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Rising Mental Crisis: Minor Depressive Disorder

Trigger warning: Depression, Suicide, Mental illnesses

In the age of modern society where everything seems to be constantly moving, at least two people out of a group of three suffer from some kind of a psychological disorder, these may vary from person to person. However, mood disorders are one of the most common ones that almost every second person that we may encounter either has it or has had it in the past or has a relative who is diagnosed with.

Now, with respect to psychological mood disorders- the most commonly found in the population in this category is Minor Depressive Syndrome.


What is Minor Depressive Syndrome?


Minor Depressive Syndrome or also called Minor depression, Chronic Depression, Minor Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder or Dysthymia: is a type of depression that often may further escalate to Major Depression in many cases. People diagnosed with minor depression may be able to carry out their day to day functions. However, they would feel low and joyless, as if there is a bit of a hole in their emotion.

It is common, especially amongst Adolescents. As it is difficult being a teenager and given that at one time or another, all teenagers experience depression or feelings of low self-esteem due to tough changes and internal confusion that they may experience during that period of their lives. That is why it is important that parents and other adults make sure to observe what’s going on in a teen’s life and take action if signs of mild depression are detected. Additionally, if left untreated, mild depression will intensify into severe depression.




Speaking in general, the mood of a person is majorly influenced by thoughts and feelings that they may have about themselves, or by a lack of inspiration or drive to do any of the activities that they would usually do or even enjoy doing. In their daily lives, people can encounter ups and downs where an incident, behaviour, stress or several other variables can influence their feelings on that day. However, depression occurs when certain feelings of distress continue for more than a few weeks.

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Written by Bhavya

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Athya Ashraf

Loved how you kept the article brief and to the point highlighting the various effects of minor depression on the life of an individual. However, it would have been more helpful to the readers if information regarding the causes of depression and the ways to tackle it were also included. Nevertheless,I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Keep up the good work!

Sraddha Kausthub

Though brief, the article touches upon an important topic

Riya Rajkotiya

Very informative
Well Written
Keep up the good work

Jigyasa vashistha

great information gathered … amazing work done 🙂


Short Informative and to the point.


gun shot points yaar..u did a great job.