Be Real; not perfect. (Chapter – 4)

Life is unpredictable, so be brave!

My father at the age of 48, he was physically unstoppable. In addition to working and caring for his children with his wife, he adhered, like for years, to a routine of daily gym workouts, plus a slew of activities that kept him fit. But it all came to a halt one early evening in 2021, when my family was sitting and enjoying tea with snacks at home. Who doesn’t love it when family is all together and having a good time. I absolutely love it. I just want to freeze time so I can really soak  those moments in. This was the first time when I didn’t want to freeze time. My father was sitting calmly, and suddenly his blood pressure got so high, leaving his left body paralyzed.

It was pretty devastating and broke our hearts because we couldn’t see him in such terrible state. But it was merely the beginning of a very long road marked by fear for the future. I could not go to the hospital. I was scared. I decided to stay home while thinking that I would help my father when he will come home. After 5 days, he returned home and I saw him taking slow, unsteady steps as he supported himself. His face paled with tearful eyes and he looked as if he might faint.

I was on the verge of crying and I tried hard to hold back my tears. I successfully bottled up my tears to avoid the urge to ugly-cry which always strikes at the worst possible time. And believe me, more worst thing in the world is to see your parents crying in front of you.

At the blink of an eye my father’s life changed entirely and his day to day tasks became impossible to perform.

Dealing with daily life after the phase of paralysis was like being in a battlefield for him.

I think my family really struggled, but no one could show it in front of him.

We became more aware of the adaptations we were going to have or to make as his family, the alterations in the daily routine and tasks that directly affected our life. We had sleepless nights for almost 2 months.

After spending months, the things that had seemed scary at first became more normal at home.

Now he has joined the race to recovery, physically as well as mentally.

I suggest you few things, if you go through some sort of situation:

-At first, it is really bleak. We didn’t know any damn thing. My father was basically like a new child in the family.

So, don’t lose your hope and mind.

-Have patience. The more patience you have; the more energy you gain and become stronger to handle any sort of situation.

-Remember, road to recovery is really rough. So, help your loved ones and yourself to heal.

The reason I’m telling you about this is to let you know that I have experienced and I know the despair, anger and agony that you might feel or you have felt this before. Unquestionably, there is nothing that can be ever compared to the pain of losing your loved one. But, if you have the chance to be with your family so live it to the fullest!

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Written by Nidhi Dahiya

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