Lacunar Amnesia

Right now, I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

― Steven Wright

Amnesia is a type of clinical disorder, which can be defined as a pathological impairment of memory. Which can last for both short or even longer intervals of time. This disorder is caused by either physical or psychological damage to the brain.

Physical damage includes: an injury caused in an accident, a disease or even high intakes of alcohol. As for psychological damage, a situation where an information is too hard to process, or a traumatic experience which cannot be remembered are later held into the subconscious part of the mind. In some cases of amnesia include unconscious suppression of a painful event or everything that reminds of it, including self-identity often used a defense mechanism.

Lacunar Amnesia is a specific type of amnesia which tends the victim to forget a distinct memory. This condition is caused by the damage in the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for memories and emotions. When the damage is caused, the injury leaves a ‘lacuna’ or a gap in the memory situated in the cortex area of the brain or in simpler terms a small cavity which is left after the wound is healed.

The symptoms to diagnose the condition include: Inability to recall a specific detail of a place, event or a person. Inability to form new memories. The inability to hold on or to even recall can vary from what you had for lunch to who is running from presidential elections.

A neurologist could be the go-to person the treatment. The treatment will be initiated by a questionnaire about the memory loss and other symptoms. In a case of disease like amnesia, it is most likely for the doctors to take help from the patient’s family/ care givers as well in order to not miss out on any details which can be very helpful.

Followed by a couple of cognitive tests to have a proper report. MRI or CT scan to check the areas where and how much of damage has been caused. Secondly, Blood tests to check for nutritional deficiencies, infections or any other specific issues. To keep a check on the record of the treatment, cognitive tests like Mini Cog, MMSE (Mini Mental State Exam) or MoCA (Montreal cognitive assessment test) are introduced to the patients.

Different causes or roots of the actual problem lead to different approaches. For example: Alcoholism – certainly detoxification of the body can help to subside the effects on brain. In order to fight the persistent memory loss, occupational therapy is often suggested to the patients to help learn basic new information and memory skills for surviving or daily living.

Now the real question arises – How to prevent lacunar amnesia? The answer is easier than we thought.

•To have a well- balanced diet to obtain all he nutrients.

•To prevent head injuries by using safety gears – helmet.

•To keep yourself mentally active – reading, learning a new skill or persuading a new hobby.

•To add physical workout in the daily routine. As it also helps to boost mental health.

•Have good amount of hydration.

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