Suicide; Meaning, causes and the questions to ask yourself


“Suicide” the word that gives shrill to a lot of people. Even the thought of it devastates the mind. The tornado of feelings that lead to it are huge in amount and some of them can’t even be described.

I will call it ‘Self-harm’ but the damage is way more than what you can think.  The feeling where you slowly try to remove your existence even if it provides you with a lot of pain. You know it’s getting difficult for you when this thought occurs to you.

For that moment you forget the ones who cared for you, you forget the people who went through a lot of hard work to make you what you are today. They say suicide is a cowardly act but I consider it a selfish act. You wonder why?

Well, imagine trying to destroy your beautiful body just because you feel empty from inside without even giving a thought to how your parents might feel about it. Feels harsh huh? I know it might be hard for you, but knowing that your mother is going to cry while looking at your lifeless body makes you calm?

The people who are just existing because they are so happy to see you growing. It must be harsher on them and no person deserves to go through something so cruel!

Sometimes before taking such a step, talking with someone eases the mind so much that this entire thought goes off your mind. Won’t you feel grateful that you didn’t take the step.

What are the Causes of suicide?

There are more than one that I could think of, although this is rather disappointing that there are so many reasons. It ranges from small things to be uncomfortable to something big as disorder. The list goes as:

The list goes on and on including several psychological disorders. Most of the people suffering from these sometimes just need someone to rely on and it’s so upsetting that most of them have none. The suicide rates are increasing by each passing year and no actions are being taken.

Government of many countries have provide suicide prevention helpline numbers but still many people are not aware about it yet. It’s necessary to make more and more people aware about it. Try letting more and more people understand that suicide is never an option.

So many lives have ended just because they didn’t got proper guidance and felt even more confused. These days suicides are not even considered a problem at times. “Suicide due to depression? Well that’s something normal”.

I have heard my family talk about this issue too and generally it ends with “How can depression cause people to die? That’s completely absurd! They must have committed a sin so they took this option!” Reading this is making you angry? Well, this is basically the mindset of many adults of our country.

The biggest effect of suicide will be the pain your near ones are going to go through later on. Before taking such a step, ask yourself ,

  • “Did I try hard enough?”
  • ” Was I a good person or a selfish person?”
  • “Are my problems worth my wonderful life?”

And eighty percent of the time you will step back. Because you know it’s not too late. Things can still work out. There are still people who care about you and want to see you smile and YOU ARE NOT SELFISH! You care… you care about all the people, you love them all! But first of all you love yourself! You care for yourself and you have no right to damage such a beautiful body.

Talk to people who are willing to listen to you. Go to a counsellor if you feel the need, there is no shame in that. Because later on, you won’t be able to reverse back the time. You won’t be able to come back to the present day to change things. And all you would feel will be regret. Guilty of not fighting back. Guilty of not opening up. Guilty of doing this.

All I could say is that don’t do it! Cry if you want, release your anger if you feel the need to. Do things which make you happy and trust me no one will stop, there will be no questions asked. Give priority to your health, to your body and mental stability. We are all here for you and we all will help you to figure out yourself so don’t destroy yourself.

Stop yourself! Stop that feeling by being joyful. Show that your life is important and valuable. Be the good selfish not the wrong one. Self harm is wrong and you know it.

What do you think?

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Written by Apeksha Sharma

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Aanchal Sharma

If you hate your life. Change your way of living it. Suicide is not a option.
Most needed topic to discuss.
Nice work
Keep it up