Excitement, flamboyance, sadness, anger, disgust and many more emotions! In the world full of Moodie people, somewhere in a group of 5 people atleast two people are suffering from hypmania/hypomanic episodes.

What is hypomanic episode?

A disorders that usually manifests in middle age. It commonly shows unusual excitement, irritability, restlessness, extreme talkativeness, increased distractibility, intensity focus on single activity and reduced the need for sleep.

•A hypomanic episodes is an emotional state characterized by a distinct period of persistently elevated, expansion, or irritable mood, lasting throughout at least four consecutive days, According to America psychiatric association.


■ About 60% of people with bipolar disorder will hypomania. 75% experience hypomania and anxiety. In India, the prevalence of. Affective disorder ranges from 0.51 per thousand population to 20.78per thousand population.

■Due to reproductive factors and hormones, females tends to suffer more from hypomania episodes.

It’s a long list of myths!

Though we are leaning more about the hypomanic episodes still there are many misconceptions and myths.

For example

  • it is said that hypomanic episodes only occurs to adults
  • it can be productive,
  • many people also have this myth too that substance abuse cause hypomanic episodes.
  • It is just due to hormones disbalanced.
  • It is also said that there is nothing like hypomanic episodes, it is all mood swings.

 We should educate ourselves more about hypomanic episodes!

To learn more about hypomanic episodes we can do following things:

  • We can read more books related to this
  • Or we can read articles
  • We should visit a psychologist to reap more knowledge/information.

But how can we Spread correct information to avoid myths?

  • We can write articles
  • We can post information on our social media platforms
  • We can talk about hypomanic episodes to others to provide them correct information.



The Symptoms of hypomania vary from one person to another

For example:•

  • Unusual irritability, excitement, hostility, or aggression.
  • •Reduced need for sleep.
  • •Jumping from one topic to an unrelated topic while speaking.
  • •Hypersexuality
  • •Behaving in appropriately.
  • •Spending recklessly, like buying anything you cannot afford.



Hypomanic episodes could be a symptoms of bipolar disorders, this state can accurs for other reasons, like:

  • Alcohol or drug use.
  • •Changes in sleep patterns.
  • •Depression
  • •High level of stress
  • •Medication side effects.


We should always make an appointment with psychologist for therapy or with our psychiatrist if we have been experiencing symptoms related to hypomania


But in the meantime here are few coping strategies:-

  • We can learn more about hypomanic episodes,
  • we can educate ourselves or we can start writing a diary or use an app to chart our mood.
  • We can talk to someone trusted and share our situation/problems with them.
  • We can watch positive video.
  • We can read books related to our disorders or the books we feel positive after reading.
  • We can join peer groups.
  • We can also join some activities classes to make ourselves busy in some activity.

There are many ways through your illness. The most important thing to do is seek help!

How to cope up with HYPOMANIC EPISODES


We treat hypomanic episodes with mediations prescribed by doctors or there are holistic approaches and lifestyle changes that can help-

For example:

  •  exercising daily
  •  avoiding stimulate such as caffeine, sugar
  • and loud crowded social scenes
  • eating meals regularly and
  •  getting 7.8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Start doing yoga
  • Also we can ask our doctors too.


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