I am going to share the story the experience which my friend has faced in her life. It’s the time of our 10th grade.All the days were going happily, one day she was absent and she didn’t informed me about it in the previous day. The next day also she was absent and for the whole week she was absent.

That weekend I went to her house, by seeing me her mother started crying without saying a word. I went to her room and I saw she was dancing to a fast number song. I asked her, why you was absent for the whole week? She told me I have surprise! She told she was going through 3rd stage of leukemia. I just shocked and start crying by hugging her.

She condolenced me and told she don’t want to see anyone’s tears and she was super confident that she will deaft leukemia.

I visited her all days and during weekends I stayed with her. We done all the things that makes her happy. But her relatives and people who visited her told by her side that she not have enough days in front her and all such stupid stuffs. But she was smiling in her mind and she was confident that she will defeat cancer.

Her chemo has started,and after one year she successfully defeated leukemia. I will say that her disease was gone not only by chemo and medicines but by half of her confidence. Its life there will be situations in our life which is not in our favor but with confidence we can overcome everything.

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Written by SnehaSasikumar

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