapting to new environments, but also about a conflict in the distribution of basic resources and gaining a livelihood which could in itself be the root cause for more psychological disorders.
The article really made me think, glad to have read this!

Soumya Murali

Amazing writing! Many of us forget that almost everything around us affects us in different ways. Many of us don’t even realize how climate affects us. But it does in such mysterious yet normal ways possible. A great read 🙂

Shramana Singha Roy

Well said , keep it up

Vanshika sharma

Hey, wonderful article. But just a suggestion to make your article more engaging, use rhetorical questions, pictures etc. Pls dont take it in a wrong way. I hope it helps you!


Hey,very appropriately and neatly written.

Disha Dhage

This is something new and intresting!
greatly researched and nicely penned down article.
loved the way you have explained this topic!
keep it up 🙂

M. Benadict Savitha

It was so so informative and so good it should be known by everyone. Images or anything other can be added so it would have been more effective and nice to see.

Preeti Laishrm

Climate change does and will severely impair our mental health. This article was really wonderful to read. The topic and the research is updated making it more reliable.

Meenakshi A Nair

Beautifully written, very helpful and an informative article.


This topic is completely new. And I am amazed to know that climate change is related to our mental health.

Elysia Fernandes

Such an important topic to talk about especially in today’s day and age. Great job! A small suggestion to generalise the next time instead of using “I” in the context. But overall, a very informative article❤️

Karen Fernándes

This topic is amazing. Nicely done. I didn’t realize how much climate change could impact our mental health. This is like a eye opener for me. Thanks for writing this.

Sradhanjali Dasgupta


Didn’t know how climate change could affect mental wellbeing, so thank you for this!

Ritu raj

Climate is one of the important criteria and plays a important role in our Mental health. Environmental and physical activities shows the better impact on our Mental peace . Its pleasure to read this . Thank you

Vandana Jaiswal

Very informative…. really shows how climate affects our mental health

Akshata Hajare

It is very well written and it shows that we need to take care of nature

Ahosmi Dey

Wow I had no idea about this. This is such a important and unique topic.

Harshita Das

This is a very good article about how climate change and mental health and human behavior is related as many people, actually probably 90% of people are unaware of the fact. They just tend to deny the fact, your writings are very insightful and informative, giving people to realize this big issue,


Thank you so so much for talking about how Climate Change is affecting mental health worldwide! This is so important to know because many people avoid confronting the facts about climate change due to their proneness to Climate Anxiety, which you explained really well in the article! Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Yashaswini Bhat

You have written the article amazingly. Addressing this aspect was really nice.

Fiona Buthello

Thank you @shivaninautiyal for bringing up this topic mental health is equally important and should equally be taken care of to that of climate change.

Riya Rajkotiya

Awesome !!!!

Deepali Kungwani

Hello! First of, great choice for writing an article! The topic is unique, yet so essential to be discussed, as you pointed rightly that we are in the midst of an environmental crisis; and how this crisis is connected to, and will impact our mental health.
You go girl!

Aleesha Joykutty

It’s great that how you linked climate change and mental health!!! Very very very informative and helpful article. Keep it up ☺️

Andrea Shannon

Well explained. Great topic.

Yuvanue chauhan

Really informative..

Sushmitha Subramani

Very relevant article in today’s times

Sushmitha Subramani

Well conceptualized and well iterated. Keep it up.