Searching for Soul

Understanding the concept of Soul?

Defining soul has never been easy of us human beings, some say it dies and some say after having several births we attain moksha  which according to the Hindu mythology is the ultimate purpose of life. There are hundreds and thousands of meanings of the word soul itself. No one has been perfectly able to define it.

But in my understanding, soul is the most interesting and intriguing part of our system. They say that the soul is immortal and it can never die. When someone faces death the soul escapes from their body. It is said that it resides within us and therefore it is the essence of a human being when the human body dies the soul that resides within us lives.

What is the need to search soul?

The human being starts searching for soul when he finds disparity in his current life. He is dissatisfied with his current life and he is bothered by something or the other. The search of soul begins from  within.

We often look for the term soul searching as searching for something that is lost but on the contrary we are looking ways and means to revive what is already within us. In simple words it is looking for the inner truth of one’s self. The reason for our existence. Our aim on this planet and several other questions.

When we move ahead and realize that we are far away from materialistic things we move towards the path of spirituality and finding inner self. We start to introspect and look for the deeper meaning of life. We start to honestly evaluate the life we have lived so far starting to examine our motives and values that guide us to achieve the path we want to gain.

There might be many reasons why a person wants to go for  soul searching, either he is looking for a motive, purpose, passion, identity and the list goes on or he could be questioning every part of his life when this introspection starts a person generally has achieved everything a good financial position along with a good house a caring and handsome spouse and kids he starts to wonder things like how have I come so far? What made me come here?

The search of soul can be different for different people, it is more that the traditional approach of going to the mountains and finding inner peace but if we break it into the simpler terms the search of soul starts from within, introspecting and finding happiness in little things.

There are many small steps to do what you like and let go of all the negativities around you. It can be as simple as reading a book and as exciting as scuba diving. The aim is to find answers to the questions you have been troubling yourself with.

We can begin the process of soul searching by following these simple steps:

  • Count your blessings: we should count all the things with which this universe has blessed us with, it can be our family, friends, our body, our senses etc.
  • Expressing gratitude: Expressing gratitude should not be a rare thing to do we should always acknowledge every little thing that someone is doing for us and be greatful for them for the same. We should be thankful and express gratitude for every small thing a person does for us.
  • Observe: Go out in nature, observe it minutely feel the warmth of sun, appreciate the beauty of the flowers, trees, mountains, streams and rivers. Sit by the side of the ocean and gently listen to the waves crashing the shore. The sunset along the mountains and many more things.
  • Listen more, speak less: The next thing is to practice speaking less and listening more. Listening to what others have to say. Sometimes try to listen to the unsaid words of the people. Talk to family and friends. Take out time from your day to meditate. Join a skill class or learn a skill on your own. You have got this life make a use of it.
  • Meditate: Sitting down with closed eyes and introspecting about the past and letting our thoughts to flow in can itself give us answers to many questions.
  • Skills: Try to learn a new skill or or cultivate a passion. Practice and learn new things. The things which you always wanted to learn but could not learn.
  • Work on your relationships: Talk to your school and college friends and family members ask them how they are? Try to visit them or send surprise gifts to them, and see what happiness it and sense of satisfaction it brings to you.
  • Go on solo trips: You should go on solo trips and explore the world around you. Learn the new things. Equip yourself with various cultures, traditions all over the world. Do what makes you happy and not for the sake others. On doing so you will become self reliant and independent.
  • Write a journal: Maintain a record of the journey of your soul searching it can be used as a  manual for others.

Search for soul is unending and it goes on for years and years. People often leave everything behind to go on the search for the meaning of life. One such example we have of Gautam Buddha who left his kingdom, wife and son behind to find the meaning of life.

He attained enlightenment and therefore with his gain he was able to help others and establish world’s fastest spreading religion that is Buddhism. The path of searching one’s soul might be very difficult  but once we receive the answers to our questions we gain and knowledge with the help of which we are able guide others.

We can follow some simple steps to search our soul and seek for the answers we have been looking for. It will help us in becoming the better version of ourselves and educate others who are driven away from their path in searching for soul.

What do you think?

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Written by Taru Dixit

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Aanchal Sharma

Follow your soul… it’s knows the way…♥️
Different topic to write about still you write about it very beautifully.
Nice taru keep it up