CHEERS! Optimism will never fail in impressing you at every second of your life.

Power of optimism

“I really don’t think that I can succeed in life. I don’t really know if i am capable of fulfilling my sky-high goals. But since, I’ve already been working so hard to become who i am today, i WILL NOT stop trying. I will not care about the chilly winds or the cold rains that will be there with me throughout this journey for my target has always been the horizon.

I will experience innumerable failures; temporary meddles and obstacles; this journey will of course be bumpy, this journey will obviously be full of ups and downs; this journey will make me anxious and uncertain about myself. I will doubt my existence, for these temporary failures will succeed in rendering my hard work futile.

But, as a gullible creature, I will keep working hard, with all my breath and being because I DO NOT AND NEVER HAD THE POWER TO CONTROL THE FLOW OF MY SUCCESSES AND FAILURES. I will win, but sometimes I will lose too.

And there will be times when I start losing myself. In times such as these, I will think about all those souls who’ve been there with me throughout the voyage, struggling and tasting its tantrums. I will work hard for them, for they have always believed in me. I will work hard anyhow.

I will NOT OVERTHINK, for I don’t want to control the unpredictable outcomes of the future. What is actually controllable is the present moment. I am going to live this moment to the fullest.

I will NOT BE INSECURE, for i am WANTED. I am A GEM for a lot of people- people who want me, I will ALWAYS mean something to them.

I will not live as per people’s needs and expectations. I will live for myself. I will let them judge, their judgements won’t even matter in my blissful life. I will absolutely say nothing, I will remain silent when I get to know about the actual pathetic things they talk and probably, always have talked about me behind my back because only I’d know that my success would scream at the end of my tale. And when my journey is about to end, what will they finally feel? They will envy my success and respect me. In other words, they will see themselves receding from my life.

For my target has always and always been the horizon, I will do everything i can to get through this mundane voyage. I will TRUST MYSELF. I WILL TRUST THE WHOLE PROCESS.”

After going through various informative articles written by my fellow budding psychologists on the site, I couldn’t really find any major topic to write about as such. Every topic, every concept related to mental health has been published by one or the other person and that too, with exceptional intricacies.

I might not be a proficient writer like them, but I do know about the way an individual can emit positivity and comfort, helping some scattered sparkles in the world. Upholding the essence of this purpose, I intended to write something out of the box- something related to Mental Health yet something totally different at the same time.

If you were able to comprehend the message that I wanted to deliver, I want you to answer the following question- How many times do you cry over the milk which has already been spilled? How many times do you wish that you could reverse time itself? Ask and answer this question to yourself. The genuine answer lies within your introspection and retrospection.

And something tells me that we all have been the victims of remorse, uselessness and regret at some point of time in our lives, and there is no denying on that. The feelings of remorse, uselessness and regret can ruin one’s present and future because of something that one had done in the past. What has been done in the past should stay in the past.

The phase of repentance should be a short one; not quantitative but qualitative. How you can work upon your mistakes and griefs depends on what way you choose to deal with them- repentance and subsequent subordination or confrontation and subsequent improvement? Always remember to regret shortly. But at the same time, remember it, every inch of it completely.

If you read everything with honesty, I want you to not blame yourself. I might have absolutely no idea on what you are going through at the moment. But I’d like to tell you that it’s okay and everything will eventually become alright.

Even if it’s your mistake, don’t hit yourself up too hard for a long time. Regret shortly but remember completely. You deserve happiness and health. You deserve goodness. You deserve everything you for once thought you weren’t worth trying for. You deserve to become a better human being.

Ending this piece on a positive note, let’s just do nothing but celebrate ourselves today! Celebrate your baby steps- which you try to take everyday! Appreciate on how much you’ve improved since yesterday! And always have faith that tomorrow’s gonna be better than today anyway. Now eat that piece of cake and say-

Cheers to my life!

Cheers to my success!

Cheers to my happiness!

Cheers to my imperfections!

Cheers to me, as a person!

Today you are you, that is true than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. – Dr. Seuss

Trust me, optimism will never fail in impressing you at every second of your life.

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Written by LISHA KALRA

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