Dearest parents..,

Today at last I am confident enough to write this article here.

How I wished I too had someone who would tell and make me understand how I was not the problem, I still am not. Although it would not have made many changes in my upbringing, it would surely have helped me to love myself even if nobody else did.

Here’s to anyone who is struggling right now, you are stronger than any of your problems. They are worth making you the amazing person that you are. 

Often in the pool of life, we are able to make clear distinctions for ourselves between whom to like and whom to stay away from, but that is not the case always, I recently realized. What do you do when those who are supposed to love you the most, those who are meant to provide you not only with essential materials but also with love, care, and support?

Am I asking for too much? Am I being too demanding? I don’t think so. It’s an altogether different feeling that comes from toxic parents. The hurt and bitterness we get from toxic parents isn’t something we talk about openly. Few parents are visibly destructive while some show their harshness in many unsaid ways.

Open letter to dearest parents,

Thank you for bringing us up into this world, but know that I am a human full of emotions, I need your love and support the most. There are days and nights I feel like a burden as it is me because of whom you both have to work day and night. I too do my best to live up to your expectations but I am bound to make mistakes too, let me learn from them, and not punish myself for making a mistake.

Having opinions isn’t answering back. we all are individuals with our own thoughts and experiences, let me form my opinions. Please trust my life choices, they are not invalid.

If I’m having a relationship with somebody, it doesn’t mean I have forgotten all my values and ethics and have become a horrible person. My relationship doesn’t make me forget all my aims and aspirations.

But despite everything, I am very thankful for your presence in my life. Thank you for everything. 

What do you think?

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Written by Meenu Jha

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