Why is dark complexion is associated with the word Ugly?

One day a girl was born dark and beautiful. They always taunted her for having that complexion. Like everyone, she was also fascinated to have fair skin. This is the society that little girl was brought up in where they bruised her self-confidence.

From their families playing the racist game of “WHO IS THE FAIREST?” to those racist advertisements has taken a ride to her subconscious mind and made her believe that dark is ugly. These nonsensical standards that this society has set up has ruined lives.

The subconscious mind absorbs messages and conclusion at a very young age and can be implanted in the mind very easily. This mindset of a child affects them intensively, they lose their confidence, they go into depression, and this tampers their childhood which is passed on with generation. They are so unhappy with themselves that they opt for cosmetic surgeries to hide their so-called “Defects”.

By the time they realize that beauty is not associated with appearance half their life has passed and some die without even realizing it.

Dark as a Compliment

Why do people get offended when someone calls them “DARK”? It’s because deep inside we are made to believe that being called dark is not a compliment and dark is associated with the term ugly. Start taking dark as a compliment and associate DARK as Beauty, this is when change can be seen. Beauty is something which is determined by our mind and no one can tell you are ugly.

Like the word Fair/Light-skinned is a compliment, Dark/Brown/Black should also be a compliment. This is not only about complexion is also about body shaming like Fat, Short, Thin, etc. every single thing should be taken as a compliment. Beauty is an integral quality of this universe. The entire universe is beautiful. There can be nothing ugly in this universe.

Outer Beauty Vs Inner Beauty

Inner beauty can be compared to that mother’s love that never withers away and outer beauty to that friend who leaves us when the work is done.

People who are pure and eternally blissful is what we call beauty. Outer beauty may be attractive for a short period but inner beauty is what matters. A beautiful heart mind and soul is what everyone looks out for…

The physical appearance of a person can be easily manipulated using different methods that is makeup, surgery, clothes, etc. This physical appearance may wither away over time. However, the inner beauty that we pose remains within us throughout our life.

We all know ABJ Abdul Kalam, He is known for his personality of resilience, hard work, positivity and he is remembered as the most beloved president of the country. Do we remember him for the way he looks? No, we remember for his contribution to the society

All the actors may have outer beauty but that is not enough the actor with the right attitude, personality, talent and right inner beauty survive in a long run. This is applicable in almost every profession i.e. the personality.

Consequence of Racism

Racism has a huge impact on individuals which can be mental health as well as physical health. They undergo surgeries with costs a lot also is bad for health. They become financially unstable. Also, a few studies tell that a mother who has experienced racism may give birth to an underweight child which can cause health issues in the future. Moreover, the Stress developed due to racism can have a lasting effect and can affect individual intensively The negative effects of racism are vast some of them are:

Hindu Mythology: About Racism

Hindu Mythology celebrated the dark-skinned. In the ancient text of Hindu Portrays Few Hindu God as dark skin. In one poetry, Lord Krishna is described as “Ghana-Shyam” which symbolizes as Dark as a monsoon cloud. In Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman describes Lord Ram as “Shyama-Varma” which means one of the dark complexions. The Queen Draupadi is referred to as the dark-complexioned lady. Their Beauty was always glorified in History.


Racism is a burning issue. Every day someone is discriminated based on their race. Our motive is to retrieve that self-confidence in each one of us. Making each one of them realize their beauty, this is more necessary than trying to change the other person’s mentality.  The civil rights movement, The Anti-Apartheid and the Black lives matters were few Movements taken to eradicated Racism and Educated People about it, which was certainly needed. At the same time before expecting someone else to change their mentality BE THE CHANGE AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and thus we believe that one day the world becomes a happy place to live in…

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