Weight management


Then what is the need of managing your weight?

Well, If we start to gain unhealthy weigh then it becomes an issue when it starts affecting our healthy lifestyle or leads to diseases.

Going on a diet is not the only thing that needs to be done while loosing weight or maintaining healthy lifestyle. However, gobbling down everything to put on weight is also not an option.

What you eat is not the matter to fuss over if its in a limit, eat what you desire to. But try to to wash off the calories that come with the taste. Keep your mind off the negative topics about the food being Greasy, too fatty and other more things.

But eating just to put on weight is also not going to help, until and unless you are happy with your own self, which should be the first step.

Factors that might lead to sudden fall/ increase in weight –

i) ANXIETY– Being anxious may lead people to eat more or less than they usually do . It is human tendency to eat less or more while they feel tensed , this could be triggered by either from school pressure , office work or household tensions.

Solution –

  • Think out all of your tensions/problems before you go for your meals.
  • Eat on your daily timings  , do not meddle with it.
  • Eat with people you like or you are comfortable with.

ii) LIFESTYLE-  Getting up late in the morning after 9 a.m. and eating breakfast by probably 10 or 11 a.m. or getting up by noon and skipping breakfast , indulging in activities that require sitting in one place and then eating again and doing nothing is another major factor. Or getting late to the office and skipping meals or eating a lot in just one meal altogether.

Solutions –

  • Create a schedule to manage your routine.
  • Sleeping on adequate timings and taking proper rest.
  • Eating every meal individually and  adequately.

iii) PHYSICAL ACTIVITY– Going to school and sitting all of the school hours with no activity and having lunch and additional food from your friend’s lunch box or either from school canteen or from outside too and coming back ; taking rest and meals with no activity to burn the calories that are not needed.

Getting up and going to office with no activity and taking full meals to satisfy the hunger and to ease off the stress while sitting in a chair stacks up the calories.

Doing all the house chores while eating or skipping meals because of the stress of the work.

Solutions –

  • Taking stairs instead of a lift.
  • Going by foot to nearby places without taking any vehicle.
  • Doing chores that include no rest like to sweep the floor or mop it.
  • Having a routinely walk everyday or every night balances our diet  .
  • letting off the extra calories burn through or going to gym everyday or atleast 3 & 4 days in a week.
  •  Playing sports of any type.

General points to remember while trying lose weight

To love yourself ; no matter what your goal , if you love yourself then you can achieve goals.

To maintain a peaceful mind while deciding on things.

To  not take out anger, stress, frustration all on food and have proper meals with no skipping in between.

To  stop binge-eating whenever you want to and maintain a schedule of your eating.

To talk with someone about the way you feel to a close one or a professional letting go off the stress is also a way to feel light.

Getting professional help for weight management is also a very good way.

Creating a journal and a track of progress so you get motivated each time you note down the progress.

To eat a healthy diet and try to add green leafy vegetables to the diet and scheduling to eat junk food to once or twice a week.

Ask your friends to accompany to your routinely walks or in the gym for exercise.

Participating in sports activities and other aerobic activities to get exhausted out to feel hungry and burn off extra calories that are not needed.


Having a good mental health helps in weight management as well. The most important or major factor is to have motivation which comes with strong mindset .

People either motivate us or demotivate us , it is these two things which play a very big role in affecting us and our mental health but we need to have self-motivation before we look up at someone else to motivate us and cheer us on because there is no surety of them motivating us the right way .

You should accept yourself and others and then start progressing so you know that whatever’s the result you still are the same person , just you getting healthy and leaving all the negativity and the bodily problems that had started to occur.

We are to change our daily habits to which we are habitual and it is going to be hard but you have to fight against them because they are your enemies disguised in your friendly habits.

Routines are easy to change once they are made according to us. routines should be made in such a way that you wouldn’t have any stress because of the routine and you are free-minded to follow it.

Stress should be eliminated , yes it cannot be eliminated right away but it should be one of our goals to eliminate it rather than to , make it a friend work to with .

Do not check your progress on daily basis as this could lead disappointment because we are not assured of a progress on daily but rather on frequent basis. So the progress can be checked on week basis or month basis but not regular.

What do you think?

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Written by Ishita dharwal

I am studying humanities in a convent school , my subjects include - English , psychology, politial science , physical education, history , sociology.  I would love to spread awareness through my writing , my sense of observation boosts my writing skills , as I tend to observe every little thing and I try to write relatable content so the people can connect through me and me to them .

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