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FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION” many of us must have heard these words in our lifetime.

But I must tell you, that not only that failure is an option, but it is also required to promote results.

If you do not fail, you wouldn’t know where you have gone wrong.

Another saying also says “FAILURE IS THE PILLAR OF SUCCESS”.

Resilience is the ability of a person to face life stressors and challenges and then bounce back to recover himself to enrich his life.

No person in this world is perfect.

Also, perfection doesn’t mean making any mistakes.

It means how you make things right after making the mistake.

But before that, you have to face your mistakes or failure and be aware of that as without awareness one cannot learn what is to be changed.

Being resilient means you learn from your mistakes, not avoiding them.




Let me tell you what is the meaning of life skill.

Life skills are skills that can help you cope up with your day to day challenges in a very skilful or manageable ways so that one doesn’t because dependent on others.

The word resilience comes from the Latin term “resilire” which means “to bounce back”.

A very common example of resilience is if you have ever seen a child trying to walk, at the very first time he shall not even qualify in standing still.

But then he doesn’t lose hope! He keeps on trying until one day he takes his first step and walks effortlessly.

Another example might be, if you ever fail in your test, will you leave studying? But rather you will keep on trying your best until in the very next examination you pass with brighter numbers.

Now, this is how resilience as a life skill helps you cope up with the traumatic incidents in your life.



The 7 C’S are actually re-adaptation of the five C’S model of the positive youth development program.

The 7 C’s constitutes of :


1) COMPETENCE: This is the feeling one gets when one knows he/she can do a certain task.

An inner satisfaction when one knows one is capable of doing things.

Even if he does some mistakes, he is capable of correcting it.

It is only possible to feel this way if he has developed certain skills to be good at those skills.

A child should be given the opportunity to learn something and make a safe space to make mistakes because without mistakes he cannot know where he is going wrong.


2) CONFIDENCE: with competency comes confidence, as this is the place where there grows a self-belief in himself that he can do certain things.

He is confident with his area of work.

They have a real-life experience where they can validate their learning and also grows a sense of responsibility and decision making.


3) CONNECTION: this is the feeling of belongingness.

A person will be able to fully concentrate on his work and feel confident.

Only if he feels that he is safe and is secured in his personal life, who would love him unconditionally irrespective of whatever actions he does or decisions he take.


4) CHARACTER: This is the inner voice or the principles instilled in us that tells one what is right and what is wrong.

These are the values that are put upon us that defines our character or shape our character to become the person we want to be.

The decision that we make, the actions that we take, all depends upon the character we are built-in. It is a sense of spirituality and self-development.


5) CONTRIBUTION: It is basically a sense of purpose, as to why we are doing what we are doing.

A deep sense of gratefulness towards everything we have received.

One’s purpose allows you to contribute and take on projects in a pretty big way and contribute towards one’s learning and every other opportunity one gets.


6) COPING: It is the way or process that states how a person manages his/her stress or other life problems.

Life throws many challenges in each step you take, it is up to you how you manage those.

Many cope up with their challenges by building defence mechanism like meditation, counselling or going for therapy, exercises, running, swimming, boxing, painting, singing, dancing, laughing out loud, talking to other people more than usual and many more.


7) CONTROL: There are moments when things don’t go the way we wanted it to be.

We have to control our emotions during that. Also, the control means being impartial.

If there are two teams in front of me and I know team A is more capable of doing the project than team B, but team B includes a person to whom I’m affectionate to, I have to control my emotions and give the charge of the project to team A.




Resilient is something that can be cultivated.

Most of us permit setbacks to take us down emotionally and some of us even spiral down into depression.

This is unnecessary. Resilience will permit you to take whatever life throws upon you and revert back.

Just think of the moment where you are climbing up a mountain and you slip your leg and fall.

Will you keep sitting there and cry or you will get back up and try climbing again until you reach the top.

You just have to be enough confident about yourself.




Thus, Resilience is all about adapting oneself to every situation and find out how to rise and shine in spite of the challenge life throws upon you. It is upon you how you cope yourself to every situation and how your values guide you to become the person you want to be.

What do you think?

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Written by Sohini Sarkar

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Amna Alim

Very nicely explained and written!!

Lutfia Khan

such a thorough article!!

Lutfia Khan

such a thoroughly constructed article!!

Nidhi Dahiya

Very well written keep it up.

Anamta Khan

A must read article!

Brinda S

well written!

Kunjan Sheth

Very informative!


Very beautifully explained and written. Indeed resilience is one such quality that is very much needed it towards world. People who face failure now a days are very quick to give up. Understanding Resilience and practicing it is this necessary. Very well thought of topic. Such articles are needed in today time and situation.

Harnaaz kaur

Amazing! It was well researched and beautifully executed!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


A well explained article. Resilience is something we all fail to understand and people should be given freedom to learn by themselves which will lead to self fullfilment and also it will motivate us to move forward confidently.

Shruti Shashidharan

Your article has very valuable information. I loved the introduction where you’ve highlighted the importance of failures and then moved ahead to explain the concept of resilience. Very thorough and good work! 🙂

Jigyasa vashistha

I like the 7c’s read it for first time.. Bouncing back power is a must power.. Tonpuck ourselves from low..

Jigyasa vashistha

Thanks for this article ❤Superbly written.. Wishing you all the very best. Have a nice day

Riya Rajkotiya


Riya Rajkotiya

Worth reading it

Jigyasa vashistha

very very informative … keep writing:)


great work.


well eritten yaar


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