Relationship psychology – Chapter 2


Relationships: What are they and why do they affect us?

When two or more people are emotionally connected, they become close to each other, they feel comfortable with each other and they enter into a relationship. There will be a strong bond and trust that makes the relationship work out. When the compatibility between the individuals if higher, stronger the relationship.

Generally there are many types relationship like Friendship, Romantic relationship, Platonic relationship, Family relationship, Professional relationship and Sexual relationship. The problems arise when people fail to distinguish between these types of relationships.

I got confused with the romantic and sexual relationship as well.

As I mentioned before, my family relationships didn’t work out so well. But I was much lucky in my friendships. I got some really trustworthy friends with whom I can be just myself. Just being yourself without hiding our flaws is just a bliss. Not everyone is lucky having a friendship like that. So if you have one, I would request you to save it like a treasure!

Also I had a romantic relationship too. I was crazily in love with him for three years. We were living our best lives happily. In our relationship, I seemed to be a bit upper handed and that was not at all an issue because everything I did was only for the good of our relationship but yet it didn’t work out. I was devastated.

I couldn’t feel anything more. Because the reason for our break up was suspicion of my partner and making me feel guilty of everything I did. He let me down on all circumstance and I couldn’t take it anymore!

Why do any relation hurt?

When we become emotionally close to someone we tend to expect certain basic behaviours from them.  When they don’t fulfill our expectations, anger, frustration, pain and a feel of disappointment Burst out and takes over the emotion love! Our brains may know the  reason of their behaviour but our hearts will never accept that because we strongly believe that love is all about actions and efforts taken by both the partners in a relationship.

Someone wisely said relationship doesn’t hurt , being in a relationship with a wrong person does and it is absolutely true… Expecting stuffs from people who can’t filfill is purely our foolishness and I did the same mistake.

It took a very long time not only my time, my love, my peace, my happiness, my emotions and everything along with it until I realized it’s all an illusion!

People seem to be happy in a relationship when they can be way much happier when they are there for themselves. They just don’t look in that way. They are forced to believe that they need some sort of emotional support for them to survive…

I strongly object to invest our  valuable time and feelings over a person who don’t value it. Instead investing ourselves in nature, places and food is so much better and give a complete sense of satisfaction and happiness!

I began to realize all these and started to change slowly and that is how I ended up of what I am now… The new confident me!

So next time before you invest yourself on anyone, think of your favourite stuffs which will be with you no matter what. Obviously the humans will not matter anymore! And that is how anybody can come out of any toxic relationship!!!

What do you think?

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