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Loneliness is monstrous when you are constantly appealing to get rid of your sadness, specially when you have been relieving your trauma!

There’s no remedy,if you don’t heal yourself allowing positive energy to flow,if you lose all hope,if you are drowned with your flickering thoughts constantly urging you to end your life regardless the consequence one faces…

But who is going to guide you through?

This is a chaotic world, where if you stop…your circumstances and necessities will demand you to work, where money buys peace, still happiness even tends to interrupt when you have it, where you dream and bleed sympathy to others, suffering, when you are privileged, and empathize yourself to even dream when you are not!

This is a world where stories are meant to be real when you are breathing for the last time… Your sufferings were as fictional as love stories, when you were alive! You were a good man even if you had demons in your mind…

All you need to do is to die!

Loneliness suffocates you when you cry,no one by your side.It tends to tarnish your brightest sides, makes you poetic sometimes but never leaves you for a while… Sometimes you win, you smile again and then there are times, when everything misinterprets your intentions, even ends all hopes and possibilities to be fine!

Loneliness is like dying when you scream, when you cry, when you pretend to smile, when you realise…! It makes you wish to born again,to undo everything you have faced,to delete yourself for a while…so that no one else suffers in pain like the one who dies, leaving everyone who loved,not knowing what they have been through all their life!

No one understands you, like you do…

It’s all in you,to find your reason to live,to battle loneliness with your never-ending smile, your strength…

To never allow you to lose yourself, your sanity and your dreams too big,you believed to be your peace.


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Written by Reema Adhikary

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Riya Rajkotiya

Beautifully Written

Riya Rajkotiya

Keep Writing

Jigyasa vashistha

this is really amazing article.. buddy thanks for writing 🙂

Ishita dharwal

Very nice , very calming to read but would have been nice to read how to prevent ourselves from losing into loneliness.

Jaspreet kaur

I liked your content very much