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If I were a guy, just for once

If I were a guy, just for once…

Would my parents let me wear whatever I want?

Would my dad let me go without a taunt?

Could I go to the parties late at night,

Without my parents clasping their heads tight?

Would the society not put labels on me?

Could I finally be free?

Could I reject someone easily

Without fearing that they’d attack me?

Could I walk on the streets after eight,

Without being considered as a bait?

Could I take decisions on my own,

Without being trapped by the social norms?

Would the world stop seeing me as weak?

Would they stop being such a freak?

Would people not call me names?

Oh I am tired of playing these games.

But this is not a reality

No one can change the society’s mentality

If I were a guy, just for once…

What do you think?

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Written by Vanshika sharma

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