The importance of mental health of Women

What could be better than starting our story with the words of Aziz Jan.

Aziza is sitting on her bed in Kabul mental health hospital, looking around with tears in her eyes. This 45 years old woman told IWPR that she had endured years of domestic abuse. She said she was 15 when her father gave her to a man in Paktia province without her well. I was against this marriage from the beginning. Paktia culture was new and unacceptable to me. Controversy and violence had become a daily reality in my life.

Aziza, who now has two sons and seven daughters, added: I have to do hard work, such as raising livestock and working on the form. When I say I can’t handle all this work, they beat me and insult me. Aziza said her painful family situation had led her to hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. Now my family says I have a mental problem and they brought me here. What do you think was her sin? What keeps her being endure till now?

In this real story you can find the importance of mental health how mental health can push a person to live or push her to die.


Who is a woman?

In short we can say that a woman is a female human with two X chromosomes and ability to give birth to a child. Women are members of every society. If we if we divide our world into two parts, one part is certainly women. Without women perfection and completion is not possible. Women are global champions, they are winners doesn’t matter onstage or offstage.

They are reason for their own and others success. We don’t have words and words in hand will stay short to describe a woman. Women are the main and big part in all the world known as mother, sister, daughter and a wife.

When a baby girl born in a family this is a big news. She is like a princess and makes happy her parents, after years she grows up like a teenager the family and friends can see the spark and shine in her eyes, then after years she changes to a young lady you can feel the hope of living in her every smile, after year she changes to powerful arms for parent, family and society.

This is the time that she decides to take someone’s hand for being happy lifelong, she stands behind him all the time to support and make him sure that whatever comes I am with you. She is ready to sacrifice her dreams and desires for her special ones. Finally she experiences the feeling of a mother when she gives birth to a child. This feeling is strong as much she can set on fire the world for one smile of her child.


The importance of mental health in women:

Basically, women deal with a lot of worries and stresses, which affect their psyche and since the woman is the backbone of the family, her grief and stress are quickly transferred to family members and the atmosphere of the house is tense it can shows the biggest importance of mental health in women, because each member of that family is part of a community of a city and finally member of a country, it can directly or indirectly affect even a country.

For many women, warring and caring for others is an important part of their daily lives. Caring for loved ones and helping others is normal for many and gives us the feeling of being human, but if you do not pay attention to yourself this altruism will hurt you, so its impotent for a woman to prioritize own self and then others to be health physically and mentally.

Many women think they can change others, they think that if they try hard enough and persevere, and the other side will eventually change. Of course, it make perfect sense to think that you can influence other people, but that you can completely change your spouse, friend and those around you is wrong. They may change for a short time but this time will never be long and trying to change others will usually frustrate you. So they need more ability to do that.

Basically, some women are accustomed to comparing their lives with others and feel very jealous, and thus do not use the gift they enjoy and do not transform themselves.

Women want to always be well groomed and good looking. And this requires more peace of mind to spend for a good and fit appearance.

Women have started that the provision of their emotional needs by their husbands is one of the most important factors in calming martial life. Expressing love and emotional attention, respect, praise, appreciation and gratitude have been among the behaviors that have been effective in satisfying women’s emotional needs by providing them with emotional needs in life. That can deeply affect a woman in certain ways.

As a mother, a women’s peace of mind and mental health can also directly affect the upbringing, education, morals, behavior and personality of their children, and can provide a future for her country, or can have such a negative impact that even a burden for the country and even present the culprit to society.


Why mental health is important in women?

We cannot say that mental health is important only for women. No, this is not the case. Mental health is important not only for women but also for every human being who breathes, including his rights. If women are having good mental health but others are not so it will not cure any pain because others can influence each other’s.

When we talk about mental illness, it is not that only men or only women suffer from it, but both face it, just the statistics are different. Social problems, especially domestic violence, cause depression and fear among them. Men are also under stress, but they can leave home. They work and in the process their minds are free of annoying thoughts. But most of women are not working outsight the house the have to spend the whole day with the same thoughts.

Finally, because of all the factors that have been mentioned show the importance of mental health in women.

What do you think?

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Written by Sima Saleem

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Rinita Adhikary

It is a beautiful write up!!