Love yourself

There are many ways to love yourself. So now, I’ll explain with a story. There was a girl who was very fat, short but cute. One day she got transferred to a new school. She entered her new school with confidence. Everybody was looking at her, she thought they were looking at her because of her beauty. She first entered teacher’s staff room.

??? : Excuse me ma’am

??? : Yes come in

??? : Goodmorning ma’am. My name is siru. I’m a transfer student

??? : Okay. I’m your homeroom teacher. This is your locker key. And i will show you the way to your class.

Homeroom teacher showed her the way to her class. She went  inside her class, and everybody started staring at her. She was so confident that she is looking so beautiful. And teacher entered the class.

Teacher : goodmorning students

Students : Good morning Ma’am

Teacher : where is the transfer student

Siru stood from her place

Teacher : come and introduce yourself

Siru : Hii guys I’m siru, i love watching series

??? : Who asked you about that fool get lost

All the students laughed at siru

Teacher : be quiet everyone. Is there anything you want to tell siru??

Siru :  No ma’am

Teacher : then you can go back to your place.

When Siru was coming back to her place, someone kept foot on her way. Siru slipped and fell down. Her knee was hit by the wooden chair. Teacher ran and came to help her to stand up.

??? : You deserve it fool

Teacher : Everybody,  can’t you all be quiet. This is her first day. Are you okay siru?

Siru : nodded as yes

Siru felt embarrassed and went back to her place. Siru controlled her tears. The bell rang and teacher left the class. Siru was alone sitting at the back row. A group of girls came to siru.

??? : Hey girl you think your so beautiful?

Siru : No.. i don’t. ( Stuttering)

??? : Very good be like that. And if you ever try to act cool in front of our boys, then you will see our other side.

With that the girls went. Siru started crying silently. She was so confident when she entered and now she has no one. Teacher came inside the class.

Teacher : students, it’s time for your swimming class.

Everybody was so excited except Siru.

Every girls went to change their dress into swimming suit . And as well boys went to change their dress. In the girls dressing room, siru wore her swimming suit and she stood in front of the mirror.

Siru : I’m looking so beautiful in this suit

The same group of girls came to siru

Girl 1 : oh do you think you look so beautiful fool ?

Siru gained all the confidence and replied

Siru : yes, i look beautiful

Girl 2 : what? Really fool.

Girl 1 : you know what, you don’t look beautiful but you are a Big fat human.

All the girls laughed at her. Siru ran from there crying. She changed her dress and went to home. She went inside her room and locked inside. Siru stood in front of the mirror and said

Siru : you Siru, you look ugly, you are born to fail, you are a loser, you are an idiot. And you’ll be rejected in everything.

Saying these, she started to break things. Her room became messy. She sat in the corner hugging her knees, crying and said

Siru : why I’m still alive? I want to die.

She stared at the ceiling and said i want to die for so many times and closed her eyes.

And now come out of the story. I have a question for you all would you call your friend or someone else who is very close to you, call them as ugly, weird , loser, idiot. The answer would be definitely No, because it will hurt them. Then why are you calling yourself as ugly, idiot, fat etc. First give importance to you more than others. In this story Siru was so confident but when others mocked at her she lost confidence but I’ll advice you all, if you are in this situation just stand up for yourself and be confident. If others mock at you answer them back with confidence. And love the way you are. Never expect anyone to say that you are beautiful. So now I’ll give 5 tips which would really help to love yourself

1. Know yourself : it’s impossible to love yourself when you don’t know about yourself. Just give some time and know about you

2. Don’t compare yourself to others: others are just different from you that doesn’t mean you are less worth. Value yourself more than others

3. Be honest with yourself : This will be very difficult at the beginning. Honesty is a key to every relationship and with yourself too.

4. Forgive yourself : work on forgiving yourself. Sometimes we’re holding on to bigger regrets, self forgiveness is a process of bit by bit you’ll start believing yourself.

5. Feel your feelings : If you feel anger, sad all these emotions you should feel them in a Positive way.

And last


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